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Get Dressed to This: Calm After the Storm

3 Nov

For anyone with CNN, access to the internet, or a friend of a friend of a friend, news of Super Storm Sandy that wrecked most of the northeast won’t come as a surprise. What might, however, is the fact that this force of nature was able to make New Yorkers stay still, quite literally, for several days. We all got to know our neighborhoods very well, as we were restricted to them for several days before we could get around in cars or even consider mass transit. I was one of the lucky ones, as I had power, cable, internet, water, and phone service the entire time, but many folks in the region were not. Now that the storm has passed, it’s left lots of damage, but also lots of hope. Most importantly, it has reminded us all that we need to slow down, appreciate what is around us, and take a moment to remember what is most important in our lives. The daily hustle and bustle to and from work or some social function or this and that event doesn’t have to be at the top of our priorities list.

In putting together this week’s Get Dressed to This (after quite the hiatus!), I wanted to use a mix that starts off slow and warms up as it goes along, expanding- spiraling, in fact – into a serious display of house perfection. Though minimal throughout, this mix by Dee Bufato for the great music series Without A Name shows us that build-ups need not be drastic nor predictable. Considering most of the going out this weekend will be on the mellow side, Bufato’s mix is perfect for having a little drink and getting pumped to brave the newly arrived chill outside in style.

1. Peplum Dress by A Wear, available at ASOS for $61.57 USD (view/buy)


2. Lydia platform pump  by Matiko, available at Solestruck for $284.95 USD (view/buy)



3. Vintage Royal Purple Earrings available on Copious for $3 USD (view/buy)



4. Asymmetrical wool-blend melange coat by Rick Owens, available at The Outnet for $957.25 USD (view/buy)


– Retail DJ

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