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Gratuitous Dance Mix: Gustavo Peluzo

9 Aug

Gustavo Peluzo

With just two days left between Brazil and me, the anticipation is killing me. Though not my city of birth, Sao Paulo has always felt like home to me. And as I listen to today’s gratuitous dance mix by Belo Horizonte (MG)-based Brazilian DJ Gustavo Peluzo, I get chills thinking of my return.

I first learned of Peluzo during a visit to Vegas Club in Sao Paulo of August 2010. He was the opener for a weekend dance rager that went well into the next morning and his style, which fused deep house, tech house, and minimal burned a hole in my memory. Though his style is normally super energetic, the mix I have chosen for today, while still very danceable, is of a much mellower, sexy sort. May it help your continued ease into the week, though this time maybe with a couple items of clothing removed…Enjoy!

Gustavo Peluzo @ Warmup

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)

no tracklist available

*note: Gustavo often takes down his mixes in a short time, so be sure to get this before it’s gone!


– Retail DJ



What’s Good? Butter

4 Nov


When I first met Brian Thomas, I mistook him for Brazilian. Afterall, in the darkness of Vegas Club on Rua Augusta in Sao Paulo, Brian’s soul spoke before he did. The universal language in this case? Music, of course, uniting what I later discovered were his very North American roots with his South American audience.

Fast forward to a few months later when Brian is sitting down with us in an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, explaining what very much sounds like the work of DJ turned savant. With a sharp ear for smooth sounds and an insatiable curiosity, Brian Thomas, better known as Butter, serves as a musical curator on the on the dancefloor and through the speakers, his live sets and mixes literally coming alive and becoming more complex as they unfold. Though somewhat of a nomad, having lived in various locations in California, traveled around the world, and more recently set his feet in New York, Brian brings his travels with him in his sets, which boast music from all around the world (one example: his mix was slightly delayed because some of the records he wanted to use were stuck in customs).

Though he presently works as a graphic designer by day, he never deserted his musical background. Having begun dabbling in DJing at an early age, Brian was initially influenced by DJs in local clubs, but his taste and style soon matured. Now citing producers like Giles Peterson and Theo Parrish as inspiration and managing a rotating music/art collective called The Mixtape Club, Brian sets out with the ultimate goal of letting tracks talk to one another, songs from the present hinting at times long past. In terms of time, his musical wisdom far surpasses the age indicated by the birthdate on his license. With a pension for vinyl, the patience to listen deeply, and the skill to put out mixes so smooth they can make you melt, Brian lives up to his moniker.

So take a moment and come with us to find out What’s Good? in our exclusive interview with Butter:

What’s Good? Butter (Exclusive Interview)

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

The background mix for this interview was created exclusively for Retail DJ by Butter. The tracklist can be found below:

01 / Suffer / Osborne
02 / Beucoup Papa ft. Fatima / Phantom Lover
03 / Angola (Bateau Ivre rework by Pepe Bradock) / Cesaria Evora
04 / Souvenir / Bob Sinclar
05 / Black Mahogani / Moodymann
06 / Wu Woomp Woomp / Ammoncontact
07 / Argonaut / Floating Points
08 / Jetsam / Recloose
09 / Merry Go Round / Maayan Nidam
10 / My Home Is Not Here / Swede:Art
11 / Mellow Dreamin’ / Young-Holt Unlimited
12 / Nectarine / Linkwood

– Retail DJ

Kim Ann Foxman – Creature (+ Live Set from Sao Paulo!)

4 Nov

Kim Ann Foxman (photo credit: deepbeep

I just got home from seeing Leo Justi, EZRAKH, Krunk Pony, and Cool Hand Luke DJ at Zamaan Bar in Brooklyn thinking that my night could not get any better (seriously, they tore it up), when I saw this on Facebook (via Alexander Technique):

so . . .

a) I love most videos in b&w

b) I love any showcasing of vogue and derivative forms of dance

and c) beyond being really interesting visually, this track is hot. I can already imagine Azari & III making a sick remix of it (if you’re reading this, remix noooow).

But being totally serious, Kim Ann Foxman has been DJing for some time (and is really good live, I should add) but may be most well-known from her work with Hercules and Love Affair (you can catch her here playing the glasses in the video, though she technically did some vocal work on the track as well (along with track lead Nomi Ruiz, who went on to form Jessica 6)).

For Kim Ann Foxman’s DJing, check out this set she did in 2009 at Vegas Club in Sao Paulo for the Ludo party:

Kim Ann Foxman – Ludo @ Vegas Club, SP (5.10.09)

(click to play; right click + save as to download)

– Retail DJ

What’s Good? L_cio

13 Sep

L_cio (photo credit: Mauricio Landini)

The first thing I thought when I saw L_cio perform at Vegas in São Paulo a month ago was “intense.” With the light from the screen illuminating his face and his dark eyes penetrating the crowd, he looked as if he were casting a spell on the dancefloor. Though despite the depth of his performance, Laércio Schwantes Iório is surprisingly laid back. His post-show demeanor is light and friendly, and once he cracks a smile, you realize that the man you just saw on stage, while a force to be reckoned with, is quite human too.

Though trained as a flutist, and having grown up in a household with parents in classical music, L_cio took a different path, though continues to cite his upbringing as having a critical influence on his music. As a part of the ever-growing, ever-changing Brazilian electronic music scene, L_cio strives to constantly create new music. He challenges fellow DJs to push the envelope and to go beyond the confines of what he considers “colonial” thinking. And L_cio has done just that, himself an anomaly in that he began as a producer and not a DJ. All of the music he plays out live is original and often times put together on the spot creating Live PAs (in other words, improvised sets of his productions).

Though L_cio leads a different life by day, it still goes without saying that his influence both in and out of the club is immense. He has been recognized by and released music through sites and labels all over the globe, including but not limited to Brazil, Italy, Spain, the United States, and many many more. His minimal yet profound style is what sets him apart from many artists now attempting to go in the opposite direction, and he proves that sometimes more can be heard in a whisper than in a yell.

That said, it’s an honor for me to present the exclusive Retail DJ “What’s Good?” interview of producer, creator, and innovator L_cio:

Why L_cio? You have a beautiful name, so what made you choose to shorten it in this way? How is your artist name pronounced?
L_cio is just that – an abbreviation of my name (Laércio). If you were to say this aloud, however, it’s more difficult, but I suppose it could be said like “Ele cio” or “El cio.”

I’ve read that your parents were classical musicians. Based on that, how did you end up going into playing and producing electronic music, which is quite far, musically speaking, from classical?
This greatly influenced me and my work, especially in terms of melody. Electronic music production is quite different, but through it, you can appropriate from many different sources, including classical music.

How would you describe the music that you make, and in your opinion, how does it affect your listeners? Do you think the experience is different for those who solely listen to it vs. those who are dancing to it?
Describing my sound is a bit difficult, but I would characterize it as Brazilian electronic music. Listeners take a while to get used to my sound, but after they begin to feel the music and understand the idea behind it, they react positively, especially when I use vocals and piano samples. Listening at home and listening live are certainly very different experiences, but in both cases, one has to ease into my sound calmly and attentively.

When we spoke before, you mentioned that you had produced all the music you played during your set at Vegas. Do you always play your own music or do you occasional play the work of other artists/DJs?
Yes, that’s exactly what I play: Live PAs. I only play my music, but I began in electronic music on the production side (differently from many producers who began as DJs). I’ve never played a typical DJ set, only live PAs.

In your free time, what type of music do you like to listen to? Does this music influence what you play/produce? Are there any other sources of inspiration beyond this?
I listen to lots of electronic music and original funk. In the end, everything influences what I produce and play in some way. But in general, my inspiration comes from my life, from the experiences I have. I would also say it comes from poesia concreta and religion.

How would you describe yourself, personality-wise? Do you think your personality on stage is different from the one outside of it?
I think I am a  down-to-Earth and sincere guy, and this is reflected in my shows, which are also very authentic (in that they involve the music that I have made myself).

promo pic from his "Capoeira" single for shhh.fm

What do the tattoos on your hands mean? I saw them and found them very interesting, but I kept thinking what could they mean?
The tattoos on my hands actually don’t mean anything. It’s just something I created for aesthetics.

Do you have any others beyond these?
I have more tattoos elsewhere: one on my leg (a bar code with my birthdate and the birthdate of my daughter), one on each arm (poesia concreta by Pedro Xisto), and one on my back (an electroacoustic score by composer Flô Menezes).

I’ve noticed that the electronic music that seems to be the most popular in Brazil is still a bit “cheesy.” Do you find this to be a challenge or something that you ignore completely? Do you think there are enough people with minds open enough to change the state of the electronic music scene there?
The Brazilian music scene is super interesting, but it still needs to create its own personality or identity. Honestly, we still have quite a bit of “colonial” characteristics. Few places in the country provide the opportunity for growth of new things. Fortunately, I have had a few experiences that give me hope that one day, we will have our own scene, one that’s exclusively Brazilian and authentic. Yet there are also ready various producers and DJs who are coming out with very good, innovative work (like Holocaos, Bmind, Cavalaska, Oblivion, and Dada Attack, among others). But we still need to move forward and progress quite a bit. It’s truly a challenge. . .

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On the Edge with L_cio

9 Sep

L_cio hard at work (photo credit: Mauricio Landini)

When I was in Brazil recently, I had the opportunity to hear L_cio drop one of his amazing Live PAs at Vegas Club in Sao Paulo, and I invited him to be a featured artist here at Retail DJ. Though the exclusive Retail DJ interview will not be up until Monday (mix on Tuesday), you have all weekend to get very familiar with his sound.

On August 28th, he played at the Mothership party at D-Edge, which was recently voted #1 club in a Best of Sao Paulo poll. Here is his live PA for your listening pleasure. Come back in Monday to discover more about the man behind the music. Enjoy!

L_cio – Live PA @ Mothership, D-Edge, 8/28/10

click here to play: http://www.deepbeep.com.br/radio/index.php?id=177

click here to download


 – Retail DJ

Smooth as Butter

7 Sep

bad for the heart, good for the soul?

I’m still catching up with emails, posts, and life after a week of having been back in NYC. Part of that involves a continuation of the club chronicles and the amazing music I heard while I was away. My last weekend in Sao Paulo (which I am recounting before I get around to finishing the tales from my first weekend) had a few twists and turns that led me to a happy ending.

That said, let’s start with the beginning of the end . . .

My last Friday in SP I actually spent in bed. After having been sick for the previous 3 weeks (NYC, prior to going to Brazil, then all through the Brazil trip), I needed to fully recover, and prayed that sleep would be the solution. While I remained a little sick on Saturday, I knew that hell or high water, dead or alive, I couldn’t spend my last night in SP doped up on Benegripe and filled to the brim with green tea. I was going out no matter what.

I ended up at (you guessed it) Vegas, where all I knew about the DJs was that one of them playing for the night was from NYC. Wearing an outfit that channeled mime meets Raggedy Ann, I was ready to get my final dance on in the B . . . and BOY, did I. Thanks to the amazing sounds from the tagteam set from NYC-based DJ Brian Thomas and Cali-based DJ Daniel Casanova, I had a stellar final night in the B and felt very very proud to be an American :- )

They easily switched from their Macbooks to vinyl, commanding the crowds attention and easily keeping it with a super-long set full of nuevo disco, house, funk, and even a few moments of more minimal tracks. I often find myself lamenting the lack musical depth of a lot of American DJs (the exception, of course, being those I profile and/or rave over here), but I was in for a pleasant surprise that night. Before actually meeting the DJs, I had no idea THEY were the Americans who were headlining. I introduced myself in Portuguese, received a reply in Portuguese from Brian, and for a moment assumed that the American DJ(s) had already gone on. But a few minutes in, I asked if he was the one from NYC, and sure enough, a few English words later, I knew right away that my assumption had been squashed.

Though you can’t listen to Brian’s set from that night, you can quite easily get a taste of his talent by way of the mix from his site notmargarine.com (that he did for Brazilian DJ site deepbeep). Brian, better known in the States as Butter, put together a sick mix back in the spring that you cannot miss. From the second you hit play, this lounge-y, house-infused set is sure to put you at ease, but never fails to excite in those moments when you need it the most. It’s perfect for almost any occasion – be it going out for a drink, getting dressed for a night of dancing, or even your daily commute. It’s a musical jack-of-all-trades with a sound as smooth as butter. Enjoy:

Butter – SubMerced

(click the link to play; click here to download)

tracklist after the jump

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I <3 Mondays: Last Friday

16 Aug

As those of you who follow Retail DJ on twitter or facebook know, I am in Brazil right now (see post below for more details). I’ve been in Sao Paulo for the past few days and will be here until Thursday then back again towards the end of this 2 and a half week stay in what I fondly refer to as “the B.” Though I have been super sick (my tonsils, which fluctuate from the size of marbles to golf balls on a daily basis), it’s freezing cold (yet I have no coat – weather.com lies, I tell you!), and I have been running around doing enough things to make a chicken with its head cut off look normal, I am having the time of my life.

I always say that returning to Brazil, and to be more specific, Sao Paulo, makes me feel more like I am going home than it does when I make my yearly trip to Memphis, TN, my home town. Maybe I was Brazilian in another life? Who knows? The one thing I DO know is that these past few days have truly been interesting, never lacking in adventure, and super exciting in terms of music. I have already had the opportunity to meet/hear several DJs as they played live at two amazing clubs here, one of which I frequent enough to secure free entry every time I go thanks to a host who never seems to forget my face: Vegas. But first, let’s go in order.

Friday: Neu: a club all the way in Barra Funda / Agua Branca that looks somewhat like a “sitio” you’d see somewhere in the interior of Sao Paulo or somewhere deep in Minas Gerais. For those of who don’t know what a sitio is, imagine a loft party, but instead of it being a loft, it’s a house that’s been converted into a club, complete with a bar, backyard, and open-air entry and exit. The area is residential, but the parties at Neu are far from calm. With DJs and live performers of every genre under the sun, this club is somewhat of a hidden gem in a city known for its superclubs.

While at Neu, I had the opportunity to finally meet Leonardo Justi, whom I interviewed and had as a featured artist a few months ago, and see him in action live. You can download his full set here:

Leo Justi – Live Set at Neu Club, Sao Paulo, 8.13.10

(click to play; right click + save as to download)

It’s a super fun mix of ghettotech, baile funk, dancehall, dubstep, and hip hop (aka it’s off the hook). Listen to it and you can live vicariously through my Friday for part of your 8 hours at work today. Also DJing that night was Dago Donato, who also happens to be the mastermind behind Neu and a fabulous DJ. His set also contained a lot of ghettotech and tech house and was the perfect lead-in to Leo’s because it was active, but subtle at the same time, easing us all into the next hour of more jumpy tunes.

Also on Friday:

Vegas: a club I went to every single weekend I came to Sao Paulo when I lived in Brazil. It’s a well-established locale known for its excellent DJ lineup and residents. It also is known for having a crowd that likes to dance. Every time I go out to Vegas (which usually ends somewhere around 7 or 8 am for me), I always thank my lucky stars that I can still walk afterward because I usually end up dancing until my feet no longer function. There, I saw live sets Fatu from Killer on the Dancefloor, RRR (Roots Rock Revolution), Database, Bruno Belluomini, Thiago Salvioni, Gnomex, and 13 Duo.

Overall, a solid lineup and many a dance-worthy set. Vegas was also my venue of choice on Saturday, but more on that later. It’s time for me to go to work (for job no. 2 of course, the patron saint of this Brazil trip). I hope that all my readers have a lovely Monday and that Leo’s set helps keep you awake on what everyone knows is my favorite day of the week. :- )


– Retail DJ

P.S. I am bonehead and left my camera at home, so all of the photos regarding my trip to Brazil will be c/o other sites 😦

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