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Get Dressed to This: Unlikely Pairings

4 Feb

I will never forget Tevye, the father in Fiddler on the Roof, saying to Chava, ¬†one of his daughters, “As the good book says ‘Each shall seek his own kind’. In other words a bird may love a fish but where would they build a home together?” It’s a comment in this case that references Chava’s intention to marry Fyedka, a Russian who is not of the Jewish faith, but it’s also a phrase that applies to other unlikely pairing, be they in love, business, or other arrangements.

But I have to say that I disagree with Tevye. Fish and birds CAN be a happy pairing, especially in fashion ūüôā

My own personal style aesthetic relies on pairing something basic with something bold, being sure not to overdo it by combining too many patterns and overpowering the look. For this week’s Get Dressed to This, I have chosen to feature, quite literally, fish and fowl.

For the music this time around, I’ve added something a little different as well. By way of the French blog Fluokids, comes this interesting mix by Darabi displaying a genre called “Machine Funk.” Imagine if you put a house or funk DJ inside of a tin can and instructed him to beat out his music instead of playing it on records, and there you have it.

Anyway Happy Friday, and have fun as you Get Dressed to This:

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


1. Sally LaPointe Black Hip Mini Dress, Oak, $748 USD

2. Report Annona Booties (in gray), Zappos, $72.82 USD

3. Statement Feather Earring, Urban Outfitters, $29 USD

4. Scale Tight, Urban Outfitters, $14 USD

– Retail DJ



Get Dressed to This: Taking a Beating

6 Oct

Getting Punished . . . by my workload

Ahhh time, the inevitable aspect of my life that continues to follow me like a shadow and chase me like a hunter into my days and dreams, haunting me as I work and even moreso when I sleep. In moments when I feel overwhelmed with all that must be done – an article here, a podcast there, an interview here, a photoshoot there – my subconscious takes over and does strange things. Case: I stayed up until 6 am the other day listening to over 400 songs and mixes to piece together the tracklist for the September/October Retail DJ podcast. Point: I had a dream in which I had to strangle rats the size of bears, but then my feelings got the best of me when one began to lick my hand like a puppy and I couldn’t kill it.

Sounds like fun, right?

Welcome to just one night in the life of my stressed-out, over-worked¬†brain. Luckily, music is always here to come to the rescue. This time around, the mix that’ motivated me as I got ready to go out is the latest Resident Advisor Podcast: Detroit Beatdown. Though only released on Monday, I go out on Tuesdays, so last night it really put me in the mood to dance and to continue doing so inside and outside of my house. For the outfit this week, I’ve chosen a dark number to fall right¬†in line¬†with this cold weather, with a¬†little bit of color for contrast.¬†The inspiration piece for this outfit were the boots from AllSaints, which look like they have taken a little beating of their own, though in a neat, aesthetically pleasing way, of course.

So take a moment to play and prepare to destroy the dancefloor after you Get Dressed to This:

The Music

Resident Advisor Podcast no. 227: Detroit Beatdown

(by DJs Norm Talley Delano Smith, and Mike Clark)

(click here to get this podcast)

The Outfit

1. Savitr Boot, AllSaints Spitalfields, $450 USD

2. V-Neck Pleat Waist Knitted Dress, ASOS, $54 USD

3. Blazer, Ohne Titel (for purchase @ YOOX), $480 USD

4. Falling Star Earrings, Anthropologie, $148 USD

5.¬†Deerskin Leather Purse¬†at Mano Bello,cync00’s Esty page, $215 USD

 6. Dara Ettinger Chelsea Ring, Urban Outfitters, $80 USD

 РRetail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Speakeasy

15 Sep

inside Ella Lounge

In the past few years, the speakeasy theme has been a growing undercurrent in the NYC club scene, particularly because NYers don’t seem to like to dance, but certainly love to drink. Some places handled this charge poorly, failing economically due to too much concept and not enough content or just a pathetic reliance on theme but not pulling in a crowd that was down to play perpetual dress-up. Fortunately, there are places like Ella, which has outlasted what was once just a trend and seems to be in it for the long haul.

Part of Ella’s appeal is that despite its speakeasy appearance (all the way down to the bartender’s outfits), it remains modern by way of its fabulous DJ bookings. With a Wednesday night party c/o of Nicky Digital et al for SMILE and several other regular nights, they retain their style without losing an edge. One other such person who contributes to Ella’s continued relevance is NSR, whom we profiled as one of our first interviewees here at Retail DJ.

Though still MCing, he DJs quite a bit as well, and thank goodness for it. His style is diverse and incorporates several genres, almost a must for DJs nowadays, but something that he does naturally. NSR has a regular night¬† at Ella (Fridays), so be sure to check him out. In the meantime, here’s a little taste of his set (this time around,¬†of the¬†light, nuevo disco pop variety) with a modern take on speakeasy chic. Get dressed to this . . .

The Music

NSR – Live @ Ella

Live @ Ella by iamNSR

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

The Outfit

1. Mischen Silk Gold 3/4 Sleeve Cocktail Dress, eBay, $184 USD

2. Kathryn Kerrigan Ames T-Strap Pump, endless.com, $179 USD

3. Ribbed Lurex with Gold Tights (in black), Urban Outfitters, $14 USD

4. Vintage Evita Peroni Beaded Hand Bag, eBay, $35 USD

– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Smoking in the Boys’ Room

13 Sep

I tend to cover clothes for the ladies here on Retail DJ, but every now and then, I give a nod to males of the species. It’s a bit odd really, how men are in the forefront in music (production, frontmen, DJs, band members, etc etc etc), but they’re a bit ignored by the fashion world. Fortunately, men’s casual wear is coming quite into its own, and a few creative labels out there are producing interesting pieces (many of which bend the lines of gender, which is perfect considering that the androgynous look is “all the rage” this season). What’s great about this outfit is that while it’s made for men, it would work on women as well (same styling, possibility different sizes).

In terms of the music this time around, I’m also stepping a bit out of my element and putting the shine on a rock mix. Though Edu K normally makes electronic and funk carioca tracks/remixes, the famed Brazilian producer likes to rock out as well. It’s what kept me awake during a long day at work last week, so surely it will get you revved up for a night out (or even tomorrow morning’s commute). Be daring and press play for this heavy metal meets heavy bass mix. Get Dressed to This:

The Music:

Edu K – Man Recordings Podcast No. 006


(click to play ; click the small arrow on the right or here to download)

The Outfit:

1. Grey Weight Hoodie by Odeur, Oak, $252 USD

2. Comune Nudge Skinny Jean, Urban Outfitters, $68 USD

3. Driggs Boot by John Varvatos (in black), Zappos.com, $302 USD

4. Noble Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt, Ben Sherman, £15.00 (GBP)

5. “Icons of Rock” Morrissey Shoulder Bag, Diesel, $90 USD

– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: All A-Flutter

10 Sep

photo credit: Marielle (marielliot)

This morning, when I woke up from my hour of sleep (yes, one hour), I was delighted to know that even while under a down comforter, I remained slightly cold, the temperature outside barely reaching the mid-60s. As the weather cools and the leaves turn, thus so does my soul. It’s no surprise to the people who read Retail DJ that I am a big fan of this season, the justification possibily being my actual date of birth, but for those of you didn’t know this, you’ve come at a great time. As I mentioned last night, as an homage to the coming of fall, I’m posting a new Get Dressed to This outfit + mix piece every night for a week.¬†

For this edition Get Dressed to This, I’ve decided to show my true crush on fall with some highly feminine pieces, though of course “edged” up by way of accessories and creative tailoring. Though this outfit is clearly for dancing, it’s also nice for a dinner date, small get together, or a people-watching centric walk with friends (for which fall is perfect!). This outfit is set to the music from the most recent Fool’s Gold podcast (“Foolcast”) by way of Style of Eye. It perfectly matches the outfit, volleying between soft and hard, disco and dubstep, catchy lyrics and heavy bass. So start your night with a nice beat¬†and some sartorial inspiration/ Press play and¬†Get Dressed to This:¬†

The Music:

 Style of Eye РFoolcast 016

(click to play; right click + save as to download) 

tracklist (below) after the jump 


The Outfit: 

1. Lorinna Dress, AllSaints, $180 USD 

flattering and "girly," yet with an edge


2. All Pain, No Gain Boots, Irregular Choice, $199 USD 

pewter patches

check out the peek-a-boo colored strip


 3. Super Suspender Tight, House of Holland (via Urban Outfitters), $28 USD 

the garter look, without the fuss


4. Extra Large Bright Red Beaded Vintage Earrings, Vintage Repeats (via Etsy), $13 USD 

bright, indeed

5. The Clingy Wallet (in teal), 49 Square Miles, $250 USD 

small, but can hold your phone + keys

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Get Dressed to This: My Humps

29 Jul

Fergie Ferg? Nah . . .

This is day two in the countdown until the Retail DJ “Get Dressed for This” Showcase and I came prepared and bearing gifts: my humps.

In this case, when I say “my humps,” I am not talking about that Black Eyed Peas song with Fergie at the helm, I am talking about a twisted, structured take on the tulip dress by AllSaints Spitalfields and a fabulous¬† mix by Camel that incorporates tech house and classic house with such smooth grace that it gave me chills on a hot and humid day.

Though this dress and its structure is quite rigid and dark (the dress is stiff and corsetted at the waist and more pronounced areas), the cut is still sexy without losing its charm. It can be dressed down with more brightly colored jewelry or made more intense with darker metals and accessories. Considering that this set of Get Dressed to This posts are about easing you all into fall, I figured I’d make a compromise with a light yet intense approach ūüôā

I hope you enjoy this mix and outfit as much as I had picking them!

The Music:

Camel – Electric Cookin’ Vol. 1 (July 2010)


(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

Tracklist can be found below, after the jump

The Outfit:

1. Rhine Corset Dress, AllSaints Spitalfields, $60 USD


2. SPIKE/Dark Gaga Heeled Bootie in Black/Nickel, Ruthie Davis, $1,395 USD (one can dream, right?)

3. Malababa Gracelia Purse in Pink, Urban Outfitters, $258 USD (tuck in the chain and use as a clutch)


4. Love/Hate Ring in Silver by Sproutonline, Etsy, $75 USD

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Friday Fashion Fail: Frankenstein

28 May

If Frankenstein became a disco go-go dancer in a pre-historic club, this is what his shoes would look like. Why, Jeffrey Campbell, why?

Jeffrey Campbell "Roks" Wedge

The price? $148. The amount of money spent of hospital bills from falling in these suckers? $5000. The fact that NOT buying these can save you years of medical care and embarrassment? Priceless.

– Retail DJ

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