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Retail DJ April (2013) Podcast

8 May

a-trak – quitte la piste (feat. ttc)
schenk – feel something (original mix)
round table knights – whoo (original mix)
the bird and the bee – f-cking boyfriend
rishi k. – another profound moment (original mix)
tiger & woods – love in cambodgia (original)
round table knights – i just want (original mix)
franc spangler – forever and a day
riton – frambuesa

photo via mariemadame.deviantart.com/art/Black-a…te-57547870


I <3 Mondays: A Day Full of Soul

18 Apr

This weekend for me was a little more mellow than the last, and it reminded me that despite appearances and my history, I am indeed capable of relaxing (if I put my mind to it, as ironic as that may be in the case of actual relaxation). Considering the tone for these past weekend days, I am hoping that my Monday somehow ends up just as chill. Even if it doesn’t, here’s hoping that this mellow old-school soul, jazz-like, and deep house filled mix from the Roundtable Knights will do the trick of convincing me otherwise. And while this mix is clearly slower in tempo than the usual stuff, don’t be fooled by its initially slow pace. It picks up quickly and has several awwww yeah! moments around 39 min.

Happy Monday!
Round Table Knights Spring Mix 2010 by fabric

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

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Friday Fashion Fail: Kiss of Death + a Knightly Mix

22 Jan

Dear Fashion Industry,

Stop trying to make dark lipstick happen. It’s ugly. It’s not flattering on the majority of people who wear it, unless they, too, have very dark skin (and only then, in tones of raisin and dark brown does it look nice). If there is such an effort to get blonde women to wear lighter eyeshadow, then why this trend of adding a goth-like hue to the lips of the palefaces? It.just.looks.silly.

I remember when I was oh, say, 11 or 12, I had a thing for dark lipstick. Then I wore it once during a costume party when I dressed up as a devilish angel (don’t ask…rave gear was in style then too) at 14. Other than these choice angsty periods or parties, dark lipstick is a no no. In other words, it doesn’t belong on adults unless they’re working a pole or participating in some activity that involves making extensive purchases from Ricky’s (or maybe both?)

Why does the industry seem determined to encourage people to wear things that run counter to what makes them look their best? I am not one for fashion conformity, nor do I think there is no room for creativity in fashion; quite the opposite, actually. Though when over-exaggerated trends trickle down to the mind-numbed masses, the result is not good. We should dress what makes us look our best, what matches our respective body types, skin tones, and moods…not what some fashion magazine tells us is hot right now because some designer arbitrarily decided to test it out on his models after a bad, cocaine-induced dream.

Though speaking of making decisions, a loooong time ago a group of knights would get together at the roundtable and make all sorts of plans. Now they just make incredible music:

Roundtable Knights – Winter Mix 2010 (via Fartilizer)


Oy – Positivili
Die Vögel – Petardo
Solomun – Cloud Dancer
Ike – Diskadenz
Wareika – Mountain Ride
Patrick Kunkel, M.in – Frauen & Blumen feat. Harold Todd
Round Table Knights – Drop The Dow
Daniel Steinberg – Rush Me (author’s note: !!!!!!!!)
Coyu, Uner – Raw Sweat
Camel – Obrigado
Solo – Joga Bola (Round Table Knights Remix)
&Me – On
Jamie Anderson – Karimba
Precious System – Voice From Planet Love ( Dixon Chic-A-Go Edit)
Prosumer, Murat Tepeli – U&I feat Elif Bicer
Missing Linkx – Who To Call

Happy Friday.

– Retail DJ

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