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Retail DJ April (2013) Podcast

8 May

a-trak – quitte la piste (feat. ttc)
schenk – feel something (original mix)
round table knights – whoo (original mix)
the bird and the bee – f-cking boyfriend
rishi k. – another profound moment (original mix)
tiger & woods – love in cambodgia (original)
round table knights – i just want (original mix)
franc spangler – forever and a day
riton – frambuesa

photo via mariemadame.deviantart.com/art/Black-a…te-57547870


Retail DJ January Podcast

29 Jun

The first of a much bigger set, this Retail DJ January Podcast pulls from the original January tracklist and is full of house, breaks, electropop, and even a little rock. Enjoy!

Retail DJ January Podcast

click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download


Retail DJ – Introduction
Azari & III – Hungry for the Power
Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix feat. Au Revoir Simone)
Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing (Monarchy Remix)
Calvin Harris – Love for You
Private – My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix)
Cajmere (feat. Dajae) – Brighter Days (Mercury Edit)
Scott Cooper (w/ Edu K feat. Leila) – Crank It
Libby of Lazerbitch (feat. Claire Hux) – Music You (Original Mix)
Primary 1 & Riton – Radiates
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Starsmith Remix (feat. Ellie Goulding)
VEGA – Well Known Pleasures (Original Mix)
Voices of Life (feat. Sharon Pass) – Word Is Love (Mercury Edit)
The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)
The XX – Basic Space

For your reference:

Retail DJ Soundcloud Page

Retail DJ Podcast Page

Original Retail DJ January Tracklist Post

Upcoming Shows: Pride Parties, Runaway, Carte Blanche, Green Velvet, and More!

22 Jun


As per usual, I am highlighting my top show picks for this week, but this time around, I’m giving a shoutout for Pride. Yes, it’s that time of year folks. The Pride Parade is this weekend, meaning this week is going to be chock full of extra parties for the folks within the LGBT community and their allies (both in advocacy and the need to dance dance dance!)


  • Booby Trap Returns to NYC w/ DJs Lauren Flax (Fischerspooner, DJs Are Not Rockstars) and Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules and Love Affair) 

 This West Coast girl party is coming to the eastern shores to show NYC how to party for PRIDE!! Free w/ RSVP, doors at 10. See the invite for more details

  • Gordon Voidwell performs (w/ Darwin Deez and Scary Mansion) @ Santos Party House. Tickets for $10 / $14 at the door; doors at 7 pm

              Yes, Gordon Voidwell as in the man behind the hit “Ivy League Circus”

  • Goldfrapp in concert @ the Hammerstein Ballroom, tickets $43, doors at 8 pm


  • Green Velvet (!!!)  w/ Dave P and JDH @ Santos Party House, Adv tickets for $10, doors at 1o pm

This man is one of the godfathers of American house and dirty hard techno beats. If you have yet to see him live, please check him out.

  • Au Revoir Simone, The Hundred in the Hands, CALLmeKAT and Runaway (DJ set) @ the Warsaw, tickets $15 in advance, $17 at the door, doors at 8 pm see the invite for more details

I saw Runaway DJ a few months back at the Marcy Hotel (Wolf + Lamb party), and they blew me away! Don’t miss it.


  • Carte Blanche (aka DJ Mehdi + Riton) w/ Dave P & JDH @ Webster Hall, $1 before midnight w/  RSVP

I seriously cannot wait for this show . . . I have been counting down the minutes. They recent House Party mix was on iPod repeat for weeks! To top it off, the show is only $1. Come out and dance!!!


  • Princess Superstar performs at Choice C*nts’ 3rd Annual Pride Party @ Santos Party House, tickets $15 w/ RSVP to thegaysha@gmail.com, $20 at the door. See the invite for more details
  • Welcome to MENhattan presented by WORK w/ DJs Peter Rauhofer, Ana Paula, Marco da Silva, and Stephan Grondin @ Roseland Ballroom. doors at 10 pm, tickets from $80

This is a 14 hour party (you read that correctly – 14 hours)! If there’s one good way to celebrate Pride, it’s by dancing!

– Retail DJ


Get Dressed to This: Carte Blanche

27 May

The term Carte Blanche, when translated, means “blank check” but the expression means the right to do basically whatever you want. . . Entrusted with extreme authority to exercise your power in a way that you see fit. . .

That said, Carte Blanche is the perfect name for the duo that has formed between two phenomenal DJs, Riton and DJ Mehdi, who exercise their power as musical greats to create tracks and mixes worthy of stopping time for a listen or two.

I am a longtime follower and fan of both, so it’s no surprise that I loved what’s come out of their collaborative work. Riton is probably best known of late for the tracks that he’s done with British pop star Primary 1 and Mehdi best known for his participation under the umbrella management group Ed Banger Records. Both, however, have been making amazing music for a very very very long time, their individualsCVs overflowing with years of experience in both DJing and producing a variety of genres from hip hop and soul to  house and minimal techno.

A few weeks back, they blessed the world with a mix that I honestly could not get out of my head. Every song has such meaning for me, as one track or another reminds me of some period in my life, of my own musical awakening and growth. Much like the Quinten 909 mix I featured yesterday, this Carte Blanche “House Party Mix” delivers the goods for heavy duty music connoisseurs AND newbies. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I do. . .

But going back to the concept of Carte Blanche, every now and then, we need that creative license in our fashion too. We need to be able to feel like we can get away with wearing WHATEVER,a nd what better a place and time than the parties of tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday? That’s why today’s “Get Dressed to This” is solely a mix. I want the music to inspire you to create something amazing – your own blank check if you will – for the weekend of parties ahead.

Get dressed to this. . .

Carte Blanche – House Party Mix

(follow the link above to play, click here to download) 

tracklist after the jump

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I<3 Mondays: Put on Some Little Boots

4 Jan

Hopefully, by the time this post goes up, I’ll be en route to the airport (yes, again) on my way home to Memphis, TN to visit ma famille for a few days. One of the interesting things about Memphis is that it’s the home of blues, not to be mistaken for the country music hub, which is Nashville, TN. Back in the day, Memphis used to be one of the major the go-to place if you wanted to get started in the music industry, particularly as an artist from the South. Nowadays, Atlanta and Nashville have taken over as the southern musical hotspots, but Memphis still has come out with some interesting music as of late, albeit more in the rap genre than blues or jazz.

But this post isn’t so much about Memphis as it is Mondays. I recognize that Mondays are hard, particularly the Monday after a long weekend of partying to welcome in the New Year. Often viewed with a lot of anger and filed away in the stress-inducing zone, Mondays are rarely one’s favorite day. But I am hoping to add a little bit of joy into the first official work day of the week (AND of the year!) with a little mix from none other than Little Boots.

Little Boots wasn’t always famous. She, too, had her moment of discovery, mainly thanks to the bloggers who supported her from the beginning and a whole lot of drive. Her style and musical talent didn’t hurt either, of course, helping her become one of the most popular breakout musical European stars in the States in recent years. Her success here is particularly marked by the fact that electronic music and anything with a hint of such a genre took a long time to become established in the U.S., despite the fact that most of the popular music we listen to here involves electronic musical production in the background. Neverless, stubborn U.S. audiences have embraced Little Boots, for the most part, and are helping her continued growth in the music industry.

With all that said, I proudly present some of Little Boots OLD OLD OLD work, all the way from 2008, before she was rocking out in videos and was simply some icy blonde tickling the keys for internet audiences. This is a mix she created back in the day that, while short, is a nice blend of mellow tracks with a few sassy notes to accent your early Monday morning vesting. Enjoy getting dressed to this!

Computer Fairlyand Mixtape


 B-Beat Girls – “Same Man”
Hercules And Love Affair – “You Belong” (Riton remix)
Purple Crush – “Physical Attraction”
 Popular Tyre – “Febbre del Discotheque”
The Black Ghosts – “Repetition Kills” (Emperor Machine Dub)
Trans-X – “Living on Video”
Leon Jean Marie – “Bring It On” (Little Boots Remix)


– Retail DJ

Retail DJ January Tracklist

2 Jan

Well, it’s finally 2010. I’ve heard that even numbered years are the lucky ones, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. 2009 was…interesting. I got back from Brazil and started life in NYC all over again – new job, new place, new outlook on life. Here, at the beginning of a new year, I’m facing various other turning points, and hopefully optimism and a lot of hard work will continue to pay off. I haven’t made any official resolutions, as I often make goals for myself throughout the year, but I think I may do a “Dreams” poster, which is something I learned about from some of my Brazilian students. Instead of necessarily creating a long laundry list of personal aspirations/goals, many people cut out pictures that encompass the things – be they material or otherwise – they want to receive, earn, achieve, etc.

Considering that doing this very thing kept my spirits up as I searched for a job in the recession wrecked USA, I have complete faith in its power, if anything, to inspire and motivate the person who created the poster. For me, creating this site was also one of my dreams, and something I started working on when I was away. I hope to do the best I can to continue growing from here and making the site more and more awesome each day.

One huge aspect of this site is clearly music, and the focus on music as a soundtrack for our lives. It helps us as we grocery shop, cook, do laundry, work, and get ready to start and end our days. For me and many people I know, music is also a big part of setting our moods and behavior. If I listen to amazing music as I get ready for work or for going out, it makes everything better. I hope that those of you who read this site can gain something from it as well.

I wanted to open the new year with what will become a monthly feature for this site, a tracklist (you can download!) that will (hopefully) eventually became a full set/mix. If you have any questions about the mix, please feel free to leave a comment or email me. ALSO, spread the word about Retail DJ! Tell all your friends, link it on your blog or facebook, etc. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, and enjoy the music!

Retail DJ January Tracklist

(Right Click, “save target as” to download)

1. Sleephyhead (Starsmith Remix feat. Ellie Goulding) – Passion Pit (DL)

2. Paris (Aeroplane Remix feat. Au Revoir Simone) – Friendly Fires (DL)

3. Music You (Original Mix, feat. Claire Hux) – Libby of Lazerbitch (DL)

4. A Funny Thing (Monarchy Remix) – Penguin Prison (DL)

5. Well Known Pleasures (Original Mix) – VEGA (DL)

6. Radiates – Primary 1 & Riton  (DL)

7. Gimme (In Flagranti Remix Blog Edit) – Headman feat. Dieter Meier (DL)

8. Crank It (Original Mix w/ Edu K feat. Lella) – Scott Cooper (link to DL in iTunes)

9. Basic Space – The XX (DL)

10. Word Is Love (Mercury Edit) – Voices of Life feat. Sharon Pass (DL)

11. Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix) – The Ting Tings (DL)

12. My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix) – Private (DL)

13. Brighter Days (Mercury Edit) – Cajmere feat. Dajae (DL)

14. Hungry for the Power – Azari & III (DL)

15. Love for You (b-side of “Acceptable in the 80s”) – Calvin Harris (DL)

– Retail DJ

Did I Throw Away My Water and Take Off My Shoes for This?

31 Dec

I call it airport blues.

This morning, I had a flight scheduled to leave from Newark International Airport in New Jersey at 9 am and arrive in Memphis, Tennessee, my hometown, around 11 am. I was all geared up to see my mother, my dog, my family, my friends, etc. Most of all, I was looking forward to avoiding the googobs of tourists here in the city who never know where they’re going, clog up the sidewalks in horizontal “row” formations, and people who get drunk and throw up on the subway.

Yes, it’s New Year’s Eve in NYC, and the ground, while fresh with light snow, is just waiting for the vomit fertilizer. But exactly because of this snow, or possibly the zillion and five terrorist threats that have occurred in the past few days, I found myself stranded for 6 hours in the Continental terminal with nowhere to go. My solution? Music.

Standing in line is rarely my favorite activity, particularly if it happens to be the 5th one I’ve stood in before getting to speak to a human being. I was frustrated, exhausted from lack of sleep, and mentally drained from the multiple times I had to practically do algebra equations and military style logistics planning to figure out how I could get home even though I was stuck in an airport with only about 10% of the flights departing. In between desperate phone calls and tears of exasperation, the music pumping through my noise cancelling headphones kept me sane and balanced for the moments I really needed to be the most.

So what was playing on my ipod, you ask? While I kept my composure in between toggles that transported me from Italy to Canada to Brazil and back, the main musical pulse was DJ Nibc’s 2  hours and 20 minute “Berlin Beats “& Tanzflache” set from 7/18/09. This set has been floating around the internet for some time now, but when it came on today, I recognized far more depth in the sound, maybe because being in line, as annoying as it was, left me in isolation – just me and my music.

Dj Nibc – “Berlin Beats & Tanzfläche” Dj-Mix 2009-07-18 by nibc


1. Pepe Bradock – Path Of Most Resistance – Atavisme 
2. Geo – The Chain – R&S
3. Claude VonStroke – Aundy – Dirty Bird
4. Gavin Herlihy – Underneath The Wind Machine – Cadenza
5. Secret Cinema – Kurzweil – Cocoon
6. Toby Tobias – Schoon (Dave Ellesmere remix) – Rekids
7. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Kamouflage_Loves_Fred_Remix) – White
8. Culoe De Song – The Bright Forest – Innervisions
9. Ben Watt feat Julia Biel – Guinea Pig (Dj Koze Remix) – Buzzin Fly
10. Jimpster – Sleeper – Freerange
11. Dirt Crew – Rough Roads – Moodmusic
12. Dj Koze – Mrs. Bojangels – Circus Company
13. Roy Ayers – Tarzan (Âme Remix) – Ubiquity
14. &ME – F.I.R. – Keinemusik
15. Trevor Loveys & Affie Yusuf feat Spoek – Bitch Fight (Stuffa Remix, Dub edit) – Trunkfunk Records
16. Spencer Parker – The Beginning – Buzzin’ Fly
17. Tony Lionni – Found a Place – Ostgut Ton
18. Dennis Ferrer – Sinfonia Della Notte – Strictly Rhythm
19. Kenlou – The Bounce – MAW Records
20. George Morel – Let’s Groove – Strictly Rhythm
21. Logic – Blues For You (Hard Dub) – Strictly Rhythm
22. DJ Sneak – Show Me the Way – Henry Street
23. Blueboy – Sandman – Maddog
24. Cheek – Venus (Sunshine People Remix) – Versatile Records
25. Kolombo – LOL (Kolombo Remix) – Hypnotic Music
26. DJ Hell – My Definition Of House Music (Renaissance Man Bootcut) – White
27. Ralph Falcon – Whateva (Dub) – Nervous Records
28. Mixhell – Boom Da (Downtown Remix Instrumental) – New Judas
29. Stuffa feat Ram Di Dam – A Million Secrets (Club Mix, Dub Edit) – Trunkfunk Records
30. Riton & Primary 1 – Who’s There? – Phantasy
31. Jesper Dahlback – Super Connector – Turbo
32. The Touch feat Zhala – Xtra Energy (Stuffa Remix) – Trunkfunk Records
33. Deetron feat Justin Chapman – Let’s Get Over It – Music Man
34. Marek Hemmann – Inessa – Freude Am Tanzen
35. Thomas Schumacher – The Ooh – Get Physical
36. Slam – Positive Education (D’Julz Remix) – Soma
37. Federleicht – On The Streets (Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s Let Freedom Ring Remix) – Connaisseur Recordings
38. Wehbba & Ryo Peres – El Masnou – BluFin
39. James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Re-Edit) – Kitsuné

*If you’d like the links to the individual tracks of this mix, email me! retaildj@gmail.com

– Retail DJ

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