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Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999 – The Mix

19 May

It’s odd that we feature pop music and hip hop, at least in explicit, raw, un-remixed forms, here on Retail DJ. Yet when we do, we do it for very good reason. This time around, we were given a more than legitimate reason to post a lil pop thanks to this week’s featured artist Haruka Salt 999. Staying true to our commitment to provide the best music for dancing, getting ready, and general revelry at home or on the street, this mix provides the framework for all the above.

In keeping with her mission to provide a mixtape-like feel to all of her live and recorded sets,
Haruka takes us through a trip of hip hop, breaks, dance rock, funk carioca, and electronic dance music without a blink. When I got the mix in my soundcloud inbox, it’s initial title was “Get It Poppin.” I immediately knew I was in for a treat – one that I now share with you all without the slightest hesitation. This versatile mix is perfect for any mood, so I encourage you to play, download, and share it stat! Don’t waste any time. Come with us to Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999!

Retail DJ Presents . . .

Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

(or download here: Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999 for Retail DJ (right click + save target as)

tracklist (song – artist)


Pennies-Lady Sovereign

Dangerous (The Big Beat’s Next Level Mix)-Busta Rhymes

Well Oso-Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Miltinho

Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix)-The Go! Team

Que Que-Dillon Francis & Diplo (feat. Maluca)

Jumpin N Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix Feat. Mars e Pan)2009-Edu K

Bass Down Low (Explicit ver.)-Dev


Open (Plastic Little Remix)-Dub Pistols Feat Tk And Jms

I Am Somebody (paris version)-Dj Mehdi feat. Chromeo

Cooler Couleur (Voyou Remix)-Crookers Feat. Yelle

Creature-Kim Ann Foxman & Andy Butler

Might Like You Better-Amanda Blank


Guns-3 Is A Crowd

‘Ta Com Medo De Mim?-Oliver$ & Deize Tigrona

Why Don’t You-Gramophonedzie


Get Dressed To This: Bruised

14 Apr

More Courtney Love than Retail DJ?

Do you ever come home covered in bruises and have no idea why? I do…

Wait, that sounds kinda bad. I am not in a fight club, nor do I get drunk to the point of passing out or falling down. But sometimes, I come home with all these mysterious purple marks whose respective origins remain unknown. And then it hits me!

It’s the music. Or better, the dancing.

Not that I am an arms-out flailing type of anything, but sometimes, the music is just so good that you dance until it hurts, until you literally hit things and forget that it even happened because the good sounds are so distracting. It’s been quite some time that the music I have heard while out has sent me into such a frenzy, but there are still mixes that come across my “desk” that make it happen. This week, such a mix comes to us by way of Idiotproof, whose latest mix for the Jackmode podcast is so energetic that I can’t help but give it the recognition it deserves. Every.single.track on the mix is hard-hitting and might serve up a post-dance punishment for those of you who get as into the music as I.

But in between all the dancing, hopefully you’ll have some time to get dressed. To go along with the intense music, I’ve decided to put together an outfit that has a hard exterior, but a few whimsical notes to welcome you. A mix of vintage, new, and handcrafted items, this outfit is full of conversation pieces. That is, if you have any time for that between all the moves you’ll be doing.

But enough of me. Time for the music. Press play and take a bit to Get Dressed To This . . .

The Music:

Idiotproof – Jackmode April 2011 Podcast

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist (below) after the jump

The Outfit:

(click the photos for purchasing & additional photos)

1. Smock Dress by In God We Trust, Beacon’s Closet, $35 USD

In God We Trust Dress, Beacons Closet

2. Mr Mustache Ring by AngelInChina, Etsy, $33 USD

Mr. Mustache Ring, Etsy

3. Flick Flack Clutch Bag, Irregular Choice (UK), £ 35 GBP

Flick Flack Clutch, Irregular Choice

5. Roxy Body Harness by SultryAffair, Etsy, $45 USD

Roxy Body Harness, Etsy

6. Patchuli II Wedges, Melissa, R$ 160 BRL

Patchuli II, Melissa Brasil

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Retail DJ Septober Podcast, Part 1: The Model

13 Oct

2 parts, 1 podcast

This podcast has a special place in my heart, particularly because it took me so damn long to make! The process was complicated by the sheer volume of the tracks I had to listen to (I filtered through over 500 tracks I had downloaded), then by my being overwhelmed with a variety of other life distractions. It wasn’t actually procrastination, believe it or not, that delayed this mix. Unlike the process to make some of the other podcasts, this time around I was not fraught with the burden of having to literally dig music up from the grave due to a creativity shortage on the blogs. No. For once, I had an abundance of music to play with and most of it was really good, almost too good in fact, meaning I had to leave out a lot of great tracks to put up only my very favorites.

Because of the delay and the amount of music I had, I decided to combine the two months of September and October to create a two-part “Septober” podcast, the theme being “The Model and the Mellow.” Today I present part 1 of the two-part podcast: The Model, a podcast that is meant to inspire you to get your catwalk on, be it during the subway transfer or the walk from the front door to the mailbox. This set is motivational, and pushes you to pick yourself up if you’re having a blah day and remember that you too can “werk it.” It’s perfectly-timed considering all the great fall fashion out there as well. You can look and feel good as you commute, buy groceries, or get ready for a night out. It’s all around fun, and filled with house tracks, many of them extended mixes so your walk won’t be cut musically short. I hope you enjoy this podcast as I much as I did putting it together. Enjoy:

Retail DJ Septober Podcast, Part 1 : The Model

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


:Kinema: – Circles (Secondo Vocal Remix)
Interlude – Retail DJ (Music: Yolanda Be Cool + DCUP – We No Speak Americano (Lil Silva Remix))
Voltage – All Night (Radio Edit)
Brenmar – Back Beating
Meroz – Summertime Shandy
Kamei – Planetary (Moonchild’s “4 Months Late” Remix)
Filippo Vicario – Aroma (Original Mix)
Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar (Oliver $ Edit)
Yelle – La Musique (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
Leopold – Miami Disco On (Hana Yori Kichou Na “Nuit Blanche a Miami” Remix)
Sia – Stop Trying (The Hair Kid Live PA Remix)

– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Vaiiiii Brasil!!!!

30 Jun

Ok, ok, the US may have gotten knocked out, but that by no means signifies the end of the hung soccer fervor that is (slowly, but surely) sweeping the nation. While I fully backed Portugal, they too, are out, so for me, there is only the ultimate, all-time favorite left: Brazil.

They could have uniforms made of heavy chain mail and probably still lay the smack down on the field. They are the Lakers of futebol, the Rolling Stones of Copa. You can’t help but love them, and I love them by default just from being such a Brazil enthusiast.

I have covered some fancier World Cup (non-jersey) wares before, but now I have put together a simple, yet fun outfit for cheering by day, then going to the afterparty and getting down até o chão by night. Considering that my initial approach to thinking about World Cup fan gear was different, so is the way I think of the music to get me pumped for it. I love funk carioca/baile funk and cover it non-stop here on Retail DJ, but what I really appreciate is an artist who has the ability to take funk carioca, which is simple in form, and turn it into something beautiful and interesting.

Beyond those whom I have highlighted before, one such artist is Kassiano, who is well-known in NYC for his “I ❤ Baile Funk” party revolution (which he took on with DJ Sujinho) that was popular a few years back, and in more recent years, his work with local NYC via Brazil acts like Zuzuka Poderosa and even more mainstream acts like Li’l Jon and Pitbull. His newest mix includes funk carioca favorites, but also plenty of other styles to keep even those who are not majorly into funk carioca with their ears open (seriously – he manages to work Li’l Jon, Manu Chao, Rye Rye, Oliver $, and Riva Starr into the same mix with all the funk carioca….nuts).

Without further ado, Get Dressed to This (caution: may cause involuntary booty popping):

The Music:

Kassiano – Kopa Mix


(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

The Outift:

1. Cutout Knit Dress, Forever 21, $18 USD

2. Stockholm Yellow and White French Messenger, Ikabags via Etsy, $39 USD

3. Matiko Nicki Peep-Toe Wedge (in nude), Urban Outfitters, $148 USD


4. Green Hoop Earrings, Lands’ End, $22 USD

For your reference:

Kassiano on MySpace

Nossa Website

Nossa Soundcloud

– Retal DJ 

Get Dressed to This: Underwear Edition

27 Mar

I’m a big fan of the at-home dance party, particularly when done alone. During my time in Brazil, I lived in the suburbs where there was sometimes very little to do. The cure for boredom? Turning my laptop speakers to “high” and rocking out to my iTunes while clad in a sports bra and boyshorts. While I much rather would have been partying it up at Vegas Club in the city (Sao Paulo (cidade) was 7 hours away!) or back home at Studio B (now closed Brooklyn dance spot…RIP), I still managed to have fun partying all by my lonesome in my skivvies.

For those of you who like to do the same, or maybe just like buying new underwear, I present this fun take on Get Dressed to This. With that said, put on some panties or briefs and dance out your Friday night (or Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon) to Oliver $, whose most recent Made to Play mix is sure to inspire some creative moves:

 Oliver $ – Made to Play Podcast No. 007

click to play / right click + save target as to download

tracklist after the jump

 from Knickerocker:

1. Silver Lame Panties w/ Aqua Blue Trim. $20 USD

 2. Lemon Print Big Knickers, $19 USD

3. Pale Blue w/ Rose Print Cotton Side Tie Panties, $22 USD

via Sandmaiden Sleepwear:

1. Stretch Lace Triange Bra, $44 USD

2. Bridal Silk Georgette and Lace Triangle Bralette, $44 USD

and a little splurge buy for men:

Men’s Sea Foam Green Deer Skeleton Briefs, $34 USD


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I <3 Mondays: Get Your $'s Worth

10 Jan

It’s been a busy weekend. I came back from Memphis, met up with some old friends, was introduced to some new ones, interviewed a dj, met an mc, and went into scheduling overdrive for some upcoming “Get Ready With __?__” posts. Overall, it was a productive couple of days. But now as the sun has officially set on the two days that keep most of us from going nuts during the week, it’s time to start all over again.

Yes, in a few hours, it will be Monday. Considering one of my sole responsibilities here at Retail DJ is to provide music to get you amped about, well, everything, I didn’t want to let you down. This week’s I ❤ Mondays mix comes straight from Britain by way of Berlin in the likes of a ginger decks fiend named Oliver $ (pronounced “Oliver Dollar,” though for the longest, I was calling him “Oliver Money,” because that sounds gangsta too). I found out about him a while back and finally had the opportunity to see him spin when the Made to Play crew + DJ Gina Turner rolled into town on December 8th, dropping some killer mixes and a whole lot of energy at Love in the East Village.

The mix I have featured for today’s post is Mr. $’s Fabric promo mix. It opens hard with a track that will most certainly wake you up (and quite possibly make you belligerent) called “Bitch Fight” and smooths into lighter beats like old school  house track “The Answer.”

All in all, this mix will make your Monday start off on a happy foot, or at least one that’s tapping a litle on your commute to work.

Oliver $ – Introduce Yourself (Fabric Promo Mix)
Oliver $ – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix by fabric



  1. Trevor Loveys & AY ft. Spoek – Bitch Fight (MTP Remix)
  2. Benga & Coki – Night (Geeneus Remix)
  3. Ying Yang Twins Vs. Shlomi Amber & Kenny Larkin – Whispering Sketches (Oliver $ Edit)
  4. Riva Starr – Black Cat, White Cat
  5. Genetic & Gio Martinez – Rempejack (Oliver $ Remix)
  6. Poligono – Changes
  7. Manolo – The Answer (Gipsy Kink Remix)
  8. Deetron – Orange
  9. Markus Homm, MP & JB – Bis Co
  10. Unknown Bootleg
  11. Sick Jargon – Go Hump (Daniel Carro Remix) Edit
  12. Daniel Haaksman – Deixa Tocar (Consistent Remix)
  13. Zed Bias – Bareknuckle

– Retail DJ

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