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Now Playing: Sapabonde

29 Jan


I heard about Sapabonde, the lesbian baile funk group from Brasilia, a few months ago by way of the Brazilian blog Funk Na Caixa, but just wrote them off as some hipster trend that would fall off the charts after their 15 minutes of fame. But this 8-girl group (yes, EIGHT! – they’re like the Wu Tang clan of baile funk) stuck around and has had several of their playful tracks remixed.

While most of their lyrics are about sexual conquests and the joys of girl-on-girl gettin’ it on, they admit that it’s all an act. While they are lesbians in real life, “pimps” they are not, they mention in their interview on Cultura Visual Queer, a Brazilian blog about queer culture. With government officials and religious groups trying to clean up funk’s image, Sapabonde’s act rebels against it, even down to their name, which is a combination of “Sapatao” (meaning “big shoe” in Portuguese, but connotatively refering to butch lesbians, and sometimes lesbians as a whole) and “Bonde” (which means “tram car” literally, but in slang means group of funkeiros (funk performers) and sometimes a crew of drug traffickers).

Anyway, enough of that blah blah blah. Get to the music, right?

Here’s my favorite rework of their track Vai, Nao Se Esconde(Vem Pro Sapabonde) (“come on, don’t hide…come with Sapabonde”), which is all about seduction. The lyrics include questions like “how many fingers do you want?” and multiple descriptions of oral sex, but again, they encourage their listeners to take their bravado as a tongue-in-cheek display of stereotypes within the lesbian community and Brazilian society as a whole. I just take it as a really fun dance track. Enjoy:

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


– Retail DJ



Tracks in Transit: L_cio

6 Jan


Mr. Schwantes has done it again. In the past few months, he’s managed to make new music, start a new party for cutting edge DJs and producers (Under_line at Tapas Club in Sao Paulo), and continue to keep his audiences engaged with Live PAs at every gig. He’s a Renaissance Man in every sense of the word (as I discovered during his What’s Good? interview back in September), and never ceases to impress.

Check out his latest work (which I used for tonight’s work soundtrack and will certainly be listening to a bit tomorrow as well!), a live set from Vegas Club (Sao Paulo):

(click to play)

no tracklist available (though note that all tracks are L_cio’s own productions)

– Retail DJ

Tracks in Transit: Bok Bok

5 Jan

Beyond the Adulture mix I posted earlier, there are a few other mixes that found their way to my flight music list. One of them is Bok Bok’s December mix for FACT Magazine. Frequently delivering booty shaking, brain jarring, feet paralyzing mixes, Bok Bok kept this round consistent. His mix for FACT combines dubstep, hip hop samples, and a surprising amount of house-inspired interludes, and happens to simultaneously work for concentration-heavy tasks, dancing, AND zoning out while on a plane. But don’t just take my word for it. Play/download and see for yourself:

Bok Bok – FACT Magazine Mix 211 (Dec ’10)

(click to download; right click + “save as” to save)

tracklist after the jump

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Tracks in Transit: Adulture

4 Jan

I will be flying to my hometown tomorrow for some well-deserved R&R and family time, but no worries, Retail DJ will keep on ticking. While in transit to Memphis, I plan to have Chicago DJ/ProducerAdulture (nee Garrett Shrigley), the man behind “Paper Cat” (which was later remixed by Bit Funk into something quite marvelous, (see below)), and his new Winter Mix on repeat. Play paparazzi and stalk my playlist by playing/downloading this great 35-minute set:

Adulture – Winter Mix (12/28/10)

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist (and the many incarnations of “Paper Cat”) after the jump

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Now Playing: Music for Your NYE

31 Dec

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Eve, but as a big music lover, I can’t help but contribute to the night’s festivities with a gift from me to you. For those of you who are staying home instead of joining the throngs of revelers out in the streets, or throwing smaller parties instead of going to blowout bashes, here are two mixes that may set the mood for you and your guests. One is a bit more on the house-y side, while the other is more of a booty dancing delight. Enjoy (click to play):

NYE HOUSE STYLE c/o Djuma Soundsystem:


tracklist for Djuma Soundsystem’s mix after the jump

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Speaking of Dynamite . . .

2 Nov

The Boys of Kraak & Smaakkraak

Kraak & Smaak, those uber-talented Dutch DJs to whom I often show lots of love here, have come out with a remix of their track “Dynamite.” It’s quite a fitting name considering that this funky track sounds just as good in both its original and remixed form. The track is versatile, fun, and definitely worth a play. So don’t be shy, have a listen! Bomb’s the word.

Kraak & Smaak – Dynamite


Kraak & Smaak – Dynamite (Kraak & Smaak’s Boogie Funk Version)


– Retail DJ


Now Playing: “La Musica” Remixed

1 Jun

Here's lookin' at you, Munk.

Munk’s new single “La Musica” has been all over the blogs this weekend! It’s a funky track by one of my personal favorite artists, so I was delighted when I saw it. After promptly heading over to iTunes to purchase it, I found all these amazing remixes of the single. Here’s one by Toronto DJs Azari & III (another personal fave):

04 La Musica (Azari & III Remix) by retaildjdropbox

(click to play)

Note: This is solely for promotional purposes and not for download. To pick up the whole single (included more remixes like this one), buy it on iTunes.

Also, here’s the video for the single. Munk’s been known to do video sampling from old European movies, and this one is no different. Enjoy:

– Retail DJ

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