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What’s Good? WooHoo

15 Nov


Have you ever had a hobby that turned into a passion, which then turned into an actual career path? The answer for the average person is often no, passion-fueled professions being the stuff dreams are made of, or at least really good movies. Fortunately for some, occupational bildungsroman is a reality, with the artist evolving personally and professionally as a side interest soon becomes a main focus. This was the case for NYC-based DJ and Producer: WooHoo.

Known to family and friends as Charles Hendricks, WooHoo spent his formative years playing the violin and finding inspiration in everything from soul music early techno. But later down the line, after saving up the funds, he tried his hand at turntablism. Luckily for us, he hasn’t looked back since.

Known for channeling the spirit of French house in his productions and allowing his sound to oscillate from dance rock to tech house in a mix, WooHoo is hard to put in a box. As he dabbles in so many different genres, his only rule seems to be to make his audience have a good time. In fact, his DJ name is quite appropriate for his work, as everything he plays will make the crowd joyous on the spot.

But don’t be fooled by the light-hearted moniker. Charles takes his music seriously. He has dedicated an enormous amount of time and energy to perfecting his craft, putting on a good show, and releasing innovative tracks for a musically-starved public.

That said, let this be the first step in getting this week’s sonic sustenance and come with me to find out What’s Good? with WooHoo:

What’s Good? WooHoo

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


background music: Nacho Lovers – Deeper Promo Mix


– Retail DJ


Nacho Lovers for Pangea

12 Oct

One of my favorite DJ duos Nacho Lovers just put up their newest mix. Right on the heels of their stop in NYC, they have put together this fantastic set as a soundtrack for a clothing line (right up our ally here at Retail DJ). Check out their description:

Handsome Clothing is a Toronto based clothing company who has just released their new Pangea line.

This is a conceptual mix we put together to soundtrack the story of the new line (you can read it looking through the new line’s lookbook or in their online shop).

The mix will also accompany any piece bought from the new collection (both in physical stores and online) on a CD.

It differs greatly from their previous work in that it incorporates far more than their usual disco and house  fare. This is a truly unique set that folds in rock, experimental, house, disco, funk, and afrobeat. It’s good to give a listen to as you’re getting ready, but also if you just want some fun background music as you do, well, anything!


Nacho Lovers – The Pangea Mix

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist (and more on Handsome Clothing) after the jump

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I <3 Mondays: Get Deeper

12 Jul

Nacho Lovers

A few nights ago, I was shuffling around on Soundcloud and came across a fantastic mix by Canadian DJ duo Nacho Lovers. I’ve had quite a bit of material by these house gurus of the North on Retail DJ, but I can never get enough.

This time around, their Deeper Promo Mix for May 2010 hit the spot. It’s perfect for a day back in the office in that it’s got a touch of progressive house (which is great for anything slightly repetetive that’s done over a long period of time due to it’s slight shifts but continuous flow), a bit of tribal (all that percussion keeps one from falling asleep), and a hint of Chicago (complete with organs, bass, and soulful lyrics to keep you entertained). Some of my favorite moments of this set come close to the beginning, around 9:30, with a track that stays true to the set’s name. The fun continues with a series of equally interesting and dance-worthy tracks. Deep indeed, folks.

You can learn more about “Deeper” and its various remixes (as well as where you can purchase it) by clicking HERE.

In the meantime, get ready to find yourself in another place this Monday afternoon, and escape into the depths of a seriously solid house mix. Enjoy!

Nacho Lovers – Deeper Promo Mix (May 2010)

Deeper Promo Mix – May 2010 by Nacho Lovers

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

– Retail DJ

Oldies But Goodies: Back in the Day

5 Mar

Nacho Lovers

I really like Nacho Lovers, the DJ duo from Canada that consistently puts out amazing house mixes, some of which we have  featured here, and many of which you will find on blogs all over the web. They occasionally do work separately, and I was fortunate enough to come across such a mix a few days back.

Andrew Ross, one half of Nacho Lovers, dropped this mix recently for Old Gold Boutique in Montreal, which contains a ton of fun old school tracks as well as some remixed newbies and a whole lot of greatness. As per usual, this mix is full of win.

Andrew Ross – Old Gold Transmission #9: Winter Warm Up (right click/save target as)


1 – Armand Van Helden – I Can’t Wait (House Head & B-boy Collaboration)
2 – The Cure – Close To Me (Paul’s Horny Dub-Remix)
3 – Lindstrom & Christabelle – Lovesick
4 – Soul II Soul – Back To Life
5 – Talking Heads – Burning Down The House (Alternate Version)
6 – Lovebirds – U Give Me
7 – The Revenge – Just Be Good to Me
8 – Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down (Aggro Mix)
9 – Rocha – Hands Of Love (Harvey’s Downstairs Mix-Up)
10 – The xx – VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)
11 – Sounds Superb – Psuedo Wind (Andrew Ross Long Edit)
12 – Duckbeats – Music (Don’t Stop)
13 – The Source f. Candi Staton – You Got The Love (Radio mix)

Also, Nacho Lovers will be playing at WMC this year. Be sure to check out their MySpace page for more info.

Retail DJ

Butch Queen Walking Femme. . .

23 Jan

Paris Is Burning

A few days ago, I came across an old mix from the Fool’s Gold Podcast that I had seen, but had yet to have the time to actually sit down and listen to. I figured it was time to actually do it considering it was a mix by Canadian duo Nacho Lovers, who are well known and loved for their amazing ability to revive house as we know it and turn into something all the more magical than the stuff already is!

This mix in particular, which is a compilation of old house tracks, is quite striking because of its centering on music from the ballroom scene, one of the most daring, interesting, and modern takes on the intersection of music and fashion. Mind you, when I say “ballroom.” I am not talking about Dancing with the Stars. I am referring to the underground gay/trans scene parties that involve fashion shows, dance competitions, and a whole lot of work and preparation by the “houses” that put them on (houses (based on the concept of fashion houses and family; family = “mother,” “father” and “children,” aka the group leaders and the performers) changing the way we think about family) typically take on names of popular icons and fashion designers). Popularized by Jennie Livingston’s film Paris Is Burning, balls continue in the present, though the face has changed a bit (as things are a bit more sophisticated). The balls in themselves form a major commentary on issues of class, sexuality,race, and gender. The balls, especially in the state they are in as portrayed in the film, say a lot about the transformation of NYC as well (note the neighborhoods they mention and how much they have changed since that time).

This Nacho Lovers mix captures the music of the scene at its rawest, being sure to include ball announcements (i.e. of who is walking, what the competition category is, etc).

Nacho Lovers – Fools Gold Podcast – “I Nacho NY” (Tracklist can be found in the Music Archive)

In honor of the scene itself, I’ve posted all the youtube links (the entire film) below. Enjoy!

Paris Is Burning

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:

Part Seven:

Part Eight:

Part Nine:

Part Ten:

Part Eleven:

– Retail DJ

Merry Christmas! 12.30.09 – 1.09.10

10 Jan

Here is the roundup of links from the past week’s mixes. The full archive with individual track downloads can be found here:

To download, move your cursor over the link. If it’s an “.mp3” or “.m4a” file, simply right click and “save target as.” If it’s a “.com,” simply vist the site to download there.

Aeroplane – Aeroplane ” Chart Mix ” December 2009

Little Boots – Computer Fairlyand Mixtape 

DJ Nibc – Dj Nibc – “Berlin Beats & Tanzfläche” Dj-Mix 2009-07-18

La Fleur – Plant House Mix

scribelove – I Love Vinyl July ‘09

Retail DJ – January Tracklist

Hint – That’s Hintertainment vol. 10  

Tiga – Live_at_Stereo_pt.1_(13_11_09).m4a

Tiga – Essential Mix for RadioOne

Munk – Autumn Mix

Nacho Lovers – Curb Crawlers Mixtape 005 

Smalltown DJs – Best of ‘09 Mix

Deadboy –  Fact Mix 112, Jan 2010

– Retail DJ

Mix On Tap: Going Continental

8 Jan

My Continental Airlines flight arrived safely from Memphis to Newark Liberty Airport last night. I was tired, physically and mentally, but also really happy to be back. Something that only catalyzed my joy was an amazing mix I had playing on my ipod on the plane and off. Let’s just say the thing is on repeat.

You see, plenty of sites post tracks and mixes that they have heard or received, without as much filtering. Sure, they don’t post the completely terrible stuff, no aural assaults if you will, but I prefer to be really selective about what I post here, making sure that I highlight the songs and mixes that stand out among the rest and, in particular, those that are worthy of your listening to as you start your process of getting dressed to go do whatever is you do. I try to serve as the middle(wo)man in this whole process to save you some time and to generally grant you the privilege of downloading music or following links from here that can go directly to your speakers without a test run to see if it’s worth your time.

My impatience might be a personality trait that comes from being an American. I feel like in the U.S., one thing we like to avoid is wasting time. We like to get to the source, the root, the main point without all the extra fluff and lost minutes. Sure, we miss a lot in the expedition of this process, but we also get to what we want a little quicker. In reflecting on this habit of mine, I thought back to the mix that I had in my headphones as I touched ground and took off all over again, running.

Nacho Lovers, the Canadian DJ duo, were the authors of one the best mixes I have heard, hands down. It’s only an hour and a half, but they pack so much fun in that little space that it’s truly impressive. The tracks are well-chosen and all entirely dance-worthy, even its slow beginning. From the opening and its slide into a re-work of Azari and III’s “Hungry for the Power,” the mix just gets better and better.

But, worry not, I have not forgotten that you also need a drink to go with the music. This is “Mix On Tap” after all. I found it a little ironic that a Canadian DJ team would have a name related to a Mexican/Tex-Mex food, and figured that there must be some link I can make. In turn, I did a little research and decided to find another North American continental favorite that relates to Mexico:  tequila.

With that, I give you a recipe for an American favorite made from a Mexican liquor and a mix by Canadians who love Americanized Mexican food…my brain hurts.

Nacho Lovers – Curb Crawlers Mixtape 005  (DL: right click, “save target as”)

for more Curb Crawlers mixtapes, check out their site


Barely Eagle Intro
Hunee – Took My Love
Azari & III – Hungry For The Power (Runaway Remix)
KZA – On&On&On
Linkwood & House of Traps – Barely Eagle
Eddie C – Never Let Go
Rick WIlhite – Drum Patterns & Memories (Moodymann Remix)
Rondenion – Sun Glare
Shimmy Sham Sham! – Shimmy Sham Sham 001 Side A
Soundstream – All Night (Andrew Ross Edit)
6th Borough Project – Planets (The Revenge Lost Groove)
Audio Soul Project – Back To Joy
Indian Ocean – Treehouse / Schoolbell (Lil’ Tony Rework)
Linkwood – Electricity
DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Pt. 1 – Deep Into The Bowel Of House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Bassline Dub)
Tama Sumo & Prosumer – Alien Mutts
T&K – Mucho Swash

Texas Tea Recipe:
Ingredients: 2 oz 1800® Tequila, 2 oz rum, 2 oz vodka, 2 oz gin, 2 oz bourbon whiskey, 2 oz triple sec, 2 oz sweet and sour mix, Coca-Cola®

Fill a 1 gallon pitcher with ice. Add all the ingredients except the coca-cola. Stir, then add the coca-cola and stir again. Pour into your favorite glass with ice and enjoy.
Recipe c/o www.drinksmixer.com

 – Retail DJ

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