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Music I Can Count On

21 Jun

I do a lot of walking here in Rio because a) I am trying to save money and b) because I’m within walking distance from most of the research institutions. In NYC, I am plugged into my ipod at all times, but here, it’s a bit trickier. First and foremost, it’s not safe to take out your ipod on the street, even if just to do a quick song change, and secondly, none of the research institutions I do work in allow mp3 players. So for a large portion of my day, I’m sans music, or if not completely without it, limited in my choices of what to listen to while in transit. Thus mixes have a special place in my daily travels. I have to pick one that works well for my day and that I know I love the whole way through and don’t tire of at the 15-minute mark.

These are not the newest mixes I’ve heard, nor are they the full of flashy tracks, but they are reliable, interesting, and amazing for walking. Every day, they provide a little hidden joy as I travel from one place to the next with my ipod stashed deeply in my pocket and my headphone cord tucked under my clothing. So tonight, I’m sharing these tracks with you! The first two are MIA, so if you want a direct download, shoot me an email. The last is available via the Data Transmission podcast (which is phenomenal; definitely subscribe).

Van Rivers – Mars Mixxx

Immuzikation – Strangers No More

Ante Perry – Data Transmission Mix no. 228


– Retail DJ


Cajmere: Funky Fresh for 5 Mix

20 Feb

Curtis Jones aka Cajmere aka Green Velvet

What better a way to celebrate Presidents’ Day than by honoring one of the forefathers of house? Cajmere, the Chicago-based genius we also know and love as Green Velvet, has put out a new mix tape for 5 Magazine, a publication with the valiant purpose of championing one of the city’s contributions to the United States and the world. His new mix, the 4th volume in a series called “Funky Fresh for 5” covers typical sounds of the Cajmere/Green Velvet repertoire, ranging from gospel-house to outer space loops. He even delves into the progressive house realm towards the middle of the mix. This upbeat set is sure to keep you moving your feet on this beautiful day.

Be sure to stream/download this mix. If you’re hungry for more, check out Cajmere live in the mix for 5 Magazine on Wednesdays from 1-4 EST/12-3 CST here.

To stream Cajmere’s Funky Fresh for 5 Mix: Volume 4, click here.

To download, right click + save target as here.

P.S. My first introduction to Cajmere (I didn’t realize Green Velvet and Cajmere were the same guy at the time) came via this scene in Party Girl, one of my favorite movies to date):

playing: Cajmere – “You Got Me On”

Winter Has Arrived…

21 Jan

La Fleur

Winter has finally arrived…or so Mother Nature informed us today with quite a nice snowfall here in NYC. Many of us stayed inside for the day and had quiet Saturdays, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an equal number of us shuffling in our fuzzy boots from the cabin fever.

As with most early snow days, it’s hard to find the motivation to move, much less actually go out. But that doesn’t mean the party’s over.

Sanna Engdahl, aka La Fleur, the Berlin-based Swedish DJ/producer has brought something to the table that will help keep us more than entertained. Her newest piece “Winter Cabin Mix,” profiles a new updates to her sleek sound. She opens the mix with funkier, R&B-laden sampling tracks and then works her way into the deeper house we all love in her sets. This mix fully embodies winter’s chill with its tone and pace, but it’s sure to warm a place in all of us, starting with the feet.

La Fleur has lots of new developments, so be sure to check out what she’s been up to as of late by following her on soundcloud, facebook, or twitter (Swedish). Also, be on the lookout for her new EP Petals on Fire (Lo:Rise) in February Also, for those of you in Germany, check her out at Panorama Bar in Berlin on the 27th!

La Fleur – Winter Cabin Mix

click to stream ; click the small arrow on the right to download

via La Fleur

– Retail DJ


Long Time, No See

31 Dec

nye (new year's eve): iyf (in your face)

Wow…it’s been a while, huh? Grad school has kept me firmly buried 6 feet under piles and piles of reading, papers, and whole host and other work, so Retail DJ got the shaft. Fortunately, Xmas break always works as a great catchup time, so I’ll be posting a little more regularly for the next few weeks. We’ll see what happens once school starts back hehe.

To celebrate my brief (though hopefully extended) return, I thought I’d share some fun music to pump you up tonight.

I recently made a mix to help my fellow classmates get through finals/papers week called “Energy Mix.” It’s a rough, unedited bit that I put together in less than an hour (all improv stuff), but it’s fuuuun!

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)

Also, the ever-magnificent Ohio-based DJ saint., whom some of you may remember from our exclusive interview with her back in May, has put out a new mix called “Midnight Mix,” a name that is undeniably fitting for tonight’s festivities.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(click to stream; no download)

Enjoy these mixes and be on the lookout for my December/January podcast, which will be coming your way very soon. Party safe tonight, everyone, and have a fun, happy, and healthy New Year!

– Retail DJ


1 Sep


I always say that things happen for a reason. Sure, it’s a cliche oversimplification of the way everything works, but it’s a fairly fitting statement in most cases. My experiences in Brazil are no different, each of them bearing some bit of fate that throws things temporarily off-balance, only for it all to work itself out again.

Take, for example, the location I chose to stay. When I was debating between two locations, it came down to convenience and proximity to the subway. I knew that Sao Paulo had just opened its yellow line, so I thought that the hostel I chose was perfect considering its 1-block walk to the yellow line “Oscar Freire” stop. Yet google fooled me good, and as it turns out, the section closest to my hostel (pictured above) is still under construction.

Alas, it’s a 15 minute walk up a steep hill to get to the subway that DOES work, and by that time, my body is so conditioned to the walking that I just end up walking everywhere I need to go. Sure, 15 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but just imagine taking that walk every time you want to go somewhere and with a really heavy bag and crazy feet. And there you have it. My present.

But considering my love for Sao Paulo, I always manage to find a silver lining. For one thing, I am a mere 3 blocks from the Galeria Melissa (the Melissa megastore that I always rave about), Nespresso (I am a total coffee addict), and adjacent (by half a block) to what I like to refer to as “The 5th Avenue of Sao Paulo,” known by others as Oscar Freire. Sao Paulo’s always full of little surprises, and this trip is no different from the others.

While the phantom subway line (I swear it shows up on google maps) was a shock, there were other aspects to life here in SP that came as no surprise. One of them being the sheer excellence of nightlife here for any and every one looking to have a good time. I always rave about the clubs here in Sampa, but until you go to a few, you just.can’t.understand.

Most of the parties are genuine, lacking an uber-pretentious crowd and, without a doubt, given a deliciously intense soundtrack. Sao Paulo has some of the best DJs in the world, and last night did not fail to impress. The party was care of producer L_cio, who many of you may know from my interview with him after our meeting last year around this same time. His vision is called under_line. It’s a music collective and party series that covers underground (or well-known, but with an underground sound) DJs and producers who are adding something new to the club scene here in the city. The party serves as a showcase for multiple forms of electronic music artists and a venue to hold those of us who love them.

The vibe at Tapas Club (Rua Augusta, of course) proved that an underground does, in fact, still exist, and that there’s an audience out there willing to dance until the wee hours of Thursday morning to support it. While there, I had the opportunity to hear all the DJs beginning with Dee Bufato (who is a DJ, Producer, Designer…the list goes on and on), then Hero Zero, followed by DJ duo Guilherme Picorelli and Henrique D´Marte (known together as “Fractal Mood”), and last but not least, the creator himself, L_cio. The styles varied throughout the night from minimal to deep house, tech house, and back again, keeping everyone on their toes both mentally and physically. Though this was #39 of this party series, it’s definitely not the last as L_cio is as prolific an artist as he is a party extraordinaire.

For those of you who may not have a chance to check out the under_line party live, I’ll let the music speak for itself:

a silky deep house set by Dee Bufato:

a minimal mix by L_cio (recorded live at under_line #37):

a solid house set by Hero Zero:

a deep house/tech house live set by the boys of Fractal Mood:

– Retail DJ



29 Aug

Sometimes I go through these stages of being disgusted with the state of music. Everything sounds the same. Everything bores me. Everything wants me to hear good music so badly that I find the urge to pick up a guitar and take the time to teach myself how to play JUST to hear something different. Then something comes along that saves the day.

This time around, the honor goes to COCOLORES, music masters signed with Exploited (figures, right? this label can do no wrong) who just released their newest EP. Every track of the three is completely solid dance-inducing madness, so don’t miss it. Spend the $3 and gain a whole lot more (available on itunes):

– Retail DJ

The Remix That Blows My Mind: “Getting Me Down”

9 Aug

Brandy, meet Blawan.





– Retail DJ

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