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Get Dressed To This: Who Wears the Pants?

10 Jul


Most of the fashion features I have here just-so-happen to included dresses. Maybe it’s because I’m a dress girl? Or maybe it’s simply because on the female form, dresses remain the go-to item for most dance outings. In recognition of my bias, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit this week.

1. I normally post Get Dressed To This pieces as the weekend nears, but considering I am in Rio (where the “weekend” can start as early as Tuesday, much like in NYC these days too), I am going to post accordingly.

2. I’m going to do a feature with pants!

Ok, beyond that, this week’s GDTT remains the same. outfit + mix = happy times

I decided to explore Desigual’s site for some inspiration. The Spanish brand is famous for making paint-splashed, psychedelic-printed pieces, something I’ve seen throughout the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal, I’m looking at you!) all the way to Brazil. Street vendors here sell a ton of dresses with similar prints. Many ateliers are purveyors of patchworked skirts. And the “Calca Saruel” (drop-crotch pants) remains a popular piece here. So I thought in today’s edition of GDTT, I’ve pay an homage to the multinational magic of Iberian mix-match style with a splash of Desigual.

As far as the music goes, I’ve got a live set from Mercury, one of the best house DJs in the game, during a gig at one of my favorite clubs in Lisbon, Lux. It’s all come full circle, folks. House music from Switzerland taking place in a club in Portugal which is home to the language of Brazil where a style is circulating quite similar to Desigual, a clothing store from Spain. The world is a very small place. I hope you have a chance to skip (or dance!) around it now as you Get Dressed To This:

Mercury – Mix for Lux (Lisboa)

click to stream / download (right click + save as)

Sament Dress, Desigual, £79.00 GBP

back / front


Riplay Women’s Mica-05 Wedge Sandal (in hot pink, listed as “red”), Endless.com, $67.99 USD


Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s 625140/12 Flat (in green), Endless, $140 USD


vintage white leather clutch, Etsy, $16 USD


Polished Planes Earrings (in blue), Anthropologie, $32


Empire Top, Desigual, £53.10


black woven tulip faux leather waistband detail pants, Mark & James by Badgley Mischka, Bluefly, $79.99 USD


A Wear Skinny Jean (in cobalt blue), ASOS, $58 USD



Melissa Platform Sandal, YOOX, $69 USD


 Day and Nightlife Flat (in yellow), ModCloth, $29.99 USD

– Retail DJ


Retail DJ April 2011 Podcast!

8 Apr


(photo courtesy of Pitulineta)

Over the past few months, as many of you may know, I’ve been doing quite a bit in terms of my personal life. Beyond the family and romance bit, there have been some changes in terms of work (I went in full-time on Retail DJ) and my academic career (I applied to grad school). The results were all positive, with the exception of the tough part that came at the end: deciding to whom I would say “yes.” After lots of careful thought, university visits, budgeting, planning, and nights spent with my eyes glued to mindmaps and pro/con lists on neon paper squares, I made the decision to stay in NYC for grad school.

However, during that process, particularly in the last month, I had been playing around on the mixer and using my mood to dictate what went into this podcast. I really wanted the songs to speak to each other – literally and figuratively – as they came together in the mix. Take, for example, the transition from a Sissy Knobby track to Mike Q’s “Ha Dub” rework. Considering Sissy Knobby’s transgressive performance of gender as a part of the now well-documented “sissy bounce” movement in New Orleans and DJ Mike Q’s presence within the NYC and NJ gay ballroom scene, there is no doubt that the two pieces fit, both thematically and musically. Then there’s “What I Need” by Curses! speaking directly to Hot Chip’s chanting on Jesse Rose’s “Forget My Name.” I let the songs talk to each other in a sense. It’s something that I truly enjoy when putting together these podcasts. Though a stressful and time-consuming process, I find that I learn a lot about the way music works and the power of even the simplest beats and lyrics.

Just a production note: this podcast was put together using my Vestax mixer with Serato and Itch, with final editing (i.e. voiceovers) done in Garage Band on my MacBook Pro.

click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download

or download here: Retail DJ April 2011 Podcast (right click + save as)


sebastiAn – embody
kraak & smaak – thinking back
ttc – telephone
djuma soundsystem – junkies vs. rain (djuma bootleg)
kraak & smaak – plastic people
tony senghore – if you came here (shir khan remix)
jesse rose (feat hot chip) – forget my name
curses! – what i need
ka§par – so right
sissy knobby – lay me down (renaissance man remix)
dj mike q – the ha dub rewerk’d
savage skulls (feat tony senghore and sprinkle juice) – watching you (dub version)
mstrkrft – paris
savage skulls – caravan (jacques greene remix)
voices of life (feat sharon pass) – word is love (mercury edit)
database – your heart
todd edwards – come around
makam – you might lose it (kerri chandler kaoz 623 remix)
homework – hudson square


– Retail DJ

Get Dressed To This: Babydoll

23 Oct

The decades of the 20th century always find their way back to our closets. They sneak in via shoulder pads, wacky neon prints, lipstick colors, and heel heights, but a few of them have nothing to hide and brazenly broadcast their presence with the help of simplicity. Certain styles are basic enough to stick around with the help of seasonal or trend-based updates (like a sleeve alteration or a new pattern). One of them is the babydoll dress.

Though we’ve seen it in several different incarnations, the basics are simple: falls mid-thigh, has short sleeves, is tighter around the bust and/or has an empire waist, and has delicate, “feminine” details. Though this dress style was all the rage in the 1960s and 1990s, it has come back full-force in the 2nd decade of the 2000s. Fortunately, we don’t always interpret things as literally anymore, so the exaggerated cut and styling for this type of dress has ceased, and subtlety reigns supreme.

For this Get Dressed to This, I wanted to focus on the lighter side of fall fashion with an homage to the dress that never dies: the babydoll. The music is by the Round Table Knights, and as per usual, it’s a luscious, deep house mix that starts off slow and increases in intensity with each minute it plays. With tracks by Homework, Jesse Rose, Justin Martin, and more! Enjoy:

The Music

Round Table Knights – Autumn Mix 2010

(click to play; right click + save target as to download)

tracklist (below) after the jump

The Outfit

1. Beans on Toast, Irregular Choice, $150 USD

2. Chocolate Brown and Tan Mini Dress with Lace Bust and Bow, patriciavalery store on Etsy, $49 USD

3. Transparenze Dora Wool Rib Over Knee Socks, MyTights.com, $14 USD

4. Cassonade Coat, Anthropologie, $198 USD

click below for the tracklist!

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Retail DJ February Podcast

5 Jul

Linked to the Retail DJ February Tracklist: a Tale of Two Hearts, this podcast weaves a story of both heartbreak and love. As per usual, it’s a mix of genres (soul, funk carioca, disco, garage, techno, house, hip hop, alt rock . . . ), and at an hour and a half long, gives you enough tunes to get dressed to, party to, or listen to during your commute. Enjoy:

Retail DJ February Podcast

Retail DJ February Podcast by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


J*Davey – Dirty Love
Bill Withers – Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco
NSR – Better With You
Soul Clap – Kissing Game
Ralphi Rosario & Xavia Gold – You Used To Hold Me (Kenny “Jammin”Jason Mix, Mercury Edit)
Munk – Boy & Girl
Jesse Rose – Morning Would
Le Le – Breakfast
La Roux – Colourless Colour
Gaiola Das Popozudas – Solteira
Erik Hassle – Hurtful (Penguin Prison Remix)
O’Spada – Ten Strikes (Krazy Fiesta Version)
Simon & Bolivar – And I Know
Bob Sinclar – Do It
Coco Suma – Innerlude
Wiley feat. Emeli Sandé – NBYW (Solo (UK) “Loves Garage” Remix)
J Dilla – Circus (Cover by Brabe)
Metronomy – Heartbreaker
Florence And The Machine – You Got The Love (The XX Remix)

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ January Podcast

29 Jun

The first of a much bigger set, this Retail DJ January Podcast pulls from the original January tracklist and is full of house, breaks, electropop, and even a little rock. Enjoy!

Retail DJ January Podcast

click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download


Retail DJ – Introduction
Azari & III – Hungry for the Power
Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix feat. Au Revoir Simone)
Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing (Monarchy Remix)
Calvin Harris – Love for You
Private – My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix)
Cajmere (feat. Dajae) – Brighter Days (Mercury Edit)
Scott Cooper (w/ Edu K feat. Leila) – Crank It
Libby of Lazerbitch (feat. Claire Hux) – Music You (Original Mix)
Primary 1 & Riton – Radiates
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Starsmith Remix (feat. Ellie Goulding)
VEGA – Well Known Pleasures (Original Mix)
Voices of Life (feat. Sharon Pass) – Word Is Love (Mercury Edit)
The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)
The XX – Basic Space

For your reference:

Retail DJ Soundcloud Page

Retail DJ Podcast Page

Original Retail DJ January Tracklist Post

Retail DJ February Tracklist: A Tale of Two Hearts

3 Feb

February is a month of many events: President’s Day, Black History Month, Leap Year, Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, sometimes Carnaval/Mardi Gras, and many more. But what I think of most when I think of February is Valentine’s Day. It’s a time of love, fake sentiments as expressed in hues of pink and red, sincerity, disappointment, expectations, and emotional bankruptcy. It’s a busy month for the brain, but especially for the heart. In respecting our country’s tradition of reminding us to honor the ones we love and to be jealous when the vase of flowers doesn’t end up on our desks, I thought I’d follow suit with a more realistic take on Valentine’s Day. This month’s Retail DJ Tracklist is a Tale of Two Hearts–one filled, one broken–both danceable. This active list* will be available until the end of February only. Enjoy it while you will can (much like fleeting love . . . ):

Heart #1: All Is Full of Love

the come-ons. the sex.  the dating.  the love.

1. LeLe – Breakfast

 retail dj february tracklist – heart no.1 – track no. 1 by RetailDJ

2. Bob Sinclar – Do It
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 2 by RetailDJ

3. Soul Clap – Kissing Game
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 3 by RetailDJ

4. Seu Jorge – Carolina (quick translation: Carolina is an awesome woman he can’t get enough of)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 4 by RetailDJ

5. Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 5 by RetailDJ

6. NSR – Better With You
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 6 by RetailDJ

7. Slope – Want Choo Longer
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 7 by RetailDJ

8. C.L. Smooth – It’s a Love Thing
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 8 by RetailDJ

9. Coco Suma – Innerlude
retail dj january tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 9 by RetailDJ

10. J*Davey – Dirty Love
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 10 by RetailDJ

11. Colin Dale – Gardens
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 11 by RetailDJ

12. Cassius – Feeling for You
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 12 by RetailDJ

13. Jesse Rose – Morning Would (yes, that’s how he spelled it)
retail dj january tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 13 by RetailDJ

14. Que – Let’s Go to My Place
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 14 by RetailDJ

15. Florence & the Machine – You Got the Love (The XX Remix)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 1 – track no. 15 by RetailDJ


Heart #2: Did Me Dirty

the rejection. the cheating. the breakups. the end.

1. Metronomy – Heartbreaker
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 1 by retaildj2

2. Wiley ft. Emeli Sande – Never Be Your Woman (UK ‘Loves Garage’ Remix)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 2 by retaildj2

3. Bill Withers – Who Is He? (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 3 by retaildj2

4. Simon & Bolivar – And I Know
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 4 by retaildj2

5. Erik Hassle – Hurtful (Penguin Prison Remix)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 5 by retaildj2

6. Gaiola Das Popozudas – Solteira (quick translation of the song: I’m single now, so you can’t stop me. I’m going to put on my mini-skirt, go to the club, and get wild)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 6 by retaildj2

7. Munk – Boy & Girl
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 7 by retaildj2

8. Basement Jaxx – Broken Dreams
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 8 by retaildj2

9. J Dilla – Circus (cover by Brabe)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 9 by retaildj2

10. La Roux – Colorless Colour
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 10 by retaildj2

11. Drake – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 11 by retaildj2

12. O’Spada – Ten Strikes (Krazy Fiesta Version)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 12 by retaildj2

13. Ralphi Rosario & Xavia Gold – You Used to Hold Me (Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason Mix) (Mercury Edit)
retail dj february tracklist – heart no. 2 – track no. 13 by retaildj2

– Retail DJ

Come into My House

9 Jan

I feature a variety of music on this site, though you may have noticed by now that the bulk of it is electronica. Why? Because it’s made for dancing, for activity, for catalyzing the tiniest  hint of sluggishness into a hyperactive frenzy. Think about it: we often spend our weekdays stuck on repeat, our daily record scratching our lives into a bored oblivion. But music is there to get us back on track, to propel us into some other mental space that we never thought about reaching as we spent time at our desk, hours waiting in line, still moments as the light at the end of that long, dark, rat-infested tunnel shines onto the concave tiled walls in anticipation of our respective commutes home. You see, it’s music that interrupts all that and keeps repetition from killing us when it so desperately wants to.

When I came home this morning, a time when I typically would fall onto the bed, exhausted, only to wake up with eyeliner and lipstick smeared across the pillowcase the next day, I came across a mix I had seen floating around on the blogs for a bit, had downloaded, but to which I had yet to listen. It had gotten lost in the shuffle, literally, as I sometimes add new tracks so quickly that I don’t have time to listen to them before I have already added hundreds more to my list. Then I ended up moving onto yet another to which I had also given a nod, but nary a listen. Let’s just say that my Saturday began more like a Sunday in a Southern church than an early morning/late night spent practically comatose in bed. With music as my aide, I decided to head for the kitchen instead of the bedroom.

As I waited for the water to boil inside the kettle, which I needed to fill the French press and thus satiate my need for hazelnut-infused caffeine, the music that came on was enough to make me reflect, to dance, to cry, all in a short time. Despite the freezing cold that beckoned from the frosted windows, my soul was warmed. I had let House into my heart, and now I want to make mi casa yours. Enjoy:

Mix 1: House

They Used to Sing On House Music DJ Mix (DL) by Mercury


1. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts 5
2. G Flame – V Dance
3. Classic Man – Keepin On
4. Mood II Swing – Closer
5. Tony Lionni – Found A Place
6. Cajmere feat. Dajae – Brighter Days(Mercury Edit)
7. Erick Morillo – Dancin
8. LeLe – Discomonster(Tom Trago Edit)
9. DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central part 1(Deep Into The Bowel Of House)
10. Steed Lord – It’s What U Do 2 Me(Mercury’s Instrumental Remix)
11. Jerome Sydenham – Jango 01(Mercury Edit)
12. Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me (Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason Mix)(Mercury Edit)

Mix 2: House + UK Garage + Niche

Fact Mix 112 – Deadboy (Jan ’10) (DL)

1. Three Chairs – No Drum Machine Pt.2 (three chairs)
2. Deadboy – Brock Lee Riddim (Well Rounded)
3. Deadboy – Heartbreaker (Well Rounded)
4. Theo Parrish – Soul Control (Sound Signature)
5. Martyn – For Lost Relatives (Aus Music)
6. Julio Bashmore – Footsteppin (unreleased)
7. Scott Garcia – It’s a London Thing (Underground Connection)
8. Deadboy – Lingua (unreleased)
9. El-B – Assassin (Ghost)
10. Cassie – Official Girl (deadboy unofficial girl remix)
11. Smokin’ Beats – Dreams (Smokin Beats)
12. Joy Orbison – J.Doe (forthcoming DLDRMS)
13. D-Malice – My Joy refix (white)
14. Deadboy – U Cheated (Well Rounded)
15. Burgaboy – You and Me (Strickly Bangorz)
16. Deadboy – If U Want Me (forthcoming Numbers)


– Retail DJ 

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