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Rubber Rip-offs: Designer Labels Selling Melissa Knock-offs!

11 Jul

A few days ago, I was checking out several clothing sites when I took a double take on the shoe page. I saw soooo many shoes that looked awfully familiar, but with slight modifications. I realized quite quickly that these pieces were Melissa knock-offs, though ironically (in some cases) with higher price tags than those of the famous Brazilian brand. What’s more shocking is that I found some of these fakes on the sites of major labels. I’m accustomed to companies like Forever 21 copying brands for their lines, but high-end retail brands? Not so much. The question remains whether or not it’s flattery or the worst case of fakery. Only the courts will tell.

the real deal:

Melissa “Harmonic” Sandal ($25 – 50 USD)

Melissa “Bow” Sandal ($25-50 USD)

the fakes:

Valentino (yes, THAT Valentino), $295

Valentino, $102

the real deal:

Melissa Star Sandal (around $50-75)

the fake:

Marc by Marc Jacobs (I love this shoe, but it’s kind of a copycat), $140

the real deal:

Melissa x Alexandre Herchcovitch “Scarfun” Heels ($60-130 USD)

the fakes:

Gucci, $280


the real deal:

Melissa x Jason Wu ($50-100 USD)


Melissa x Vivienne Westwood “Lady Dragon + Bow” (price TBA)

the fakes:

Ted Baker, $69


– Retail DJ



Get Dressed To This: Who Wears the Pants?

10 Jul


Most of the fashion features I have here just-so-happen to included dresses. Maybe it’s because I’m a dress girl? Or maybe it’s simply because on the female form, dresses remain the go-to item for most dance outings. In recognition of my bias, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit this week.

1. I normally post Get Dressed To This pieces as the weekend nears, but considering I am in Rio (where the “weekend” can start as early as Tuesday, much like in NYC these days too), I am going to post accordingly.

2. I’m going to do a feature with pants!

Ok, beyond that, this week’s GDTT remains the same. outfit + mix = happy times

I decided to explore Desigual’s site for some inspiration. The Spanish brand is famous for making paint-splashed, psychedelic-printed pieces, something I’ve seen throughout the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal, I’m looking at you!) all the way to Brazil. Street vendors here sell a ton of dresses with similar prints. Many ateliers are purveyors of patchworked skirts. And the “Calca Saruel” (drop-crotch pants) remains a popular piece here. So I thought in today’s edition of GDTT, I’ve pay an homage to the multinational magic of Iberian mix-match style with a splash of Desigual.

As far as the music goes, I’ve got a live set from Mercury, one of the best house DJs in the game, during a gig at one of my favorite clubs in Lisbon, Lux. It’s all come full circle, folks. House music from Switzerland taking place in a club in Portugal which is home to the language of Brazil where a style is circulating quite similar to Desigual, a clothing store from Spain. The world is a very small place. I hope you have a chance to skip (or dance!) around it now as you Get Dressed To This:

Mercury – Mix for Lux (Lisboa)

click to stream / download (right click + save as)

Sament Dress, Desigual, £79.00 GBP

back / front


Riplay Women’s Mica-05 Wedge Sandal (in hot pink, listed as “red”), Endless.com, $67.99 USD


Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s 625140/12 Flat (in green), Endless, $140 USD


vintage white leather clutch, Etsy, $16 USD


Polished Planes Earrings (in blue), Anthropologie, $32


Empire Top, Desigual, £53.10


black woven tulip faux leather waistband detail pants, Mark & James by Badgley Mischka, Bluefly, $79.99 USD


A Wear Skinny Jean (in cobalt blue), ASOS, $58 USD



Melissa Platform Sandal, YOOX, $69 USD


 Day and Nightlife Flat (in yellow), ModCloth, $29.99 USD

– Retail DJ

Galeria Melissa Hits NYC!

23 Feb

Galeria Melissa SOHO ad campaign

Maybe I was sleeping under a rock, but I somehow missed the Melissa, the Brazilian plastic shoe line with which I can safely say I am fully obsessed, has opened an NYC store! I thought I was seeing things when I noticed the ads for a Galeria Melissa Soho store on the subway platform last night, but indeed, it’s true. The store opened February 8th!

While I’m an avid fan of its Sao Paulo store, I’m excited to see there is one just a stone’s throw away from Brooklyn in downtown Manhattan. Soho has always been the center for flagship stores for innovative clothing and accessory lines, but some of them haven’t fared well. Hopefully Melissa can “bring it,” and weather the storm with the brightness of its quirky rubber/plastic/pvc magic. My suggestion for its survival: frequent sales. As most of you may know, the US prices for Melissa shoes are a bit exorbitant, hence my hoarding pieces I buy at the Sao Paulo store (when I am in Brazil, of course) or via Brazilian friends. I pay up to 70% less when I buy them in the B, so it’s worth it. It’s also nice to get pieces “off-season” because they are usually heavily discounted. Doing that here might be a bit challenging, but I’ll see if I can work my magic.

As promised via the Retail DJ facebook page, here is my write-up on the newest collection: Plastic Paradise

This fall/winter collection (remember, southern hemisphere = opposite seasons) features a contrast of dark colors with lots of shimmer. Unlike previous collections, which relied primarily on texture differences to set itself apart from the summer lines, this fall/winter collection brings on the bling. Lots of pieces include a “basic” shoe and its naughty “glitter” doppelganger. This collection also features plenty of daytime pieces, included the adorable boat shoe “Moon” and the sleek cutout “Jean,” on which the company collaborated with designer Jason Wu to create. The line is fun, yet sophisticated, and overall left me with a ton of favorites. Here are my top picks:

01:45 "Star" (in pink)

I love the clean lines and soft colors this season for “Star,” a modified gladiator sandal perfect for spring and summer.

02:40 "Jean + Jason Wu" (in yellow)

I’m equally enamored with this cut-out skimmer by Jason Wu, which I could imagine contrasting very well on medium to dark skin or even with dark hosiery to help transition the shoe for a fall wardrobe.

03:16 "Mulher Maravilha" ("Wonderwoman") (in blue)

I always coveted the red, pointed-toe version of the Wonderwoman Melissa shoe released a few years back! Now they’ve create a version with a more subtle silhouette at the toe box, this time a slightly rounded point, and produced the piece in darker colors appropriate for fall/winter.

03:57 "Virtue" (in leopard)

A loafer in leopard print? LUV. It’s funky yet work-appropriate. It also comes in brightly colored leopard prints as well (i.e. this shimmery turquoise style). And let’s be honest, an eco-friendly style sure beats the traditional horsehair versions!

04:30 "Moon + Jason Wu" (in green)

Another loafer in bright colors, care of Jason Wu, whose collaborations with the line have breathed new life into more traditional pieces. These work for all ages and are super comfy!

06:20 "Virtue Special" (in gold)

When I saw these, I immediately thought, “If Elton John were a shoe designer…” This super star of a slip-on is truly fun and comes in gold, silver, and many other glitter-laden styles.

05:32 “Ultragirl Glitter” (in pink)

Another glitter fave, this version of Ultragirl pushes the limits and is eerily reminiscent of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. There’s no place like Galeria Melissa!

06:25 "Electric" (in gray)

This flocked heel reminds me of a shoe I wore to a high school dance, only now with a little more edge. This punky yet formal heel encourages even the more subdued of us to find our inner vixen. It’s sexy, no-nonsense.

07:15 :"Celestial" (in yellow)

At first glance, I thought of Rumplestiltskin, who would have rocked these bright mustard heeled oxfords without hesitation. They are quirky, but also work appropriate and come in a variety of colors and textures.

7:51 "Incense Glitter" (in gray)

And last, but not lease, the sweet “Incense” heel in glitter mode. This comfortable heel comes with a rounded toe in the front and a surprise in the back with its double bow accents at the heel. This line comes in plain colors as well, but I have to say the glitter version is my favorite.

If you’re in NYC, check out the Galeria Melissa SOHO: 102 Greene Street, NY, NY

– Retail DJ

The Power of Love

31 Jul

Famed Brazilian jelly-shoe line Melissa has a new collection out for (Brazilian) spring/summer 2012! It’s a light, super-feminine line with lots of pastels, dainty details, and even Disney villainesses. It’s quite a contrast to the fall/winter 2011 collection Time Code, which showed its allegiance to the slick, structured stylings of 80s business attire. The Power of Love collection, much like many fashion items for the American fall/winter season, pays homage to the 60s and 70s with shoes fitting for anyone from flower children to disco divas.

Here’s the video “footbook,” along with a few personal favorites + clothes that fit the bill. For those of you in search of looks for next summer (when they will hit American shores) or vacationing in Brazil in the spring/summer, these looks will certainly offer a little inspiration:

Power of Love Footbook:

My favorites + matching looks: 

look #1


sparkle & fade micro mini skirt, urban outfitters, $34 USD


john & yoko graphic tee, forever 21, $16 USD

look #2


rock star jeggings, old navy, $35 USD


go sweet racer tunic, modcloth, $55 USD


year-round cardigan, eddie bauer, $30 USD

look #3


diane von furstenberg bellancia silk jumpsuit, sakf fifth avenue, $375 USD


cinberblock necklace in silver, kiel mead jewelry, $120 USD

more faves:

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Get Dressed To This: Bruised

14 Apr

More Courtney Love than Retail DJ?

Do you ever come home covered in bruises and have no idea why? I do…

Wait, that sounds kinda bad. I am not in a fight club, nor do I get drunk to the point of passing out or falling down. But sometimes, I come home with all these mysterious purple marks whose respective origins remain unknown. And then it hits me!

It’s the music. Or better, the dancing.

Not that I am an arms-out flailing type of anything, but sometimes, the music is just so good that you dance until it hurts, until you literally hit things and forget that it even happened because the good sounds are so distracting. It’s been quite some time that the music I have heard while out has sent me into such a frenzy, but there are still mixes that come across my “desk” that make it happen. This week, such a mix comes to us by way of Idiotproof, whose latest mix for the Jackmode podcast is so energetic that I can’t help but give it the recognition it deserves. Every.single.track on the mix is hard-hitting and might serve up a post-dance punishment for those of you who get as into the music as I.

But in between all the dancing, hopefully you’ll have some time to get dressed. To go along with the intense music, I’ve decided to put together an outfit that has a hard exterior, but a few whimsical notes to welcome you. A mix of vintage, new, and handcrafted items, this outfit is full of conversation pieces. That is, if you have any time for that between all the moves you’ll be doing.

But enough of me. Time for the music. Press play and take a bit to Get Dressed To This . . .

The Music:

Idiotproof – Jackmode April 2011 Podcast

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist (below) after the jump

The Outfit:

(click the photos for purchasing & additional photos)

1. Smock Dress by In God We Trust, Beacon’s Closet, $35 USD

In God We Trust Dress, Beacons Closet

2. Mr Mustache Ring by AngelInChina, Etsy, $33 USD

Mr. Mustache Ring, Etsy

3. Flick Flack Clutch Bag, Irregular Choice (UK), £ 35 GBP

Flick Flack Clutch, Irregular Choice

5. Roxy Body Harness by SultryAffair, Etsy, $45 USD

Roxy Body Harness, Etsy

6. Patchuli II Wedges, Melissa, R$ 160 BRL

Patchuli II, Melissa Brasil

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Melissa Time Code

10 Feb

"Making" ankle boot from the Melissa Time Code fall/winter collection

The video lookbook for Brazilian shoe company Melissa’s new fall/winter line is out! The look is futuristic, sleek, and sophisticated, as suggested by its name: Time Code. In what seems to be an homage to the powersuit-laden 1980s, the shoes are reminiscent of what we thought the future would look like, with dark hues and slick silhouettes. The collection is a bit like Blade Runner with a little Lady Gaga thrown in for modern measure.

As per usual, all the shoes are made of rubber, plastic, and metal, and retain their patent leather, high-gloss profile. Though as customary of the fall/winter collections (as those are the approaching seasons in Brazil), some of the shoes are made in the “flocada” style or, in other words, given a fuzzy, velvet-like finish.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the video lookbook for this extensive collection for yourself:

– Retail DJ

Her Name Was Rio . . .

31 Aug

There's more to Rio than this

Oh Rio. Most people who visit Brazil flock to this city for its beaches, its iconic architecture (Big Jesus, anyone?), and its mix of nature and modern technology (they’ve got a forest and a subway a few kilometers away from each other).

To me, it’s a bit like one big Brazilian Disneyworld (or Universal Studios around the more rough, favela-accented parts), but it definitely has its less kitschy, more hidden treasures as well. One of them happens to be what Wallpaper Magazine considers one of the MUST SEE spots in Brazil: Muggia.

I wrote about Muggia about little over a year ago after having bought one of their bags in Sao Paulo (they sell their wares in boutiques and stores throughout Brazil and Europe) at the Galeria Melissa (the Clockwork Orange meets Star Trek-esque hub for all things related to Melissa shoes) on Oscar Freire in Sao Paulo. It was love at first sight, and I knew I’d have to hunt them down if I ever happened to be in Rio.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to pay the atelier a visit last week . . .

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