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Gratuitous Dance Mix – Claude Von Stroke

16 Feb

Claude Von Stroke

Sometimes I like to post a mix just because. There is no specific subject matter or motivation behind it beyond that I feel like it. I came across this gem by Claude Von Stroke via facebook and spent my Saturday and Sunday cleaning the house to it (though doing little cleaning because I was dancing so much).

This mix, which he did for Mix Mag, is frenetic and jumpy, but has its deeper, almost house-y, moments as well. My advice: listen to the mix in full, then make your judgment. As with most Claude von Stroke pieces, you have to ease into it, but you won’t be disappointed. It will grow on you fast. Enjoy:

Claude Von Stroke – BLOC Mix for Mix Mag

(click to play)

tracklist after the jump

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Special Event: EZRAKH @ House of Yes

23 Jun

I saw EZRAKH perform at House of Yes recently, and homeboy “tore it up,”‘ are we say in the South. He’ll be back again this Friday to DJ for the (Un)official Afro-Punk Fest Kick-off Party. King’s County, Moruf “Moo,” and DJ Chuck will also be performing, so if you’re in Brooklyn or just feel like taking a trip down to Bushwick to dance your ass off, get ‘er done! I can attest that a House of Yes party with EZRAKH at the musical helm is one you will wake up sore from the next day. The party is raw, the beats are contagious, and the vibe is friendly, open, and energetic.

Here’s a little reminder of his skills to get you excited. I recommend you download it considering that EZRAKH is so prolific that before you can download your favorite mix, a new one will be up in its place!)

EZRAKH – Weekend Warm Up, Volume 3

Weekend Warm^Up Volume 3 by ezrakh

 (click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

As per usual, tracklist after the jump

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Get Ready With Shomi Noise – The Mix

19 Jun

When Shomi Noise sent me her mix, the first thing I thought was, “I know I am going to love this.” With a tracklist that includes everything from Designer Drugs and South Rakkas Crew to Khia and Estelle, this mix was something to look forward to.

Luckily, my instincts didn’t fail me.  The Get Ready With Shomi Noise  mix is fantastic, and definitely made with the listener in mind. Having included many of her favorite tracks, Shomi Noise created a set that really does work to motivate you as you get ready to go out. The mix is high impact from the start, even though the songs get faster and more intense as the mix goes along. And with a closing track by Brazil’s MC Gi, which still manages to give me chills, this mix comes right in time for tomorrow’s World Cup game between Ivory Coast and my team of choice, Brazil.

I’m super excited to present this mix, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Retail DJ Presents . . . Get Ready With Shomi Noise – The Mix

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Shomi Noise – The Mix by Shomi Noise

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


1. Tuya Soy – Ivy Queen 
2. Kuff Cumbia – Sabo & Cassady 
3. Reunited – Fan Death 
4. Rude Baptism (Rihanna vs Crystal Castles) – The Hood Internet 
5. Push The Feeling On – Nightcrawlers 
6. We No Speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP 
7. Jabajaws – Sekta Ft. Spoek Mathambo 
8. Baby Baby Baby (Designer Drugs Remix) – Make The Girl Dance 
9. When You Hear The Bassline (Dance Area Remix) feat. Miss Thing – Major Lazer 
10. I Think I Like It – Fake Blood 
11. Freak (feat. Kardinal Official) – Estelle 
12. High Top Fade – Oh Snap!! 
13. Ready For My Neck, My Back – The White Panda 
14. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – K.I.G. 
15. Restless – Buraka Som Sistema 
16. Wine – So Shifty Feat. Ward 21 
17. Hands Up (remix) – South Rakkas Crew feat. MC Gi & Mr Dockery
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Retail DJ May Tracklist: Lost

29 May

Lost, the infamously puzzling, cryptic, and overly dramatic television (that I admit to have loved) is over. What I will do in the meantime to seek complete, televised fulfillment, I am not sure, but I know that music always makes everything better. That’s why this tracklist, Retail DJ’s 5th, has all to do with Lost.

See the tracklist below and follow along! Also, just as an FYI, if you download all of these, set the crossfader on your iTunes to 7 to 8 seconds, and play them in order, it all flows pretty well. As per usual, click to play, click the small arrow to download. Enjoy!

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La Roux Gets a Major Lazer Makeover

26 May

I am not a huge fan of dancehall or even reggae (in its present form), but this new mixtape by Major Lazer (one half Diplo, one half Switch) might have converted me. Much like Diplo’s underground mixtape of MIA’s first album (known as “Piracy Funds Terrorism”), this La Roux refix is pretty solid in terms of both its uniqueness and overall danceability.

Some of my favorite tracks on this mashup mixtape, which fittingly titled “Lazerproof” (a mix of Major Lazer and Bulletproof), tend to be of the hip hop/dance variety, but the whole work is really a musical masterpiece in its own right. Perfect for the summer houseparty or even a day at the beach, this mixtape couldn’t have come at a better time considering it’s in the 90s in NYC today. Have a listen, and be sure to grab the whole mixtape here.

“I’m Not Your Lemonade”

I’m Not Your Lemonade + Heroes n Villans Remix (Major Lazor, La Roux ft. Gucci Mane)

“Independent Kill”

Independent Kill (Major Lazer, La Roux ft. Candi Redd)

– Retail DJ

Funk on a Friday: Leo Justi

30 Apr

A few days ago, I received an email from a super nice Rio-based producer named Leo Justi. Somehow, he’d caught wind of Retail DJ and decided to send me some tracks that were laced with a sound I know very well and love very much: funk carioca. Leo had remixed the MC Miltinho track “Kid Conga” to take it to a whole new level of funkyness, and I’ve got to give him props. I LOVE it, and I hope you do as well. Happy Friday!

MC Miltinho – Kid Conga (Leo Justi Remix)

Mc Miltinho – Kid Conga (Leo Justi Remix) by Leo Justi

On top of that, Leo has given a new face to a track that I am straight up sick of. He manages to replace the bored look on my face with a smile via his remix of Major Lazer’s “Pon the Floor.” I think his mix brings out something in the track that was missing in the first place.

Major Lazer – Pon de Floor (Leo Justi Refix)
Major Lazer – Pon de Floor (Leo Justi Refix) (2009) by Leo Justi

For more on Leo Justi, check out his Soundcloud page. It’s chock full of delicious, dance-y sounds!

– Retail DJ

DJ Lady Lane Re-work of Major Lazer’s “Hold the Line”

3 Feb

diplo + switch = major lazer

Here’s DJ Lady Lane’s take on Major Lazer’s “Hold Line”:

via A DJ Lady Lane…..Remix aka The Love Child: LadyLazer (Major Lazer & DJ Lady Lane)

Be on the lookout for some fun new effects in this dacefloor banger!

You can subscribe to DJ Lady Lane’s podcast via itunes.

Also, stay posted for her Exclusive Mix for Retail DJ!

– Retail DJ

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