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Video: Round Table Knights feat. Ogris Debris – Say What?!

30 Dec

The Round Table Knights have a new track out and a video to match. I’ve heard it in a few mixes, but it’s nice to see/hear it on its own. It stands alone quite well, though considering it’s on Made to Play, that’s no surprise. Enjoy:

get the track on Beatport: http://bit.ly/f9snrK

via Homework, facebook page


Funk on a Friday: Extra Credit

24 Sep

I often find myself thinking that music is coming to a standstill. After listening to hundreds of tracks and mixes on a weekly basis, things begin to sound the same, creating a sonic plateau of bleeps, buzzes, and bass-heavy repetition. It seems like electronic music hits a wall here and there, each DJ or producer simply parroting one another, either due to lack of originality or an inaccurate interpretation of mimicry as inspiration. But from the depths monotony, a few DJs truly provide a beacon of hope.

One such example is DJ duo Homework, whose work I’ve lauded here on the site before, but whose consistently excellent mixes will continue to earn them continued praise. In their latest mix for the Made to Play Podcast, there is not a single dull moment. This time around, the boys of Homework devote their energy to old school soul, funk, house, and an overall slick set of beats that work for just about any act taking place on a weekend night, particularly Friday.

In some ways, Friday has become a bit like a Monday for me in terms of energy levels with all the week-day dancing. This mix is certainly a pick-me-up, providing the perfect amount of motivation to push me through all the steps needed to make Friday night solid. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do (I use present tense as I am literally enjoying it for the 6th time today, if that’s any testament to its excellence). Cheers for an A+ well earned.

Homework – Made to Play Podcast No. 011

(click to play; right click + save target as to download)


– Retail DJ

I <3 Mondays: Getting Over the Hump

1 Sep

Feeling a little lost . . .

It’s “hump day,” though technically this Wednesday is my Thursday. I landed on Monday, slept all day. Accidentally woke up at 5 am (unknowingly…long story related to changing time zones blah blah blah) and ended up 2 hours early on my first day back at work (see above). Found myself more adjusted today (kind of), though I STILL had forgotten to set my alarm clock to NYC time and woke up earlier than I intended.

What did I learn? That none of this matters. I will have Friday and Monday off in observance of Labor Day, so today is more like the “Thursday” of my already 3-day week. Thank goodness for that because otherwise, I might have somehow found myself lost in time (or worse) as my brain and body adjust to the reality that is NYC.

I admit that it’s odd being back. There is something about Brazil that makes me feel that I have been there forever, even when I have been there for only a small time. I constantly experience deja vu while there, and find myself maladjusted once I return to NYC. Some joke that I might have been Brazilian in a past life, and that this might be the source of my sense of displacement whenever I return, but who knows. I can’t overthink this. I have to live through it instead, with my time in NYC serving as a bookend for all the living I get to do in Brazil in between.

But for living in the now, I prefer music to help me get through it. And on this day of in between existence, the marker of life and work between one Saturday and the next, the bit of music that helped me rise and shine and get through the slowest passing hours on the planet came by way of Renaissance Man, whose latest Made to Play Podcast was the first to download on my iTunes when I returned to NYC and restarted my work computer. It was a warm welcome back to a place that despite the hot weather seemed oh so cold, and the one thing that kept me from regretting my first step off the plane onto (northeastern) US soil.

Take some time to listen to this one more than once. Its subtle shifts from house to juke to pop won’t throw you off in the slightest; in fact, they will make you want to come back for another taste.

Renaissance Man – Made to Play Podcast 010

(click to play ; right click + save target as to download)

If you haven’t already subscribed to the Made to Play Podcast, do it now. Its a constant source of musical goodness for me, and it comes highly recommended from many a blogger, music afficionado, DJ, etc etc 🙂

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ March Tracklist: The Ides Have It

22 Mar

We all know that the 15th of March didn’t bode too well for ancient Roman leader Julius Caesar, but I figured I’d give 3/15 a new spin and maybe a little more luck.

For this month’s Retail DJ Tracklist, I’ve decided to give you 15 tracks, each with a different sound, but that somehow come together nicely. Tracks range from a little old school hip hop and experimental house to ghetto-tech and Italo-German dance rock. The tracks will be available for download until April 22nd, so get to downloading now! Enjoy this set, and continue to have a happy March!

(click to play, click the small arrow on the right to download)

1. Jackson and His Computer Band – Moon Kick

2. Emynd – What About Tomorrow?

3. Webqueawry – Searching

4. High Powered Boys (AKA French DJs Bobmo and Surkin) – Hoes Get Down

5. Edu K ft. Marina – Me Bota Pra Dancar

6. Justin Faust – Holdin’ On (Moulinex Remix)

7. Jackson and His Computer Band – Make It Happen

8. Nas – The World Is Yours

9. Jinder – Youth Blood

10. Trippple Nippples – PPP (Rio Lobotomy “Inverted Amazon” Remix)

11. Yelle – Tristess/Joie (Rolf Honey Remix)

12. Idiotproof – Ray Banned

13. Munk – Kick Out the Chairs

14. Flairs – Radio (Jamaica Remix)

15. Lo-Fi-Fink – Want U

Retail DJ

Riva Starr Made Me Do It

8 Feb


This new Essential Mix by Riva Starr is so amazing I could not wait until Thursday or Friday to post it. Filled with serious dance-til-you-hurt tracks, this is one of the best Essential Mixes to date (and I have heard a lot of them). Big up to Radio One for making the intelligent decision to ask this master mixologist from Naples (and by way of the always awesome Made to Play crew) to stop by. This mix just about made me go up to the roof and start dancing in the freezing cold . . . but I refrained because. . . I am accident prone and didn’t want to fall or anything 🙂

Anyway, I can’t be held responsible for anything this mix may make you do. Just be warned– it will make you drunk with happiness and joy, and possibly insanity if you are listening to it at work or in an environment where you can’t jump onto your desk and dance. Save it until Friday if you absolutely must, but I say take the risk and just say, “Riva Starr made me do it!”

Riva starr – essential mix-sat-02-06-2010-www.rivastarr.com by Rivastarr

– Retail DJ

I <3 Mondays: Get Your $'s Worth

10 Jan

It’s been a busy weekend. I came back from Memphis, met up with some old friends, was introduced to some new ones, interviewed a dj, met an mc, and went into scheduling overdrive for some upcoming “Get Ready With __?__” posts. Overall, it was a productive couple of days. But now as the sun has officially set on the two days that keep most of us from going nuts during the week, it’s time to start all over again.

Yes, in a few hours, it will be Monday. Considering one of my sole responsibilities here at Retail DJ is to provide music to get you amped about, well, everything, I didn’t want to let you down. This week’s I ❤ Mondays mix comes straight from Britain by way of Berlin in the likes of a ginger decks fiend named Oliver $ (pronounced “Oliver Dollar,” though for the longest, I was calling him “Oliver Money,” because that sounds gangsta too). I found out about him a while back and finally had the opportunity to see him spin when the Made to Play crew + DJ Gina Turner rolled into town on December 8th, dropping some killer mixes and a whole lot of energy at Love in the East Village.

The mix I have featured for today’s post is Mr. $’s Fabric promo mix. It opens hard with a track that will most certainly wake you up (and quite possibly make you belligerent) called “Bitch Fight” and smooths into lighter beats like old school  house track “The Answer.”

All in all, this mix will make your Monday start off on a happy foot, or at least one that’s tapping a litle on your commute to work.

Oliver $ – Introduce Yourself (Fabric Promo Mix)
Oliver $ – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix by fabric



  1. Trevor Loveys & AY ft. Spoek – Bitch Fight (MTP Remix)
  2. Benga & Coki – Night (Geeneus Remix)
  3. Ying Yang Twins Vs. Shlomi Amber & Kenny Larkin – Whispering Sketches (Oliver $ Edit)
  4. Riva Starr – Black Cat, White Cat
  5. Genetic & Gio Martinez – Rempejack (Oliver $ Remix)
  6. Poligono – Changes
  7. Manolo – The Answer (Gipsy Kink Remix)
  8. Deetron – Orange
  9. Markus Homm, MP & JB – Bis Co
  10. Unknown Bootleg
  11. Sick Jargon – Go Hump (Daniel Carro Remix) Edit
  12. Daniel Haaksman – Deixa Tocar (Consistent Remix)
  13. Zed Bias – Bareknuckle

– Retail DJ

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