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Get Ready With Amylulita – The Mix

21 Jul

Much like Amylulita’s wardrobe, her “Me Talk Pretty” Retail DJ Mix to get ready to is loaded with special finds. While I never imagined that Edith Piaf could be dance-worthy, or that I would hear “Sweet Dreams” properly played in a mix, somehow Amylulita makes it happen. Her eclectic music taste and propensity for fun shine through in this half hour mix, which is perfect for getting primped for a long night of fun.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Retail DJ Presents . . . Get Ready With Amylulita

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Amylulita by RetailDJ


1. Edith Piaf Dance Remix
2. Caravan Palace – We Can Dance
3. Ebony Bones – We Know All About You
4. Kudu – Bar Star
5. Yello – Oh Yeah! (Dance Mix)
6. Eurythimics – Sweet Dreams
7. Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby
8. Annie – Two of Hearts (Skatebard Mix)
9. Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror (Das Glow “In The Filter” Remix)
10. Marina and the Diamonds – Oh No! (Grum Remix)
11. Ida Maria – I like you so much better when you’re naked (The Lowbrows Remix)
12. La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Data Remix)
13. Marla – LIpstick for the Vampires (Prince Vince Remix)

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Get Ready With DJ Tanner – The Mix

20 Jul

Think back about 25 years and imagine what you might have been (or were) listening to on your walkman or your home stereo. Then throw in some dancerock from the present and a little electronic pop to finish it off. Now press play and hear it articulated in DJ Tanner’s active tracklist.

DJ Tanner compiled two sets of mixes, one of them for calming down, the other for revving up. First on deck is the “fast” mix, which will most definitely compel you to tap a foot or two as you put together your best outfit for going out this week or the next. With a diverse set of tracks raning from Tiga and La Roux to Kelis and The Human League, this Get Ready With DJ Tanner (Fast) Mix is sure to keep you entertained from when you hop into the shower all the way to the doorstep of that underground party you’ve been dying to check out!

Retail DJ Presents . . . Get Ready With DJ Tanner (Fast) Mix

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With DJ Tanner (Fast) by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


  1. The B-52s – Legal Tender
  2. Ignatius Jones – Like a Ghost
  3. Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice (1981 Re-Edit)
  4. The Glimmers – Esta Si, Esta No (Asi Me Gusta A Mi)
  5. Tiga and Zyntherius – Sunglasses at Night (Popof Remix)
  6. Kate Bush – DJTwill
  7. La Roux – Bulletproof (Redial Remix)
  8. Kelis – Acapella
  9. The Cure – Lovesong (Diplo Remix, Lulu Rouge Edit)
  10. The Human League – Don’t You Want Me (Morsy Mix)
  11. Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy
  12. Stacey Q – Two of Hearts
  13. A Certain Ratio – Lucinda
  14. The Slits – I Heard It Through the Grapevine
  15. Isolee – Jelly Baby/Fish

Speaking of underground parties, next weekend, you’ll have one of your own to stop by. DJ Tanner is throwing another Rumours party on Saturday, July 31st, and you’re invited. There will be more info on Retail DJ soon, but in the meantime, check out the facebook page and RSVP to get your dance on!

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ February Podcast

5 Jul

Linked to the Retail DJ February Tracklist: a Tale of Two Hearts, this podcast weaves a story of both heartbreak and love. As per usual, it’s a mix of genres (soul, funk carioca, disco, garage, techno, house, hip hop, alt rock . . . ), and at an hour and a half long, gives you enough tunes to get dressed to, party to, or listen to during your commute. Enjoy:

Retail DJ February Podcast

Retail DJ February Podcast by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


J*Davey – Dirty Love
Bill Withers – Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco
NSR – Better With You
Soul Clap – Kissing Game
Ralphi Rosario & Xavia Gold – You Used To Hold Me (Kenny “Jammin”Jason Mix, Mercury Edit)
Munk – Boy & Girl
Jesse Rose – Morning Would
Le Le – Breakfast
La Roux – Colourless Colour
Gaiola Das Popozudas – Solteira
Erik Hassle – Hurtful (Penguin Prison Remix)
O’Spada – Ten Strikes (Krazy Fiesta Version)
Simon & Bolivar – And I Know
Bob Sinclar – Do It
Coco Suma – Innerlude
Wiley feat. Emeli Sandé – NBYW (Solo (UK) “Loves Garage” Remix)
J Dilla – Circus (Cover by Brabe)
Metronomy – Heartbreaker
Florence And The Machine – You Got The Love (The XX Remix)

– Retail DJ

Special Event: EZRAKH @ House of Yes

23 Jun

I saw EZRAKH perform at House of Yes recently, and homeboy “tore it up,”‘ are we say in the South. He’ll be back again this Friday to DJ for the (Un)official Afro-Punk Fest Kick-off Party. King’s County, Moruf “Moo,” and DJ Chuck will also be performing, so if you’re in Brooklyn or just feel like taking a trip down to Bushwick to dance your ass off, get ‘er done! I can attest that a House of Yes party with EZRAKH at the musical helm is one you will wake up sore from the next day. The party is raw, the beats are contagious, and the vibe is friendly, open, and energetic.

Here’s a little reminder of his skills to get you excited. I recommend you download it considering that EZRAKH is so prolific that before you can download your favorite mix, a new one will be up in its place!)

EZRAKH – Weekend Warm Up, Volume 3

Weekend Warm^Up Volume 3 by ezrakh

 (click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

As per usual, tracklist after the jump

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Retail DJ May Tracklist: Lost

29 May

Lost, the infamously puzzling, cryptic, and overly dramatic television (that I admit to have loved) is over. What I will do in the meantime to seek complete, televised fulfillment, I am not sure, but I know that music always makes everything better. That’s why this tracklist, Retail DJ’s 5th, has all to do with Lost.

See the tracklist below and follow along! Also, just as an FYI, if you download all of these, set the crossfader on your iTunes to 7 to 8 seconds, and play them in order, it all flows pretty well. As per usual, click to play, click the small arrow to download. Enjoy!

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Special Event: Bootie Brooklyn!

28 May

The “Bootie” parties have become a worldwide sensation, and Public Assembly is fortunate enough to be hosting the first ever Bootie Brooklyn! I am super excited about this, mainly because a) I heard about it first through DJ Leo Justi (who will be playing for the Rio branch of the party, Bootie Rio, June 11th), and b) I caught wind of an amazing mix that the Bootie Rio crew posted on their SoundCloud page. I’ve included the tracklist ABOVE the jump this time so readers can get a good sense of all the hard work that goes into putting together a set like this. Beatmatching is one thing, but keymatching, melodymatching, and mixing are quite another.

This mix, which was done by Brazilian DJs André Paste, Leo Justi, Faroff,  Brutal Redneck,, Lucio K and João Brasil, gets to all the fans–from folks who like rock and roll, to rap, to funk carioca, to electronica; there’s something there for any and everyone. I am truly impressed.

BEST OF BOOTIE RIO 1 by bootierio


1 – House of Pain vs Amsterdam Klezmer Band vs Pa Brapad – House of Klezmer (FAROFF)
2 – Get pet – get back beatles vs. é o pet – João Brasil
3 – Missy Elliott ft. Dança do Canguru – Canguru Gossip Folks (remix mashup by Leo Justi)
4 – Daft Punk vs MC Colibri – Colibri around the world (André Paste
5 – Lady Gaga vs Chico Science – Gaga Science (Brutal Redneck)
6 – Beatles vs Amy Winehouse – Come Together good (DJ LK)
7 – Marvin Gaye vs Nirvana – I heard it through the Kurt (Brutal Redneck)
8 – Tira a camisa and clap your hands (André Paste)
9 – Seven Tapinhas (André Paste)
10 – The Beatles vs LCD Soundsystem vs The Kinks – The Brits are playing at my house (FAROFF)
11 – Los Lobos vs Radiohead – Creep Bamba (Brutal Redneck)
12 – Metaleiras da Amazônia vs Nirvana – Lambada Teen Spirit (DJ LK)
13 – Louca por humps – Calypso vs Black Eyed Peas – João Brasil
14 – Tchau toy – João Brasil – La Roux – I’m not your toy X Banda Calypso – Tchau para você – João Brasil
15 – Metallica vs Bob Marley – Sandman Jamming (DJ LK Mashup)
16 – Nirvana vs Dead or Alive – Spins Like Teen Spirit (FAROFF)


Faroff will be here for the Brooklyn edition spinning an ALL-VIDEO mashup (amazing!), so DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Bootie Brooklyn @ Public Assembly, featuring DJs Faroff, DJ Adrian + Mysterious D (aka Plus D) [the latter are the Bootie party founders!]

5/29, Front Room, 10 pm
$5 before 11pm w/RSVP: rsvp@bootienyc.com
$10 after
free Bootie Brooklyn mashup CDs to the first 100 people!

La Roux Gets a Major Lazer Makeover

26 May

I am not a huge fan of dancehall or even reggae (in its present form), but this new mixtape by Major Lazer (one half Diplo, one half Switch) might have converted me. Much like Diplo’s underground mixtape of MIA’s first album (known as “Piracy Funds Terrorism”), this La Roux refix is pretty solid in terms of both its uniqueness and overall danceability.

Some of my favorite tracks on this mashup mixtape, which fittingly titled “Lazerproof” (a mix of Major Lazer and Bulletproof), tend to be of the hip hop/dance variety, but the whole work is really a musical masterpiece in its own right. Perfect for the summer houseparty or even a day at the beach, this mixtape couldn’t have come at a better time considering it’s in the 90s in NYC today. Have a listen, and be sure to grab the whole mixtape here.

“I’m Not Your Lemonade”

I’m Not Your Lemonade + Heroes n Villans Remix (Major Lazor, La Roux ft. Gucci Mane)

“Independent Kill”

Independent Kill (Major Lazer, La Roux ft. Candi Redd)

– Retail DJ

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