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Retail DJ February 2012 Podcast

5 Mar

By the way, I released this a few days ago, before it was March. You’d know that if you were a fan on facebook…just sayin’ ūüėČ I have no comments, really. It’s just a collage of the music I’m into right now. It’s got some new, it’s got some old. It’s good for a variety of moods. I hope you enjoy!

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)


Waifs and Strays – Yeah Yeah (Original Mix)

Joyce Muniz – Back Down

Status IV – You Ain’t Really Down (Jazzanova’s Hey Baby Remix)

La Fleur – Ten Fingers

Joyce Muniz – Erykah

Inxec & Matt Tolfrey – Bring It

Claptone – Cream

Hot Natured – Nino Brown

Tiger & Woods – Dr. Burner (Original)

Michael Jackson – Off the Wall (Only Children Club Edit)

Soundstream – Live Goes On

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Justin Martin Edit)

Cassius – Hey Babe

– Retail DJ


Winter Has Arrived…

21 Jan

La Fleur

Winter has finally arrived…or so Mother Nature informed us today with quite a nice snowfall here in NYC. Many of us stayed inside for the day and had quiet Saturdays, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an equal number of us shuffling in our fuzzy boots from the cabin fever.

As with most early snow days, it’s hard to find the motivation to move, much less actually go out. But that doesn’t mean the party’s over.

Sanna Engdahl, aka La Fleur, the Berlin-based Swedish DJ/producer has brought something to the table that will help keep us more than entertained. Her newest piece “Winter Cabin Mix,” profiles a new updates to her sleek sound. She opens the mix with funkier, R&B-laden sampling tracks and then works her way into the deeper house we all love in her sets. This mix fully embodies winter’s chill with its tone and pace, but it’s sure to warm a place in all of us, starting with the feet.

La Fleur has lots of new developments, so be sure to check out what she’s been up to as of late by following her on soundcloud, facebook, or twitter¬†(Swedish).¬†Also, be on the lookout for her new EP Petals on Fire (Lo:Rise) in February Also, for those of you in Germany, check her out at Panorama Bar in Berlin on the 27th!

La Fleur – Winter Cabin Mix

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via La Fleur

– Retail DJ


Mix On Tap: Coasting

16 Apr

I’ll admit it: every now and then, I get stuck on NYC. Sure, I have days that I hate it, but I also know that I probably would go nuts if I went out west. And YET, I am sure that there are many lovely things about Cali, despite their clubs closing early, and one of them is that the folks out there sure love to drink! Ok, maybe that’s the whole United States, but considering they have so much sun and fruit to their disposal, the weather ¬†at night plus the alcohol must make for a nice combo.

But alcohol also goes quite well with the right music, so there’s no harm in playing the good stuff while you prepare the latter. For this week’s Mix On Tap, I’ve included a smooth mix by Sweden’s La Fleur. It’s entitled the “Planting Seeds Mix,” but it saves as “What French People Play.” This fits in well with what’ll be flowing – none other than vino (What French People Drink?). The drink this week is a “remix” of the classic Sangria, but with a California kick.

Enjoy this Mix On Tap, and have a great night out!

The Mix: 

La Fleur – Planting Seeds Mix

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

The Drink:

California Martini

3 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Red Wine
1 tbsp. Dark Rum
4 dash(es) Orange Bitters

Shake with cracked ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist.
– Retail DJ

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast

17 Mar

For the first time in, well, ever (?), I am putting up the monthly podcast weeks before the last day. That’s cause for celebration. Another aspect of this podcast worthy of a hoorah is the fact that I recorded it all on my new mixer! You see, I previously had the difficult task of manually placing each song next to another, manually attempting to beatmatch when possible, crossfading almost all of the time, from one song to the next. But now, with the help of modern technology, this podcast is going to get increasingly better over time. Note that this recording was made after only one week of playing with the mixer (a Vestax vci-300 mk II + Serato/Itch), so there are a few mistakes. However, I am really proud of this and know that they will only get better with time and additional practice.

This mix includes new (and old) tracks by several of my favorite artists. I wanted to make something relaxing and danceable all at once, so I consulted some of the best, including: Joyce Muniz, Homework, Jesse Rose, and others who bring a guaranteed dance beat with every track they make. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did putting it together!

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast (right click + save as)

nicolas jaar – keep me there (atreides’ ‘swag numero deux’ edit)
homework – hold me tight (original mix)
jesse rose – non-stop
hercules & love affair – my house (original mix)
crookers (ft. roisin murphy) – royal t (house of house remix)
prince club – i know (2011 re-issue mix edit)
pteradactil disco – big ass biscuit (original mix)
round table knights – endless (original mix)
lcmdf – future me (mr. a’s repeat the repeat the repeat mix)
azari & iii – into the night (renaissance man extended mix)
joyce muniz – party over here, party over there
risk sound system – the sound is yours (kerri chandler remix)
round table knights – cat power (extended mix)
idiotproof, renaissance man, payme – moonlighting (original mix)
green velvet – flash (jamie jones remix)
la fleur – racine (original mix)
crookers, kardinal offishall, carla-marie – put your hands on me (jesse rose play prime remix)
detroit grand pubahs – sandwiches (idiotproof mix)
sapabonde – vai nao se esconde (guto de almeida remix)
chaz jankel – get myself together (original mix)

– Retail DJ

What’s Good? Elin Nystr√∂m, Founder of Stylein

29 Sep
Elin Nystrom, Founder of Stylein

Elin Nyström, Founder of Stylein

‚ÄúThe simple things are the hardest to do,‚ÄĚ remarked Stylein founder Elin Nystr√∂m, while sitting gracefully on the concrete platform outside of the Rendez-Vous New York contemporary fashion fair in one of her own designs. It was Wednesday, September 22nd, the last day of the fair, which united dozens of designers, press, and hundreds of buyers from around the world. While the rest of the designers were breaking down their racks and packing up for the night, Elin decided to take a cigarette break with Retail DJ.

With her small cup of celebratory champagne in hand from having made several essential sales, Elin shared her inspiration for the Stylein Spring/Summer 2011 collection, her take on modern yet simple style, and the history behind her line. Clean lines and smooth fabrics are key for Stylein, but Elin warns that ‚Äúsimple‚ÄĚ shouldn‚Äôt be interpreted incorrectly. Simplicity, she notes, is something people need to respect more in fashion, particular in that it provides the wearer with ‚Äúvariety and space to add the styling herself,‚ÄĚ something that‚Äôs missing in so many lines as of late with such inflexible, era-specific trends.

The growth of the line in less than a decade is a testament to the strength of Elin’s vision and Stylein’s versatility over time. Though Elin sells at several boutiques in the US (in NYC, for example, her pieces can be found at Eva NYC, Sweet Orchid, and soon, Oak, among others), Stylein is already a household name in Sweden, particularly Gothenburg, her birthplace and home to the official Stylein concept store. Beyond Sweden and the US, Stylein can be found throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, with continued expansion in the works. Yet despite all this success, Elin remains grounded and a true example for people trying to make a living out of their creative passions. Much like the mantra she reminds her interns to follow, Elin sees the opportunity before she sees the obstacles, and fashion world is much luckier for it.

So press play and take a moment and find out What’s Good? with Elin Nystr√∂m, Founder of Stylein:

What’s Good Retail DJ Interview of Elin Nystr√∂m, Founder of Stylein by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

*music: La Fleur – Plant House Mix

“A¬†big part of styling is what music you present it with. . . Music, art, and fashion are all similar ways of expressing energy. Music is one of the most important elements in life. To present a new collection, we always do it through the catwalk, and a very important angle is how you present it through the music.”

“We tend to have this one side that is very feminine and very sensual . . . and then there is a side that’s…a lot more urban…almost punk rock-ish. They create a beautiful contrast. There could be a harmonized meeting between those two sides.”

“In the beginning, it was very playful; very creative in the way that¬†I was not really thinking about a market at all. . .more inspiration clothes. But nowadays, it’s a line that’s working in the stores.”

“I¬†work a lot with energy and life in general. The energy of Spring/Summer is smooth harmony, and luxury.”

“I never want to present anything that I don’t believe in 100% . . . I only do designs that I would wear myself.”

“I¬†think there is a need to have things that are consistent, not the mass-production, easy buy, fast buy, something you buy and throw it out a couple of weeks later. Some of the us in the business are really seeing the potential of doing clothes that are going to be fashionable and beautiful in 7 years¬† . . designs that are kind of classic.”

“Before,¬†I wasn’t really comfortable being the image [of Stylein].¬†I wanted to be in the background. But¬†I realized that in order to do this, there definitely has to be storytelling, and I’m comfortable with that now.”

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Retail DJ August Podcast

31 Aug

While I was flying from NYC to Sao Paulo, I had 9 hours to kill. Though I had chosen the tracks I wanted to feature in the August podcast earlier in the month, I had yet to work on the full assembly because I had been swamped trying to work ahead at job number 1, teaching and preparing to go to Brazil for job number 2, and updating things here at Retail DJ for job number 3. After putting together the song components, I was pleased with the smooth, lounge-y feel of the set, and all that was left to work on was the voiceover. Yet thanks to the magic of a cold I couldn’t get rid of and congestion that just would not let up (though, given, the surprise 40 degree nights in Sao Paulo I braved with just a grandpa cardigan didn’t exactly help), my voice was a wreck. I sounded a bit like a man and, on top of that, a man who had plugged up his nose and ears with clay. Not sexy.

So I waited it out, hoping my voice would improve, as August steamed along, each day meaning the podcast was going to be coming later and later. After finally regaining a few more octaves of my voice and the ability to breathe through one of my nostrils, I tried my hand at the voiceover. Then, while in Rio, I had to deal with the s l o w e s t wireless internet ever. I could hardly check my email, God forbid upload a podcast. Sigh.

Finally, I was able to release the mix a few days ago once I returned to Sao Paulo, but didn’t have the time to type up a post. Nevertheless, today, on the last day of August, I come bearing gifts.

The Retail DJ August Podcast is a true reflection of where I am right now in my life. It’s the mellowest of sets yet, and even slightly melancholic, yet perfect for relaxing, save a few of the songs I added to keep your ears open. I have to say that despite its mood, it’s one of my most favorite podcasts to date, and one that was completed over one of the best experiences this year – returning to Brazil.

I hope that this mix means as much to you as it does to me, and if not that, that it at least gives you some much needed aural pleasure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Retail DJ August Podcast

Retail DJ August Podcast by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


Pnau – Hard Biscuit
Sneaker Pimps – Post-Modern Sleaze (The Salt City Orchestra Nightclub Mix)
The Aikiu – Just Can’t Sleep (Azari & III Remix)
Ka§par РIn the Club (Gerd Remix)
La Fleur – Veris
Juliana e As Fogosas – Arrasta No Chao
Azari & III – She’s an Illusion
Norma Jean Bell – I’m the Baddest Bitch (in the room) (Moodymann Mix)
Felix Da Housecat (ft. Princess Superstar) – Coochie Coo
Mobb Deep – The Learning (Burn)
Moodymann – Tribute

– Retail DJ

What’s Good? Amylulita

20 Jul

Amylulita Manzanita

Referred to as “Manzanita” (“Little Apple”) by her Spanish friends and a rockin’ DJ by her American ones, Amylu Meneses, better known as Amylulita, is one of the co-founders of Nacotheque, a well-known alternative Latin music party, and Le One Night Stand, a hidden gem of the New York nightlife that has come and gone. With her extensive knowledge of international party music, classic films, and kitsch, Amylu is a bit like nostalgia personified, with the pinup wardrobe and memories of world travel to match.

A fixture in the New York alternative party scene, Amylu has a long history of adding something new and different to what would otherwise be typical weekend fare. Though she grew up in Connecticut, you’d never guess it from looking at her beautiful tattoos and bold hairstyles, and certainly not from her music collection, something in which she places a great amount of diligence and pride.

It was truly an honor to have her take time from her busy schedule promoting events, organizing parties, and making what seems like a 5 mixes a minute to sit down with me back in May to talk about what led her to DJing, her involvement in the NYC alt party scene, and her consciousness of global music.

But Amylu is someone who hardly needs an introduction. I’d rather let her words speak for themselves. So take a moment, press play, and come with me to find out What’s Good? with la princesa of parties, Amylulita:

What’s Good? Amylulita (Exclusive Interview) by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

photo credit: Dulce Pinzon

background music: La Fleur – Country House Mix

– Retail DJ

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