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1 Sep


I always say that things happen for a reason. Sure, it’s a cliche oversimplification of the way everything works, but it’s a fairly fitting statement in most cases. My experiences in Brazil are no different, each of them bearing some bit of fate that throws things temporarily off-balance, only for it all to work itself out again.

Take, for example, the location I chose to stay. When I was debating between two locations, it came down to convenience and proximity to the subway. I knew that Sao Paulo had just opened its yellow line, so I thought that the hostel I chose was perfect considering its 1-block walk to the yellow line “Oscar Freire” stop. Yet google fooled me good, and as it turns out, the section closest to my hostel (pictured above) is still under construction.

Alas, it’s a 15 minute walk up a steep hill to get to the subway that DOES work, and by that time, my body is so conditioned to the walking that I just end up walking everywhere I need to go. Sure, 15 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but just imagine taking that walk every time you want to go somewhere and with a really heavy bag and crazy feet. And there you have it. My present.

But considering my love for Sao Paulo, I always manage to find a silver lining. For one thing, I am a mere 3 blocks from the Galeria Melissa (the Melissa megastore that I always rave about), Nespresso (I am a total coffee addict), and adjacent (by half a block) to what I like to refer to as “The 5th Avenue of Sao Paulo,” known by others as Oscar Freire. Sao Paulo’s always full of little surprises, and this trip is no different from the others.

While the phantom subway line (I swear it shows up on google maps) was a shock, there were other aspects to life here in SP that came as no surprise. One of them being the sheer excellence of nightlife here for any and every one looking to have a good time. I always rave about the clubs here in Sampa, but until you go to a few, you just.can’t.understand.

Most of the parties are genuine, lacking an uber-pretentious crowd and, without a doubt, given a deliciously intense soundtrack. Sao Paulo has some of the best DJs in the world, and last night did not fail to impress. The party was care of producer L_cio, who many of you may know from my interview with him after our meeting last year around this same time. His vision is called under_line. It’s a music collective and party series that covers underground (or well-known, but with an underground sound) DJs and producers who are adding something new to the club scene here in the city. The party serves as a showcase for multiple forms of electronic music artists and a venue to hold those of us who love them.

The vibe at Tapas Club (Rua Augusta, of course) proved that an underground does, in fact, still exist, and that there’s an audience out there willing to dance until the wee hours of Thursday morning to support it. While there, I had the opportunity to hear all the DJs beginning with Dee Bufato (who is a DJ, Producer, Designer…the list goes on and on), then Hero Zero, followed by DJ duo Guilherme Picorelli and Henrique D´Marte (known together as “Fractal Mood”), and last but not least, the creator himself, L_cio. The styles varied throughout the night from minimal to deep house, tech house, and back again, keeping everyone on their toes both mentally and physically. Though this was #39 of this party series, it’s definitely not the last as L_cio is as prolific an artist as he is a party extraordinaire.

For those of you who may not have a chance to check out the under_line party live, I’ll let the music speak for itself:

a silky deep house set by Dee Bufato:

a minimal mix by L_cio (recorded live at under_line #37):

a solid house set by Hero Zero:

a deep house/tech house live set by the boys of Fractal Mood:

– Retail DJ



Tracks in Transit: L_cio

6 Jan


Mr. Schwantes has done it again. In the past few months, he’s managed to make new music, start a new party for cutting edge DJs and producers (Under_line at Tapas Club in Sao Paulo), and continue to keep his audiences engaged with Live PAs at every gig. He’s a Renaissance Man in every sense of the word (as I discovered during his What’s Good? interview back in September), and never ceases to impress.

Check out his latest work (which I used for tonight’s work soundtrack and will certainly be listening to a bit tomorrow as well!), a live set from Vegas Club (Sao Paulo):

(click to play)

no tracklist available (though note that all tracks are L_cio’s own productions)

– Retail DJ

Gimme Some More

14 Sep

L_cio, who is this week’s featured artist here at Retail DJ, just so happens to be participating in a remix contest, and I thought I’d give him a little boost in the votes! The remix is composed of several samples and pieces of Steve Lawler’s new track “Gimme Some More.” It’s been completely deconstructed and is now at the disposal of DJs to pick up the pieces. You can preview L_cio’s remix here:

L_cio remix – Gimme some more – 128kbps by L_cio

Visit the Steve Lawler Remix Contest site and vote for L_cio!


Speaking of L_cio, I want to take this time to send a very warm thank you to L_cio for being such a willing (and dilligent!) participant in the Retail DJ featured artist process. He was nice enough to share his music and part of himself for the Retail DJ readers, and happens to be quite on top of his game. As one of the most talented producers/DJs in Sao Paulo, it was great to have him on the site, and he will always have a home here at Retail DJ.

Also, special thanks to Mauricio Landini, the man responsible for all the photos for the artist feature! His work can be found here: http://www.landini.com.br/

For more on L_cio, check him out here:

deepbeep | resident advisor | vimeo | youtube | myspace | facebook | soundcloud

– Retail DJ

Get Ready With L_cio – the Mix

14 Sep

L_cio (photo credit: Mauricio Landini)

When I asked L_cio to put together a mix for getting ready to, I knew that he would come up with something interesting. His sound is different, unique, and not necessarily something you’d listen to when you’re getting ready to go out. Nevertheless, after testing my theory out on one of his more recent Live PAs, I knew that it doesn’t only take disco or house to compel me to put my best foot forward. 

It works for getting dressed to, yes, particularly if you are about to go do something a little more heavy during your outing, but what’s great about this mix is that it’s amazing to put on just for listening as well. In fact, that’s what I recommend that you do first. Listen to the mix when you’re still, calm, and ready to pay attention, as L_cio himself suggested during his interview. He’s was right (he knows his music best, afterall). Then, after having listened once before, listen to it on your commute to the party as a form of complete mood enhancement. 

This Live PA contains music produced by L_cio, and it has a sophisticated, unrivaled sound. It’s a deep set, bringing in chants, heavier moments of bass, and surprising percussion samples, but it also has its moments of serenity and calm, carrying the listener from one emotional state to the next. 

Without further ado, press play and Get Ready With L_cio

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With L_cio

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With L_cio by RetailDJ

(click to play; click here or the small arrow on the right to download)



1- MAMONTH – (Makkadessia – L_cio remix) – Moonou EP – Wavelike netalbel
[free download on http://wavelike.net/?p=39]
2- SARAVÁ (L_cio – unreleased)
3- DIFF (L_cio) – V/A Quebrando a Fome – Tranzmitter netlabel
[free download on http://www.tranzmitternetlabel.com/compilations.htm]
4- IND (L_cio – unreleased)
5- WELL (L_cio – unreleased)
6- AHAHA (L_cio – unreleased)
7- WHAA (L_cio – unreleased))
8- QUEB (L_cio – unreleased)
9- NEGAH (L_cio – unreleased)
10- ALVORADA – Alvorada EP
[free download on http://www.insectorama.de/index.php?m=3]


– Retail DJ

What’s Good? L_cio

13 Sep

L_cio (photo credit: Mauricio Landini)

The first thing I thought when I saw L_cio perform at Vegas in São Paulo a month ago was “intense.” With the light from the screen illuminating his face and his dark eyes penetrating the crowd, he looked as if he were casting a spell on the dancefloor. Though despite the depth of his performance, Laércio Schwantes Iório is surprisingly laid back. His post-show demeanor is light and friendly, and once he cracks a smile, you realize that the man you just saw on stage, while a force to be reckoned with, is quite human too.

Though trained as a flutist, and having grown up in a household with parents in classical music, L_cio took a different path, though continues to cite his upbringing as having a critical influence on his music. As a part of the ever-growing, ever-changing Brazilian electronic music scene, L_cio strives to constantly create new music. He challenges fellow DJs to push the envelope and to go beyond the confines of what he considers “colonial” thinking. And L_cio has done just that, himself an anomaly in that he began as a producer and not a DJ. All of the music he plays out live is original and often times put together on the spot creating Live PAs (in other words, improvised sets of his productions).

Though L_cio leads a different life by day, it still goes without saying that his influence both in and out of the club is immense. He has been recognized by and released music through sites and labels all over the globe, including but not limited to Brazil, Italy, Spain, the United States, and many many more. His minimal yet profound style is what sets him apart from many artists now attempting to go in the opposite direction, and he proves that sometimes more can be heard in a whisper than in a yell.

That said, it’s an honor for me to present the exclusive Retail DJ “What’s Good?” interview of producer, creator, and innovator L_cio:

Why L_cio? You have a beautiful name, so what made you choose to shorten it in this way? How is your artist name pronounced?
L_cio is just that – an abbreviation of my name (Laércio). If you were to say this aloud, however, it’s more difficult, but I suppose it could be said like “Ele cio” or “El cio.”

I’ve read that your parents were classical musicians. Based on that, how did you end up going into playing and producing electronic music, which is quite far, musically speaking, from classical?
This greatly influenced me and my work, especially in terms of melody. Electronic music production is quite different, but through it, you can appropriate from many different sources, including classical music.

How would you describe the music that you make, and in your opinion, how does it affect your listeners? Do you think the experience is different for those who solely listen to it vs. those who are dancing to it?
Describing my sound is a bit difficult, but I would characterize it as Brazilian electronic music. Listeners take a while to get used to my sound, but after they begin to feel the music and understand the idea behind it, they react positively, especially when I use vocals and piano samples. Listening at home and listening live are certainly very different experiences, but in both cases, one has to ease into my sound calmly and attentively.

When we spoke before, you mentioned that you had produced all the music you played during your set at Vegas. Do you always play your own music or do you occasional play the work of other artists/DJs?
Yes, that’s exactly what I play: Live PAs. I only play my music, but I began in electronic music on the production side (differently from many producers who began as DJs). I’ve never played a typical DJ set, only live PAs.

In your free time, what type of music do you like to listen to? Does this music influence what you play/produce? Are there any other sources of inspiration beyond this?
I listen to lots of electronic music and original funk. In the end, everything influences what I produce and play in some way. But in general, my inspiration comes from my life, from the experiences I have. I would also say it comes from poesia concreta and religion.

How would you describe yourself, personality-wise? Do you think your personality on stage is different from the one outside of it?
I think I am a  down-to-Earth and sincere guy, and this is reflected in my shows, which are also very authentic (in that they involve the music that I have made myself).

promo pic from his "Capoeira" single for shhh.fm

What do the tattoos on your hands mean? I saw them and found them very interesting, but I kept thinking what could they mean?
The tattoos on my hands actually don’t mean anything. It’s just something I created for aesthetics.

Do you have any others beyond these?
I have more tattoos elsewhere: one on my leg (a bar code with my birthdate and the birthdate of my daughter), one on each arm (poesia concreta by Pedro Xisto), and one on my back (an electroacoustic score by composer Flô Menezes).

I’ve noticed that the electronic music that seems to be the most popular in Brazil is still a bit “cheesy.” Do you find this to be a challenge or something that you ignore completely? Do you think there are enough people with minds open enough to change the state of the electronic music scene there?
The Brazilian music scene is super interesting, but it still needs to create its own personality or identity. Honestly, we still have quite a bit of “colonial” characteristics. Few places in the country provide the opportunity for growth of new things. Fortunately, I have had a few experiences that give me hope that one day, we will have our own scene, one that’s exclusively Brazilian and authentic. Yet there are also ready various producers and DJs who are coming out with very good, innovative work (like Holocaos, Bmind, Cavalaska, Oblivion, and Dada Attack, among others). But we still need to move forward and progress quite a bit. It’s truly a challenge. . .

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On the Edge with L_cio

9 Sep

L_cio hard at work (photo credit: Mauricio Landini)

When I was in Brazil recently, I had the opportunity to hear L_cio drop one of his amazing Live PAs at Vegas Club in Sao Paulo, and I invited him to be a featured artist here at Retail DJ. Though the exclusive Retail DJ interview will not be up until Monday (mix on Tuesday), you have all weekend to get very familiar with his sound.

On August 28th, he played at the Mothership party at D-Edge, which was recently voted #1 club in a Best of Sao Paulo poll. Here is his live PA for your listening pleasure. Come back in Monday to discover more about the man behind the music. Enjoy!

L_cio – Live PA @ Mothership, D-Edge, 8/28/10

click here to play: http://www.deepbeep.com.br/radio/index.php?id=177

click here to download


 – Retail DJ

Saturday Night in Sao Paulo

19 Aug

Hi Everyone,

My sincerest apologies for my lateness in putting out a post about my Saturday here in Sao Paulo. I’ve been super busy, and the last place I want to be is in front of a computer. I find that it’s appropriate that I write this on my last day in the city known as “Sampa” before going elsewhere. I’ll be back at the end of the month, but before returning what feels like a second home, I’ll be in Salvador (in the north) and Rio de Janeiro. While I love those cities as well, my heart will always lie with SP.

Anyway, here’s what went down on Saturday, with photos and audio to put you fully in the moment.

I headed over to Vegas, my usual stomping ground for quality electronica acts, and had the opportunity to listen to the famous and well-respected DJs L_cio, Gustavo Peluzo, DJ Magal, and George Actv  (more on the latter 2 in another post).

Gustavo Peluzo

Gustavo Peluzo hails from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais (a state in which I once lived). He was the opener for the night, but that by no means signified anything negative. Quite the opposite, in fact, as his sound was skewed toward heavy house (i.e. the tech house variety, ghetto tech, some techno), and though using what appeared to be Serato, his style read as though he were working solely with vinyl. He had a great sense of the crowd and delivered a set that encompassed what I love so much about Vegas: diversity. The set never rested, moving tirelessly from one active track to another, each punctuated by its own internal fluctuation (thus making it all perfect for accented dancing or, in other words, moves that were jerky yet expressive. He wove a story of sorts with his music, and it’s one that left me sweaty and pumped for the rest of the night.

Here’s a mix he recorded from a party called Smile that he DJs in Belo Horizonte for Live1FM Recordings:
SMILE with Gustavo Peluzo # 008- 2 Agosto Live1FM Recordings by Gustavo Peluzo


Next up was L_cio, better known by his friends and family as Laércio Schwantes Iório. L_cio is based in Sao Paulo and has been in the music game for almost a decade, though he began as a classical musician (his parents having done the same). He now works almost exclusively in electronic music, having released tracks through several labels from all over the world. A producer and DJ, L_cio is a good example of the modern musical renaissance man. He also happens to be incredibly nice. Right after his set at Vegas, which could best be described as an intense minimal techno trip, he and I talked to a bit, leading to some email exchange with the final result being that L_cio will be a featured artist here on Retail DJ (hence my not giving away too much about the man behind the artist)! His music while techno, is fluid, engulfing the listener and taking one beyond a state of dance and into something much deeper. He often includes samples of messages in Portuguese, bringing a local voice to a universal sound.

Here’s a mix L_cio recorded in January for the site Deep Beep:

L_cio – live PA janeiro 2010 – deepbeep by L_cio

More on DJ Magal and George ACTv to come. But for now, listen to Gustavo and Laércio do what they do best.

I am on my way to Salvador (in the north of Brazil) tonight, so there may not be a post for a day or two. However, I’ll hopefully have more music news to report from there as well!


– Retail DJ

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