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I Love Mondays: Ka§par

10 Jan

It’s that time of the day when lunch is over, but work is not. In other words, you’re in need of a boost. As most of you are still sticking to your new year’s resolutions (for now, at least), I don’t recommend sugar or coffee. Instead, reach for the play button on this fantastic mix.

Retail DJ featured artist Ka§par just did some great work for FACT Magazine Portugal, and is the fifth installment of their new mix series. The mix features several of his own creations and many other lounge-friendly tracks to take your mind out of the office and place it safely in the club. Enjoy this and have a Happy Monday!

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist (and more links) after the jump

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It’s November: Time to Party

2 Nov

It’s my month of birth, and while I won’t be actually celebrating my special day until some time in December once Thanksgiving is over I will continue to encourage all of you to party down in my absence. Before the latter days of the month, there are lots of good parties for you to preemptively work off all your Turkey Day weight gain. Here are some upcoming shows at my favorite venues for this month. Click the links for more details:

Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette (Manhattan)

Santos may have been shut down on drug charges, but once they bounce back, go check out these parties:

Public Assembly,  70 North 6th Street (Brooklyn)

Williamburg’s answer to a megaclub has some great acts this month. Miss these if you dare:

Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street (Manhattan)

Retail DJ Featured Artists (all over)

Yes, the folks whom we’ve covered around these parts are busier than ever. Be sure to catch them at their regular gigs and special parties:

Dash Speaks: Tuesdays @ Botanica Bar (Manhattan), Sundays @ The Cove (Brooklyn), 11.24 @ The Blind Barber (Manhattan), 11.27 @ The Bell House (Brooklyn) (w/ Gordon Voidwell + Brahmns)

Lil Ray: 11.5: Fallen Arrows Launch Part w MASEO and Double Dutch (ATL), 11.6: Team Nasty Dance Party w Cool Aide @ The Music Room (ATL), 11.9: Hip Hop Open Mic @ Vibrations Lounge (Manhattan), 11.11: Hip Hop Open Mic @ RSVP Lounge (Queens), 11:15: Lil Ray’s Monday Night Drinking Club @ Heathers (Manhattan), 11.28: I ❤ Hip Hop Sundaze @ Spike Hill (Brooklyn)

NSR: Fridays @ Ella Lounge (Manhattan)

EZRAKH: Wednesdays @ Zamaan Bar (Brooklyn)

Mark LaRush: Wednesdays @ Le Souk (Manhattan), Thursday & Friday (7-10) @ Falucka (Manhattan), Fridays (11-4) @ China One (Manhattan), Saturdays @ Flute Midtown (Manhattan)

Ka§par: select Saturday nights @ Fragil (Lisbon, Portugal)

*to listen to the Exclusive Retail DJ mixes by each artist, visit our mixes page

– Retail DJ



Work In Progress

2 Sep

I just awoke from a frightening, anxiety-inducing dream all about making a bed. In the dream, about 40 people had come to my house unannounced and trashed my imaginary (and unseen) roommate’s room (which was at this point a freakishly elaborate, Rococco-style interior feat), and the dream ended with my screaming and crying because they were unable to make the bed properly and I had no idea when he was come.

Welcome to Thursday.

The dream, while more riddled with panic than I had ever expected considering it’s been such a very long time since I’ve had a full-fledged nightmare, made me realize something. I have a lot of goals, deadlines, and tasks I have to get accomplished in a very short time, and my subconscious mind is starting to feel the pressure and talk back. I can’t cry about unmade beds, but I have to use this dream as motivation to keep pushing myself to prepared for those unannounced sources of drama while still being prepared for the unknown deadline looming in the close future. I’m a work in progress, as is this site, and for the better.

Speaking of deadlines, goals, and tasks, DJ/producer/future model? (I got so many requests for Ka§par’s number/email (which I did not disclose of course) after his interview and photoshoot went up that it was a bit ridiculous; I had to remind readers it was about the music and not just a pretty face!) Ka§par got in contact with me recently about his latest podcast, the first of its kind, for the Groovement-based series, and I immediately got to playing and downloading because I know that everything he does is golden.

Ka§par – The Reach Out, Vol 1″ (Groovement Recordings)

Groovement recordings present “The Reach Out, vol1” by Ka§par by Ka§par

(click to play ; click the small arrow on the right to download)

The Reach Out Vol. 1 mix is a compilation of lots of his previous work, current releases, and the sounds of some of his favorites. He notes:

[the mix was] recorded using two 1200’s, a bedroom Numark mixer, some vinyl and Traktor Scratch Pro…
Three things about this mix:
1. Features a selection of tracks from friends, coleagues, label mates, just mates and, of course, yours truly.
2. It’s a showcasing mixtape, so all tracks are mixed in hiphop style, quickly and painlessly.
3. Post recording production includes overall multiband compression for volume stability, extra dirt and punch Eq’ing on the master, and some added fx to further increase the flow of the mix.
All underground, all fresh, all authentic – the music, the mixing, the featured artists.

Basically, what’s not to like? It’s a solid example of how talented Ka§par is, something I can’t stress enough, but also of his ability to literally do some “Reaching Out” of his own but pulling in tracks from his fellow DJs/producers to really showcase their work. On top of it, he’s given us a sneak peak into putting this podcast into motion, which is always helpful for all your music fiends out there who have tried your hand at mixing and production.

I highly recommend pressing play on this one, folks. As you know, I listen to the music I feature on this site to the point of nausea, and if I still like it after that, then it goes up. This one by far passed the test, so don’t miss it. It’s house-y, light when it needs to be and deeper right when you want it that way, and overall a great podcast for those times when you have a little work to do on your own and you need something to help you find your focus (and maybe dance a little too). ;  -)


01. (Intro) Scary Effects and Sounds vol.2 (thunder storm and howling dog) , White Label
02. Oratai Sound Salon – Lighthouse (Theo Parrish remix) , Oratai
03. TNT Subhead – Deep Shit Show (Neurotic Drum Band Remix) , Groovement
04. Ka§par – Fashionable Friends , 4Lux
05. Mr Bird – Different Train , Promo
06. Johnwaynes – Turn On , Mule Electronic
07. Ka§par – Slum Dunk , 4Lux
08. Mirror People – Echo Life (Social Disco Club Remix) , Permanent Vacation
09. Ka§par – Path of Spheres , 4Lux
10. Funk Ethics – Give (Mr. Bird Remix) , Promo
11. Gerd – Untitled , Promo
12. Florian Muller Project – Nous 2 , Logos
13. Ka§par – So Right (Gerd’s Old School Mix) , Clone Club Series
14. Alkalino – Pull You Through , Audaz
15. Alex FX – Return , Promo
16. Photonz – Aquarian Ball , One Eyed Jacks
17. Ka§par – Whatchadoo (Vahagn Remix, Digital) , Groovement Digital
18. Red Rack’em – It Happens To Us All (Bergerac)
19. Manaboo feat. Curtis Mayfield , Steadfast Recordings

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ August Podcast

31 Aug

While I was flying from NYC to Sao Paulo, I had 9 hours to kill. Though I had chosen the tracks I wanted to feature in the August podcast earlier in the month, I had yet to work on the full assembly because I had been swamped trying to work ahead at job number 1, teaching and preparing to go to Brazil for job number 2, and updating things here at Retail DJ for job number 3. After putting together the song components, I was pleased with the smooth, lounge-y feel of the set, and all that was left to work on was the voiceover. Yet thanks to the magic of a cold I couldn’t get rid of and congestion that just would not let up (though, given, the surprise 40 degree nights in Sao Paulo I braved with just a grandpa cardigan didn’t exactly help), my voice was a wreck. I sounded a bit like a man and, on top of that, a man who had plugged up his nose and ears with clay. Not sexy.

So I waited it out, hoping my voice would improve, as August steamed along, each day meaning the podcast was going to be coming later and later. After finally regaining a few more octaves of my voice and the ability to breathe through one of my nostrils, I tried my hand at the voiceover. Then, while in Rio, I had to deal with the s l o w e s t wireless internet ever. I could hardly check my email, God forbid upload a podcast. Sigh.

Finally, I was able to release the mix a few days ago once I returned to Sao Paulo, but didn’t have the time to type up a post. Nevertheless, today, on the last day of August, I come bearing gifts.

The Retail DJ August Podcast is a true reflection of where I am right now in my life. It’s the mellowest of sets yet, and even slightly melancholic, yet perfect for relaxing, save a few of the songs I added to keep your ears open. I have to say that despite its mood, it’s one of my most favorite podcasts to date, and one that was completed over one of the best experiences this year – returning to Brazil.

I hope that this mix means as much to you as it does to me, and if not that, that it at least gives you some much needed aural pleasure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Retail DJ August Podcast

Retail DJ August Podcast by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


Pnau – Hard Biscuit
Sneaker Pimps – Post-Modern Sleaze (The Salt City Orchestra Nightclub Mix)
The Aikiu – Just Can’t Sleep (Azari & III Remix)
Ka§par – In the Club (Gerd Remix)
La Fleur – Veris
Juliana e As Fogosas – Arrasta No Chao
Azari & III – She’s an Illusion
Norma Jean Bell – I’m the Baddest Bitch (in the room) (Moodymann Mix)
Felix Da Housecat (ft. Princess Superstar) – Coochie Coo
Mobb Deep – The Learning (Burn)
Moodymann – Tribute

– Retail DJ

Get Ready With Ka§par – The Mix

11 Aug

Ka§par really outdid himself for this mix. When I spoke to him a few months ago, requesting that he devote his time and energy, albeit limited, to this project for Retail DJ, I was expecting something awesome. Despite his talents though, I wasn’t quite expecting THIS . . . this being an hour and 20 minute long mix containing several house greats, old school funk classics, and hip hop. It blew me away with my first listen, leaving me to think of things to compare it to and coming up with nothing because it was that original. According to Ka§par, the mix is “90% vinyl, 4% Traktor Scratch, 6% pure luck… ” and boy did it turn out well.

I kept the mix on repeat in my iPod for weeks, seeing if I could possibly get tired of it (an easy task considering my musical A.D.D.), yet it has grown on me even more with each listen, and I find myself still vibing to it after all this time.

The mix is PERFECT for getting dressed to because it’s mellow enough to help you add some serious sexiness to your mood, yet active enough to make you want to go out and dance a little more. So press play and get carried away to another place where the night is yours as you Get Ready With Ka§par:

Retail DJ Presents . . . Get Ready With Ka§par

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Ka§par by Ka§par

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


 01. Kinky Sex Intro (White label)
02. Detroit Experiment – Highest (Planet E)
03. Italtek – Crush Horizon (Planet Mu)
04. Funkineven – It’s Acid (Eglo)
05. Thriller – Freak For You (White)
06. Grooveman Spot feat. Ahu – Affection (Jazzy Sport)
07. Rão Kyao – Zau , Ka§par’s Lusophonetic Refunk (RBMA lmtd 200)
08. Orelha Negra – A Força da Razão (Arthouse)
09. Hall And Oates – I Can’t Go For That , Mr. Bird Edit (Promo)
09. Black Sheep – Strobelight Honey (Polygram)
10. Parliament – Chocolate City , Alkalino Edit (Promo)
11. Vladimir M. – Evil (Eevo Lute)
12.Professor X – Professor X (Saga) (Clone)
13. Aleem – Release Yourself (NIA)
14. Onra – Wonderland (All City)
15. James T.T Cotton – Jack your own stars (Ghostly)
16. Orgoné – Time is Right , Dub (Ubiquity)
17. Kerry Chandler – House Is House (Downtown 161)
18. Femi Kuti – Beng Beng Beng , Ashley Beedle remix (Nuphonic)
19. Kyle Hall – Must See (Third Ear)
20. Four Tet – Sing , Banton Remix (Domino)
21. 30003 – Side A (Hardwax)
22. D Bridge – ZX81, Ramadanman Remix (Phat City)
23. Tama Sumo & Prosumer – Rarified (Ost Gut)
24. Tazz – Acid Love (Underground Quality)
25. Claro Intelecto – Life (Modern Love)
26. Martyn – For Lost Relative (Aus)
27. Jackal Youth – Let Me Be (Reduction)
28. Ka§par – Hauser’s Blues (Groovement)
29. Underground Resistance – The Hostile (U.R)
30. KiNK – Kiss the Sky (Halal)
31. SBTRKT – 2020 (Brainmath)
32. Iodine 69 – East L.A Disco (All City)

– Retail DJ

What’s Good? Ka§par (Part One)

9 Aug

Photo Credit: Valeria Galizzi

If I were given only one word to describe João Pires, better known as Ka§par in the music world, it would be profound. He is deeply passionate about music, something that comes across in more than just the words he has to say about it. He expresses his love for music in the way he mixes and what he produces as well, combining his savant-like obsession with sonic beauty with a keen ability to read a crowd and understand his listener.

I was fortunate enough to come across some of Ka§par’s work years ago and continued to follow his contributions to the music world through the present, being sure to share it with you, but also with my own motives: to find out what made the man behind the music tick. It’s truly an honor to know that my guess about his character, at least in the sense that he is introspective and connected to music at an indescribable depth, was right. He devotes serious time and energy to making music, yet has no qualms about raising up the talents of others–fellow DJs and peers– as well as his many sources of inspiration and musical greats.

With great pleasure, I invite you to come along to find out What’s Good? with quite easily one of the most talented DJs in Portugal, Ka§par:

What is the first piece of music you purchased with your own money? and what is your first musical memory?

My first record (bought with m own money), as far as I can remember, must have been one of the following: Black Sheep’s “Strobelight Honey,” A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It,” or Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”—maybe all of the above at once. I think I was 8 or 9. Before that, I remember long drives in my parents’ car on our way to Algarve (for our usual vacation), and one particular mixtape that my dad recorded (that featured Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Carly Simon, The Temptations, Simon & Garfunkel) was the resident 90 minutes that soundtracked the journey. Also, the original score for American Graffiti was an early classic for me as well—especially Booker T & the MG’s “Green Onions,” which is still one of my all time favorites.

What about your childhood or adolescence do you think influenced you to pursue music as a career? In particular, what attracted you to electronic music (especially house) as your choice genre?

Well, I spent most of my childhood hooked on music. I got a guitar for my eleventh birthday, but I had to give it up after a while, the keyboards came easier to be (Casio portasound series hurray!). I learned to play music and compose before anything else… but I never took lessons. I had my own writing method for when I was a kid and all that!

Then came hip hop and electro (classic electro) a bit after. I was doing all the breaking and pop lockin’ in school… I guess I was probably the first b-boy in my home town. But one day I caught a snippet of a house radio show in the early 90’s (probably 93) called “Dancefloor” by DJ Vibe. I was star struck. He became my biggest hero. His mixing and [track] choices were off the hook. That was the first time I heard real underground house. A lot made sense that night… the repetition, the rhythm, the hypnosis, the sensuality, the introspection. Of course I was never exclusively committed to house. I’m a music lover, and my record collection is over eight thousand and counting, so imagine how boring my life would be if I had eight thousand house records! I’m into all types of music, although house and its derivatives come easier to me.

What type of music do you listen to in your free time, and who are some of your favorite DJs/producers/singers, etc?

I like to take some time every week to listen to a lot of real old music… jazz, and jazz funk (Hancock, Duke or Scott-Heron), old kraut rock and German electronics (Can, Schultze, Goetsching, Baumann, Kraftwerk), dub (Bill Laswell, Mad Professor, Perry), Brazillian music, hip hop, urban music, I.D.M., but it’s not fair to over-categorize. I buy a lot of music every month. Not all of it is dancefloor-oriented. I think I’m quite savvy on modern music, but I’m also very picky and suspicious about it, as my experience tells me that hyped-up music tends to be forgotten easily, leaving you with a useless piece of vinyl.

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Get Dressed to This: Summoned by the Bard

1 Aug

MC Bard in da house?

In medieval Gaelic and British culture (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Brittany and Cornwall) a bard was a professional poet, employed by a patron, such as a monarch or nobleman, to commemorate the patron’s ancestors and to praise the patron’s own activities.

– Wikipedia entry

When I think of bards and traveling minstrels for that matter, I wonder about the professional equivalent, and know without a doubt that it’s the DJ. Imagine, 300 years from now, kids reading about their artistic predecessors in school and their fancy gadgets like turntables, Serato, and mixers. I can see it now: “The DJ was a professional musicial, employed by a patron, such as a nightclub, promoter, or even homeowner, to commemorate the patron’s special day/event and to praise the patron’s activities by way of their pre-event promotions and possible music choices during the event.”

It’s scary to think about, but it’s true. One day, just like the bard, the DJ might be a thing of the past. As enjoying music becomes less and less a communal activity (think about it: you can have a party via ipod right on the train at your own disposal where you pick your own music and don’t have to worry about anyone leaving early or showing up late), I wonder will DJs ever become obsolete. I hope not, but in the meantime, I want to honor one whose work is truly classic.

I know I am always shouting out Ka§par here on the site, but I can’t help it; the man is talented. For tonight’s Get Dressed to This, the 5th installment of the series leading up to the Retail DJ “Get Dressed for This” Showcase on August 4th, I thought I’d pay a little homage to a modern bard and give equal credit to the store where I found the perfect dress for the party. So take a step into the modern past, if you will, and Get Dressed to This:

The Music:

Kaspar – Live at Ginga Beat, On Air, Lux, Lisbon, Pt 1

 (follow the link, then click the play button on the site)

The Outfit:

1. Claxon Trousers, AllSaints Spitalfields, $75 USD

2. Izar Cowl, AllSaints Spitalfields, $60


3. Agatha Waistcoat, AllSaints Spitalfields, $45 USD (click to see the full detailing!)


4. Abeque Shoe, AllSaints Spitalfields, $95 USD


5. Romantic Cluster Clock Necklace, Urban Outfitters, $28 USD


– Retail DJ 

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