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Retail DJ February 2012 Podcast

5 Mar

By the way, I released this a few days ago, before it was March. You’d know that if you were a fan on facebook…just sayin’ 😉 I have no comments, really. It’s just a collage of the music I’m into right now. It’s got some new, it’s got some old. It’s good for a variety of moods. I hope you enjoy!

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)


Waifs and Strays – Yeah Yeah (Original Mix)

Joyce Muniz – Back Down

Status IV – You Ain’t Really Down (Jazzanova’s Hey Baby Remix)

La Fleur – Ten Fingers

Joyce Muniz – Erykah

Inxec & Matt Tolfrey – Bring It

Claptone – Cream

Hot Natured – Nino Brown

Tiger & Woods – Dr. Burner (Original)

Michael Jackson – Off the Wall (Only Children Club Edit)

Soundstream – Live Goes On

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Justin Martin Edit)

Cassius – Hey Babe

– Retail DJ


Summer Jams

7 Jul

It’s no secret that I hate summers in NYC. Though I feel it’s shoved down our throats that we’re supposed to love them – with the free concerts, food, and all – I can’t help but hate them. It’s oppressively hot. You can take a shower, walk half a block, and already need to change out of your sweat-soaked clothes. Don’t even get me started on the oven we call a subway and the putrid odor emanating from every trash-laden sidewalk. Yes indeed, it’s like one big, humid cesspool. On top of that – and we don’t like to admit this – it makes people plum crazy.

But if I were to find a silver lining in all this summer blues I happen to catch a case of every time the temp goes above 80 degrees, I’d have to say it was the music. DJs, producers, and the like tend to create more work in the winter, but actually get around to releasing it in the summer. Additionally, there are all those mixes that come out to encourage people to sweat off their makeup and mess up their hair by dancing (not that New Yorkers actually DO that, but dancing is the motivational concept, of course).

Here are some of my favorite mixes as the moment. Some are a few months old, but I’m not into music fads, so I ignore all that noise about dates. Enjoy these (follow the links for tracklists; click to play/click the small arrow on the right to download):

Mustang – June 11 Mixtape

Renaissance Man – 2011 Midsummer Mix

Joyce Muniz – Summer Mix 2011

Homework – Ain’t No New Thing (Data Transmission Podcast 166)

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast

17 Mar

For the first time in, well, ever (?), I am putting up the monthly podcast weeks before the last day. That’s cause for celebration. Another aspect of this podcast worthy of a hoorah is the fact that I recorded it all on my new mixer! You see, I previously had the difficult task of manually placing each song next to another, manually attempting to beatmatch when possible, crossfading almost all of the time, from one song to the next. But now, with the help of modern technology, this podcast is going to get increasingly better over time. Note that this recording was made after only one week of playing with the mixer (a Vestax vci-300 mk II + Serato/Itch), so there are a few mistakes. However, I am really proud of this and know that they will only get better with time and additional practice.

This mix includes new (and old) tracks by several of my favorite artists. I wanted to make something relaxing and danceable all at once, so I consulted some of the best, including: Joyce Muniz, Homework, Jesse Rose, and others who bring a guaranteed dance beat with every track they make. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did putting it together!

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast (right click + save as)

nicolas jaar – keep me there (atreides’ ‘swag numero deux’ edit)
homework – hold me tight (original mix)
jesse rose – non-stop
hercules & love affair – my house (original mix)
crookers (ft. roisin murphy) – royal t (house of house remix)
prince club – i know (2011 re-issue mix edit)
pteradactil disco – big ass biscuit (original mix)
round table knights – endless (original mix)
lcmdf – future me (mr. a’s repeat the repeat the repeat mix)
azari & iii – into the night (renaissance man extended mix)
joyce muniz – party over here, party over there
risk sound system – the sound is yours (kerri chandler remix)
round table knights – cat power (extended mix)
idiotproof, renaissance man, payme – moonlighting (original mix)
green velvet – flash (jamie jones remix)
la fleur – racine (original mix)
crookers, kardinal offishall, carla-marie – put your hands on me (jesse rose play prime remix)
detroit grand pubahs – sandwiches (idiotproof mix)
sapabonde – vai nao se esconde (guto de almeida remix)
chaz jankel – get myself together (original mix)

– Retail DJ

Post-Election Blues . . . or Reds?

3 Nov

Most of the results are in (see updated information here) from yesterday’s elections, and the entire country is seeing red. . . for different reasons of course. If you look at the map, it’s almost entirely red, which is pretty shocking to see. Democrats suffered considerable losses this election, but it wasn’t an accident.

I normally don’t go into politics here on Retail DJ, but I will just come right out and say it: I think this election will affect a lot of people in ways they may not have imagined, particularly when it comes to social issues like immigration, rights for LGBT people, and provisions within the new healthcare plan. And while some may be celebrating, others may be crying themselves to sleep. Either way, music can help 🙂

For those of you staying up late and victory dancing your way into Wednesday, for those of you who need a soundtrack as you kick the wall in, or for those of you who couldn’t care less but have insomnia and need something to get you through the night. This new mix from Sound Pellegrino (aka France’s Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic, both of TTC fame) will help you, no matter which side of the fence you’re on, have a wonderful night or a happy commute to work tomorrow. Though its title has a bit to do with time travel (which I am sure a few of the Dems out there wish they could do right about now),  it’s very fitting for the here and now. With lots of new tracks (including a Homework remix of Joyce Muniz’s “Party Over Here, Party Over There” (a little trivia: one half of Homework, Tom Waist, created the video for the Muniz track), it’s sure to open a few ears and minds.

Enjoy the hell out of this. I sure did:

Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team – Post-Time Travel Nosebleed

(click to play)

via Discobelle


– Retail DJ

Party Over Here, Party Over There

1 Nov

Joyce Muniz

Joyce Muniz has worked on a new single on Exploited, and there’s a killer video to prove it. The track (+remixes) will be up for grabs on 11.12. In the meantime, enjoy this:


– Retail DJ

Bringing It All Together: DJ Beware for Man Recordings

8 Sep

DJ Beware indeed. This man means business.

DJ Beware recently put out a mix for the 5-year anniverary for Man Recordings, a Berlin-based label that supports Brazilian (and other) funk artists. They’ve been putting out stellar EPs, records, mixes, and singles for the past few years, and in such a short time have truly been a leader in putting funk carioca on the map. It’s a positive form of globalization, with artists from Brazil earing exposure and benefiting in the lucrative sense as well. This mix is a medley of a ton of the tracks they’ve released over the years, and a nice tribute for a company that’s bringing it all together, one track at a time.

Beyond being a nice way of honoring Man Recordings, it also happens to be a solid mix. Though I’ve heard all the songs therein, the order, the remixing, and the general delivery make everything sound brand new to my ears. It’s a joy to listen to, with tracks from MC Gringo, MC Gi, Edu K, Joyce Muniz, the Count and Sinden, Gaiola das Popozudas, Deize Tigrona, and many many more. I advise you play at home so you can truly break it down. Trust me – you’ll want to 🙂

DJ Beware – Man Recordings 5 Year Anniversary Megamix


(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist after the jump

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Upcoming Shows: Azari & III, Treasure Fingers, Jubilee & More!

18 May

More than once a day, I wish I had a clone to do all the things I need to accomplish within 24 hours, yet this time, the clone wish relates to going out. With so many great shows this week, I might just sell my soul for a double. Artists like Jubilee, Azari & III, Treasure Fingers, and more will be here in mere days and you shouldn’t miss out on any of the action!

Wednesday, May 19th

Joyce Muniz DJs Que Bajo @ Santos Party House (doors at 11, $5) [p.s. Joyce is amazing live and cannot.be.missed]

Thursday, May 20th

New Young Pony Club CD Release Party, Acid Girls, Frankie Chan, and Blue Jemz DJ @ Santos Party House (doors at 11; RSVP: free ’til midnight, $5 after)

?uestlove of the Roots DJ Set @ Brooklyn Bowl (doors at 10:30; tickets $5 in advance, $7 at the door)

Friday, May 21st

Treasure Fingers, Nick Catchdubs, and Maluca @ Webster Hall (doors at 11; RSVP: $1 ’til midnight)

Saturday, May 22nd

Azari & III @ Public Assembly (doors at 10; tickets $8 in advance, $12 at the door)

Trouble & Bass Crew, Jubilee, Udachi, Curl Up @ Brooklyn Bowl (doors at 11:30; RSVP: free all night)

Sunday, May 23rd

LOST Luau Party @ Brooklyn Bowl (free, doors at 6;  show at 7)

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