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I <3 Mondays: Looking Up

24 May

Oldies But Goodies

On New York subways, people rarely look at each other. They look up, they look across, they look through. . . anywhere to avoid eye contact. One of benefits of wearing interesting shoes is that I can at least entertain my fellow public transportation patrons as they look in the most common direction: down.

My latest Melissas, pictured above, are from an older season and bear an even older image: that of original Disney character Oswald, a poor little ignored rabbit that has fallen off the Disney radar thanks to Mickey and Co. Yet somehow, in this new rendering of an old cartoon, Oswald reclaimed fame. Similarly, I’d like to bring back the art of eye contact. It’s odd that our eyes are oft closed in a city that supposedly never sleeps.

Speaking of sleep, I am exhausted, but wanted to leave you all with a lullaby for adults. Typically, the mix I do for I ❤ Mondays is to start your day, but this one is for you to end it. With this melodic mix of progressive house and soul, the Rraul.com crew brings it home with this Colors Church podcast hosted by DJs Jota Wagner and Wander A (and, to its credit, a case of beer). It’s so beautiful that it actually made me cry on the bus yesterday, though I am not sure if I did so more from the music or from the saudades I felt when I heard Brazilian Portuguese again (the first few minutes consist of the hosts describing upcoming shows and parts of their set).

Nevertheless, give this mix a listen as you lay your head down on your pillow, or even as you commute in the morning. Hopefully, it will compel you to look up, see the world with open eyes, and take in all the beauty you can hold.

Jota Wagner & Wander A – Colors Church Podcast (Rio de Janeiro Edition) for Rraurl.com

(follow the link and click “play” to listen)

tracklist and podcast subscription info after the jump

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I <3 Mondays: The New Friday?

9 May

Making Over Mondays?

Over time, Fridays in New York City have become the odd night out. Thursday is the new Saturday, Saturday is still pretty solid, Wednesday is quickly becoming the new Thursday, and so on. Friday, however, has regressed into schoolnight-dom, rendering thousands of New Yorkers bored on the night that should be the perfect night to go out. While there are still certainly some solid parties out there, like Panty Raid at Savalas with DJs Sammy Bananas and Cousin Cole on the decks, as well as the Boys & Girls $1 parties that pretty much saved Webster Hall from a further downward spiral into nightclub extinction (at least from an outsider’s perspective), but for the most part, Friday is a pretty mellow night.

Most people are exhausted from work, school, and the generally panic-inducing rush that is a typical New Yorker’s Monday through Friday hustle routine, so when Friday comes around, staying home watching a movie with a bottle of wine (or Jack, if that’s your thing) sounds much sexier than putting forth the effort to actually get ready to go out.

On the basis of the aforementioned, part of me has begun to wonder whether or not Monday might just be the new Friday. . . With parties happening as early as Tuesday, Monday might be right up there as the next major night on the partygoer mindmap. We may begin to live our lives completely in reverse, with Monday becoming a day that doesn’t quite suck as much as we thought, and our weekends being a time to have all to ourselves.

For this I ❤ Monday mix, after careful deliberation, I’ve chosen this dark, yet sexy mix for We Play Music (UK) by Qoso. May it help you turn your Monday into the new Friday . . .

Qoso – We Play Music Mix

(click to play / right click + save as to download)

tracklist after the jump

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I <3 Mondays: Afro-Cuban Shaft

2 May

I was checking out the White Light Mix Series site today (they’ve moved, by the way, to http://www.whitelightmixes.com), and per usual, they delivered. They have several new mixes up, including a fantastic mix by Moullinex, that makes one feel a bit like the the Afro-Cuban Shaft. It opens with a track that’s straight out of a 1970s blaxploitation film, fittingly titled “Pursuit of the Pimpmobile” and created by the one and only Isaac Hayes, only to be followed by lots of percussion and flute-heavy disco sounds that will take the illness I like to call The Mondays right off your mind.

This mix is fun, light, and certainly a good way to start you work week. I love Mondays, especially when they sound like this:

Moullinex – White Light Mix Vol. 23

(click to play; right click, save as to download)

tracklist after the jump

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I <3 Mondays: A Day Full of Soul

18 Apr

This weekend for me was a little more mellow than the last, and it reminded me that despite appearances and my history, I am indeed capable of relaxing (if I put my mind to it, as ironic as that may be in the case of actual relaxation). Considering the tone for these past weekend days, I am hoping that my Monday somehow ends up just as chill. Even if it doesn’t, here’s hoping that this mellow old-school soul, jazz-like, and deep house filled mix from the Roundtable Knights will do the trick of convincing me otherwise. And while this mix is clearly slower in tempo than the usual stuff, don’t be fooled by its initially slow pace. It picks up quickly and has several awwww yeah! moments around 39 min.

Happy Monday!
Round Table Knights Spring Mix 2010 by fabric

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist after the jump

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I <3 Mondays: Hardcore

11 Apr

This weekend went by way too fast! Since Thursday, I’ve been out every night and have had very little sleep, so I can already tell Monday is going to be an adventure, to say the least. I’ve got to have some motivational music that helps get me going the rough way. No nuevo disco or downtempo for this Monday. I need something a little more hardcore.

Taking into account that this might be my roughest Monday in a long time, I thought I’d pick something that spoke a little more to my aggressive side to help me stay awake and alert throughout the day. That said, I give you, for your listening pleasure, a mix by Raphael “Raph” Grau:

(follow the link to play)
To find out more about Raph, click the link!
tracklist after the jump

Mix On Tap + I <3 Mondays: Pastels

5 Apr

While I recognize that it’s Monday, and typically the Mix on Tap post falls on a weekend day (or close to it), my Monday got off to a rough start. It’s a day I felt came way too fast, even though I was a total waste of space all weekend!

In order to retroactively celebrate Easter, to commemorate everyone’s favorite day of the week, and to get a little drunky drunk on a school night, today’s Mix on Tap meets I ❤ Mondays is all about pastels. Pastel colors represent Easter and spring quite well, but they also signifiy the essence of light, the coming of something good, and the quelling of darkness, if you will.

Monday is a “dark day” for most of us, so why not lighten it up a bit with a little pastel alcoholic goodness? Or even if you don’t feel like drinking, this mix will surely put you in a light mood. If you do both, though, be sure to drink responsibly and please please please don’t overdo it. Afterall, you’ve got work tomorrow.

the music:

Antonio Alves – Mix #24 for Mamilo (via mamilo.org)

 a note on this mix: It’s super mellow and a really nice mix for relaxing after a long day on the job. It’s from Mamilo.org, an amazing Portuguese music site that’s chock full of great music. Click to play, or follow the link to mamilo.org to download.

 Antonio Alves Mamilo Mix #24 by Antonio Alves

tracklist after the jump

the drink:

Easter Egg  (via about.com)


  • 1 oz blue curaçao
  • 1 oz white crème de cacao
  • half-and-half


  1. Pour the blue curaçao and crème de cacao over ice cubes in an old fashioned glass.
  2. Float the half-and-half on top to taste.

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I <3 Mondays: Fan-Funkin'-Tastic

28 Mar

I can’t believe it’s already Monday. In what seems like the shortest weekend I have ever lived through, I managed to get a great deal of things accomplished, though not nearly enough. The dreaded first day of the work week is upon us all once again, but there’s no shortage of hope in the morning motivation that comes to us care of Jacques Renault, who recently released this super funk-tastic mix.

Jacques Renault – One’s & Two’s Mix by warmhq

c/o Discobelle

– Retail DJ

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