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I <3 Mondays: Laboring

4 Sep

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to go back to sleep!

It’s the day after Labor Day, which usually means at least one of three things: 1) you will believe it’s Monday and your brain will betray you by convincing of this fact and allowing you to write “September 3rd” on all dated documents when it is in fact September 4th, 2) you will not want to be at work, 3) you will want to jump in a time machine and go back to Sunday night, right before Labor Day, because you know it means you’ll have the day off tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the latter of the three is not possible and the former two are incredibly likely. The good thing is that music can always help ease you back into a “Monday” after a 3-day weekend. Welcome to Tuesday. Try to enjoy it by adding this house mix by Belo Horizonte-based DJ Gustavo Peluzo. His mixes always help me when I need them to, hopefully it will do the same for you and your post-holiday (lack of) spirit:

Gustavo Peluzo – This Is a Track Vol. 08

(click to stream/ download)

– Retail DJ


Gratuitous Dance Mix: Gustavo Peluzo

9 Aug

Gustavo Peluzo

With just two days left between Brazil and me, the anticipation is killing me. Though not my city of birth, Sao Paulo has always felt like home to me. And as I listen to today’s gratuitous dance mix by Belo Horizonte (MG)-based Brazilian DJ Gustavo Peluzo, I get chills thinking of my return.

I first learned of Peluzo during a visit to Vegas Club in Sao Paulo of August 2010. He was the opener for a weekend dance rager that went well into the next morning and his style, which fused deep house, tech house, and minimal burned a hole in my memory. Though his style is normally super energetic, the mix I have chosen for today, while still very danceable, is of a much mellower, sexy sort. May it help your continued ease into the week, though this time maybe with a couple items of clothing removed…Enjoy!

Gustavo Peluzo @ Warmup

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)

no tracklist available

*note: Gustavo often takes down his mixes in a short time, so be sure to get this before it’s gone!


– Retail DJ


Saturday Night in Sao Paulo

19 Aug

Hi Everyone,

My sincerest apologies for my lateness in putting out a post about my Saturday here in Sao Paulo. I’ve been super busy, and the last place I want to be is in front of a computer. I find that it’s appropriate that I write this on my last day in the city known as “Sampa” before going elsewhere. I’ll be back at the end of the month, but before returning what feels like a second home, I’ll be in Salvador (in the north) and Rio de Janeiro. While I love those cities as well, my heart will always lie with SP.

Anyway, here’s what went down on Saturday, with photos and audio to put you fully in the moment.

I headed over to Vegas, my usual stomping ground for quality electronica acts, and had the opportunity to listen to the famous and well-respected DJs L_cio, Gustavo Peluzo, DJ Magal, and George Actv  (more on the latter 2 in another post).

Gustavo Peluzo

Gustavo Peluzo hails from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais (a state in which I once lived). He was the opener for the night, but that by no means signified anything negative. Quite the opposite, in fact, as his sound was skewed toward heavy house (i.e. the tech house variety, ghetto tech, some techno), and though using what appeared to be Serato, his style read as though he were working solely with vinyl. He had a great sense of the crowd and delivered a set that encompassed what I love so much about Vegas: diversity. The set never rested, moving tirelessly from one active track to another, each punctuated by its own internal fluctuation (thus making it all perfect for accented dancing or, in other words, moves that were jerky yet expressive. He wove a story of sorts with his music, and it’s one that left me sweaty and pumped for the rest of the night.

Here’s a mix he recorded from a party called Smile that he DJs in Belo Horizonte for Live1FM Recordings:
SMILE with Gustavo Peluzo # 008- 2 Agosto Live1FM Recordings by Gustavo Peluzo


Next up was L_cio, better known by his friends and family as Laércio Schwantes Iório. L_cio is based in Sao Paulo and has been in the music game for almost a decade, though he began as a classical musician (his parents having done the same). He now works almost exclusively in electronic music, having released tracks through several labels from all over the world. A producer and DJ, L_cio is a good example of the modern musical renaissance man. He also happens to be incredibly nice. Right after his set at Vegas, which could best be described as an intense minimal techno trip, he and I talked to a bit, leading to some email exchange with the final result being that L_cio will be a featured artist here on Retail DJ (hence my not giving away too much about the man behind the artist)! His music while techno, is fluid, engulfing the listener and taking one beyond a state of dance and into something much deeper. He often includes samples of messages in Portuguese, bringing a local voice to a universal sound.

Here’s a mix L_cio recorded in January for the site Deep Beep:

L_cio – live PA janeiro 2010 – deepbeep by L_cio

More on DJ Magal and George ACTv to come. But for now, listen to Gustavo and Laércio do what they do best.

I am on my way to Salvador (in the north of Brazil) tonight, so there may not be a post for a day or two. However, I’ll hopefully have more music news to report from there as well!


– Retail DJ

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