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Get Ready With saint. – The Mix

27 May


With an explosive start thanks to an amazing remix of Adele, the exclusive mix saint. put together for us only gets better from there. As per usual, saint. allows the tracks to play almost in their entirety, giving her listeners a rich musical experience while still appeasing those with audio A.D.D. as a result of the astonishing genre diversity. This mix combines tracks by many of my favorite artists, including Neoteric, Hercules and Love Affair, and Azari and III, just to mention a few.

As with all the mixes that find themselves here on Retail DJ (and even moreso, those of the featured artists), it’s been put through what I like to call “the test,” meaning that I have listened to it on repeat while I do basically everything, particularly getting ready. Needless to say, saint.’s sonic joyride definitely passed with flying colors. The mix is uplifting, fun, and incredible danceable – so much so that getting ready might be  little hard with all the moving you’ll be doing.

Anyway, enough talking. Let’s get to werk and Get Ready With saint. :

Retail DJ Presents . . .

Get Ready With saint. 

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

(or download here: Get Ready With saint.  (right click + save target as))


Honey Dijon – Happy Adele

Hercules And Love Affair – My House (Stopmakingme Remix)

Hercules & Love Affair – Step Up

Mobroder – Rush (In Flagranti Remix)

Mobroder – Rush (ORIGINAL)

Jessica 6 – Freak the Night

Azari & III – Into The Night (Original)

Tiger & Woods – Dr. Burner

Neoteric & Wax Motif – Go Deep (Original Mix)

Deekline & Ed Solo – Shake That Money & Go

Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove (Classixx Remix)

Senor Stereo – Unintentional feat. Danny Daze (Craze’s Quiet Storm Remix)

Kry Wolf – Everybody Original

Anna Lunoe & Wax Motif – Love Ting (Them Jeans Remix)

Avicii & Sebastien Drums – My Feelings For You (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Fries & Bridges feat. Cee-Lo Green – Forever This

Arveene & Misk feat. Aaron Smyth – Love Money Music Body (Evil Nine Vocal Mix)

Beyonce – Crazy in love (Fare Soldi Chiapponzilla rmx)

Duck Sauce – Good 2 Me (Louis La Roche Edit)

Broke One – Shine On (Original Mix)

Autoerotique – Freak (Poupon Remix)

Senor Stereo – I Am The Beat feat. Louisahhh!!! (Salva Remix)

– Retail DJ


Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999 – The Mix

19 May

It’s odd that we feature pop music and hip hop, at least in explicit, raw, un-remixed forms, here on Retail DJ. Yet when we do, we do it for very good reason. This time around, we were given a more than legitimate reason to post a lil pop thanks to this week’s featured artist Haruka Salt 999. Staying true to our commitment to provide the best music for dancing, getting ready, and general revelry at home or on the street, this mix provides the framework for all the above.

In keeping with her mission to provide a mixtape-like feel to all of her live and recorded sets,
Haruka takes us through a trip of hip hop, breaks, dance rock, funk carioca, and electronic dance music without a blink. When I got the mix in my soundcloud inbox, it’s initial title was “Get It Poppin.” I immediately knew I was in for a treat – one that I now share with you all without the slightest hesitation. This versatile mix is perfect for any mood, so I encourage you to play, download, and share it stat! Don’t waste any time. Come with us to Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999!

Retail DJ Presents . . .

Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

(or download here: Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999 for Retail DJ (right click + save target as)

tracklist (song – artist)


Pennies-Lady Sovereign

Dangerous (The Big Beat’s Next Level Mix)-Busta Rhymes

Well Oso-Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Miltinho

Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix)-The Go! Team

Que Que-Dillon Francis & Diplo (feat. Maluca)

Jumpin N Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix Feat. Mars e Pan)2009-Edu K

Bass Down Low (Explicit ver.)-Dev


Open (Plastic Little Remix)-Dub Pistols Feat Tk And Jms

I Am Somebody (paris version)-Dj Mehdi feat. Chromeo

Cooler Couleur (Voyou Remix)-Crookers Feat. Yelle

Creature-Kim Ann Foxman & Andy Butler

Might Like You Better-Amanda Blank


Guns-3 Is A Crowd

‘Ta Com Medo De Mim?-Oliver$ & Deize Tigrona

Why Don’t You-Gramophonedzie

Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999 – The Photoshoot

18 May

On a sunny, Sunday afternoon in Bed Stuy, we met up with Haruka Salt 999 to get a little taste of what goes on in her mind when she’s getting ready. Our answer was an unexpected silence as Ms. Salt needs little preparation. Armed with eyeliner and fun flats, there’s little else that Haruka considers gig essentials, but throw in a question or two about her tattoos and her mixtaping habit and she’ll open far more than just her closet. For Haruka, art imitates life, with her style choices often being random and off the cuff – save her enormous eyeglasses – much like her daily (lack of) routine.

But much like Haruka the person and the DJ, her style throws a few curveballs as well, with her softer side sneaking in at the perfect time and her edge taking a backseat. Without much further ado, take a moment to join us as we Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999!

Haruka w/ her dog DJ

You have a lot of tattoos. What inspired them all?

It’s all about my life. This neck tattoo, for example, is for Akasha. I got it on April 24th, my birthday. It says “Spin 999.” I mean, he’s the one who put me onto DJing in New York. It wasn’t a huge thing – just a house party – but he put me on. Our birthdays are the same and he named me. So it’s a friendship tattoo.


I have others: one for my dog DJ, another that says “BK” for Brooklyn because I love this borough. My newest one means a lot. I’m 30 now, and I have experienced so much. There were lots of things that happened to me or people in my life that were no good. I was tired of dealing with the drama from people who shouldn’t have been in my life. It’s time for me to live my life as a woman, a woman who is strong, so that’s why I decided for this one to be the image of a woman.

Does anyone in particular inspire your sense of style fashion-wise?

Gays! [laughs] Yeah, gays and lesbians. They are truly creative and talented, so they inspire me all the time.

What about places you shop? You’re so small that it seems like clothing that fits would be difficult to find.

Nowhere! Sometimes A Children’s Place on Fulton. [laughs] Vintage stores, Salvation Army, thrift stores, wherever I can.

Any favorite colors or prints?

I like red a lot, though what I wear and what I like in a color are different.

What about makeup?

I don’t put anything on my face but eyeliner. I like my eyes. I don’t like everything perfect perfect. Every time I see someone, I focus on one part. Everyone has one part that is so attractive. I find my eyes are the most attractive “piece” of my body. So that’s why I like to make them stand out more.

I’ve got mad pairs of glasses too! [laughs] At least 9 or 10 pairs of the big ones. I’ve been wearing this style now for the past two years. They are prescription. When I DJ sometimes, it’s hard. I can’t always see Serato as clearly without them

What about when you are getting ready? What is that process like?

I listen to music. Sometimes soul, disco, electro, classic – just whatever I feel. I DJ every day, so when I am getting ready for a gig, it’s just a normal process now. I wear whatever comes to mind, which is very much like my life. It’s about what I want for now.

I wear flats or sneakers. It’s key for me to be comfortable. I can’t dance in heels, but with sneakers, heeyyyyy! [laughs] But I used to wear heels all the time. I still wear them sometimes when I go out, especially when I want to make myself a woman, feel more feminine. I am a woman, but sometimes I forget – especially in this industry. I’m so used to doing things on my own. I really don’t like to ask for help. I just wanna do it by myself. It’s all about confidence. That’s what I like.

Can you tell us a bit about your website (http://harukasalt999.com) ?

Sure. I’m used to making mixtapes. That’s what we used to do. Here, everyone wants to DJ for parties. But back in the day, I just wanted to be a DJ for myself. Every day, I’d come home from school and get on the tables. I bought vinyl and wanted to mix. I guess that was like art for me.


So the website is all about how I DJ and how I think about music. It’s simple. DJs are not superstars. That’s just what I think. We get a lot of respect – and I appreciate that – but let’s be honest: we just play music that other people make. Anybody can do it. It’s all about timing.

– Retail DJ

TONIGHT: Get Down @ subMercer

7 Jan

Check out Butter tonight @ the Get Down Friday Night party at subMercer, a great club below the Mercer Hotel in SoHo. With Butter joining Tyler Askew and Tommy TurboJazz, it’s sure to be a night of luscious sets and good dancing. RSVP to getdownyc@gmail.com for entry

As you get ready to go out tonight, whether its to subMercer or another event, use Butter’s EXCLUSIVE Retail DJ mix as your soundtrack. Happy Friday!

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist after the jump

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Get Ready With Whitney Day – The Photoshoot

25 Nov

Beyond allowing us to pick her brain during quite a busy week, DJ Whitney Day also let us accompany her as she got ready! What did we find out? That there’s more than meets the ear, of course, as her style is not directly linked to her music. Though her sets tend to blend old and new sounds, soul, disco, and active rhythms to get a crowd going, her style is casual cool, a t-shirt and jeans with a bit of flair. With a haircut as her signature style element, Danna keeps the crowd’s focus on the music and what’s going on with her from the neck up, as she notes that is pretty much all they get to see of her (unless she decides to join them on the floor, which she has been known to surprise a few audiences and actually do).

With abs of steel, a smile that would make pageant queens jealous, and comfort around the camera, DJ Whitney Day was an easy subject, leaving us with so many photo options that it was a bit hard to narrow down the picks for this piece! But if you want to see for yourself, scroll down and come with us as we Get Ready With Whitney Day:


How would you characterize your style?

I think that being from New York, that sort of is a defining factor in and of itself. I’m a very “city” person, which to me means jeans, sneakers, sweatshirts. I’m very casual. While going to school in Massachusetts, I definitely stood out. Fashion-wise, I didn’t really look like everybody else.

What was the style like there?

Very Abercrombie, collared shirts, stuff like that. Until then, I had never seen anyone wear running sneakers with jeans out in public. I kept thinking, “Where are everyone’s Converse sneakers?” and they were like, “Huh, what’s that?” Street sneakers just didn’t really have a place there, and I would never wear like, Nike sneakers out to a bar (unless they were really cool high tops or something).

But in general, I am pretty casual. You most likely are not going to see me strutting down the street wearing high heels and halter top. Maybe for a wedding I’d make an exception [laughs] That is not to say that I am completely not feminine, but I think there are other ways to express femininity besides wearing high heels and stuff that’s really tight and uncomfortable.

What about your color schemes? Do you tend to wear a lot of dark colors like a “typical New Yorker”? Does that influence bleed into your color choices as well?

Yeah. I typically stick more toward darker colors like black, dark greens, etc, and more natural colors. Once in a while, a style or fad will come along in a neon color, and I’ll get that one neon yellow shirt or something. But I think, like most New Yorkers, you can’t go wrong with black.

But when it comes to bright colors, I see your hair is a pretty bold blonde. Is it natural or dyed? Was this to contrast all the dark colors?

I was born with blonde hair and it darkened over time. I tried wearing it brown, but I’ve just always preferred blonde. It just looks better on me. Also, my hair being somewhat of a signature of my look, something that makes me stand out as I don’t wear bright colors or sparkly outfits for my gigs, it’s something that people recognize me by. So keeping my hair this color and style, and standing out because of it, is really part of my fashion sense if you will.

Beyond your hair, are there any other signature components of your style?

I think that because my [clothing] style is so casual, my makeup also tends to go above and beyond–whether it’s through color or something more exaggerated and extreme just to stand out – especially when you’re behind the DJ booth. It doesn’t really pay to wear amazing pants because no one will see them. Hats are kind of out, for obvious reasons, as are big earrings. [laughs] Considering that what people see of you from the booth is from the neck up, keeping that bright and doing something there to stand out is important style-wise.

Do you have any makeup favorites that you’ve been employing as of late?

I’ve been into purple lately, and I go kind of heavy on the mascara and eyeliner. I think dark eyes (i.e. the smoky eye) or something a little more bright, with a splash of color, looks cool.

What about lips?

Because I was a trombone player for many years, I was used to never wearing lipstick because in the end, I would have looked like a clown. [laughs] I usually don’t wear lipstick. I only wear a little gloss, which usually wears off very quickly after my first drink, but then I don’t even bother to re-apply.

When we spoke earlier, you mentioned that you were really into the military meets preppy look. Could you explain how those two styles came together for you?

I don’t actually wear them together . . . at least, not that I can recall. [laughs] While I sometimes wear really tight jeans, I tend to wear jeans that are a little low-slung and baggier in the hip area. I really like cargo pants because you can throw them on with a t-shirt or something and it still has a bit of an edge. I’m also obsessed with this new military-style green jacket I bought. I think it’s from Free People. You just can’t go wrong with it: the hood fits into the collar, which is really convenient, and it has a ton of huge pockets, so I can put everything I need in there.

In terms of the more preppy side, I’ve been really into the straight, button-up, collared shirts, plaid shirts, and boat shoes. It’s a bit odd for me because I’ve never been a preppy person, but I think because of my hair, I never look totally preppy. [laughs] I can pull off the contrast.

Do you cut your own hair or do you go to stylist?

[laughs] Sometimes, my girlfriend cuts it for me if I am being really lazy! It’s kinda funny though, I never go to the same place. You can’t really go wrong when you cut hair like this, and even if someone messes it up (for example, I’ve gone to those Bumble and Bumble school training sessions for a cut before), in two weeks, it’s fine. I am not too sensitive about it.

Once I walked into some random place in Chinatown, and the guy cut my hair really short (which was totally fine; it’s what I asked for), but by the end, I looked like every.single.Asian male hairstylist in the place! [laughs] After he was done with me, we all looked at each other like “Yeaaah!” It had spikes on top! It was really funny. That one was maybe an extreme case, but like I said, in two weeks, it’s back to the way it used to be.

When you DJ, do you dress differently from when you just go out for fun?

No, not really. I know of some DJs who dress up to fit a certain persona, but I don’t really go for that so much. I have to be comfortable when I’m DJing because I can be up there for up to 8 hours, and it’s all on my feet. You have to consider that. You are working, and sweating (hopefully, if you’re really getting into it).

I might do something a little bit different, like put on a different piece of jewelry, but usually, I just show up to the gigs like myself. I let the music speak for itself.

Sometimes, I want to jump out onto the dancefloor, do my thing, and then jump back into the booth! I think there is this weird separation between the DJ and the audience, but I never feel that way. I feel very connected with the audience. These people are my friends, or could be my friends, and we’re just kinda hanging out. So I don’t really go for that distinction of “I’M the DJ” and I’m going to wear this insane outfit. I just keep it casual.

How do you lug around all your stuff?

I have a bag that I inherited from a friend of mine when I was working for a DJ. He has had a very big influence on me–I consider him my DJ mentor, although we’re very good friends as well. He passes down a lot to me: records, his backpack, an old mixer, this and that. So he gave me this bag, and it has a million pockets. It was very convenient because it fits a Serato box, a couple of records (which I always bring for backup just in case Serato craps out (which doesn’t happen often, but you never know. You’ve gotta play it safe)), my Serato cds, some backup needles, and tons of cables (just in case). [laughs] It’s all pretty heavy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I start having back problems, but it’s a good way to keep everything in one place, throw it on my back, and hit the train.


Let’s talk a little bit about your process of getting ready. What’s the order? Is there any sequence you follow?

I do try, just from experience, to put my shirt on before I do my makeup. I have had some things happen before when I didn’t. I had this white shirt with a cool design that I wanted to wear. I got ready, did my makeup, put on the shirt, then ended up with a face imprint on one side. [laughs] So I’ll do that, but for everything else, I’m usually running around my house like a madwoman, going back and forth between the bathroom and the closet, checking in the mirror, throwing things all around, and just scrambling.

I usually have tv on in the background pretty much all the time, even when I am just playing music or practice. I am not really sure why. [laughs] It’s probably just out of habit. Before a gig, though, I typically don’t play music. I just want to give my ears a rest if I am going to be playing 4, 6, 8 hours. I am just being more and more cautious about my ears. They are really important, and a lot of DJs forget about that. I’ve been reading a lot about ear health lately, and as dorky as it sounds, it’s very important. I realized that if I wanted to be DJing for a long time and working in audio, then I’d better start taking care of that.

I need a little bit of down time and quiet beforehand. I used to listen to my iPod a lot on the train before I’d go, but I try not to do that. I like to blank out my mind before hand, to keep everything empty before I step into a space, so I can properly evaluate a space and the crowd. I want to take all that in before I play.

– Retail DJ

Get Ready With WooHoo – The Mix

19 Nov

This exclusive Retail DJ Get Ready With WooHoo mix could not have fallen on a better day. It’s a Friday, the final day in what for many may have been a looong work week and the beginning of what will hopefully be an amazing weekend. Let this mix be the soundtrack to yours.

But before you press play, I offer some background . . .

This mix accurately reflects WooHoo’s style which, as I mentioned before, is a mix of old and new, pop and underground, fast and slow. Much like the first mixes of WooHoo’s I heard, this one is constantly moving, taking the listener on a journey through a variety of genres and tempos, the common thread of course being quality, each of his tracks well-chosen and deliberate. But unlike his previous mixes, this one has your wardrobe in mind. As he stated, rock is sometimes the soundtrack to his getting ready process, so he included a bit here to get you warmed up. As you go along, the pop and electronica come in at the perfect time, getting you in the mood to dance if you haven’t already started 10 minutes after pressing play!

But enough from me–I’ll let the music do the talking. Have a lovely Friday and don’t forget: if you’re going out, be sure to Get Ready With WooHoo:

Get Ready With WooHoo – The Mix

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With WooHoo by WooHoo

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


TV On The Radio – Hours
Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds (Michna Remix)
Holy F#@k- Latin America
The Talking Heads – Slippery People (12″ version)
LCD Soundsystem – 45:33
The Stone Roses – Fool’s Gold
Jody Watley – Looking for a New Love
Debarge – Stop! Don’t Tease Me
Holy Ghost – I Know I Hear
Adonis – Reck the Joint
Lee Foss – Run Around
Roach Motel – Transatlantic
Bodyrox – Yeah Yeah (Ramirez Instrumental)
Flavio Diaz – Alysa
Laurent Wolf – The Crow
Sebastien Leger – The People (Eric Prydz Remix)
Karizma – Groove A “K” Ordingly
Grand High Priest – Mix Down
Robbie Rivera – Feel This (Robbie Rivera’s Original Mix)
Riva Starr – Organ D’Amour
George Morel – Everybody Sing Along (Morel Sing Along Mix)
Todd Terry – Daft Groove
Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch
Cassius – 1999 (Remix) (radio edit)
WOOHOO – Runnin’

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Get Ready With Butter – The Mix

7 Nov

Along with the photoshoot and interview, the Get Ready With Butter Mix capture the character and style of Butter perfectly. After much careful deliberation and made with a set of records from around the world, the mix came together beautifully. Before releasing the mix, Brian added:

Since you first heard me play at Ludo (Vegas) in Sao Paulo, the mix began with about 100 tracks I’d take to Vegas if I were playing tonight. The mix was done quite impromptu; other than the broad initial selection there was no specific order or rehearsal. I began with tracks that would get me in the mood and continued organically. Some tracks inspired the track that follows, while others were played solely because I wanted to hear it at that moment. All very representational of a music session while getting ready for a gig. It was fun.
And indeed, it was fun for us as well and hopefully all the readers who have a listen to this incredible mix will share our sentiments. As per usual, Butter put together a set of many tracks that have yet to see their day in the sun. In some ways, it’s as if pressing play on this mix means opening your mind to a set of musical treasures. But don’t just take my word for it. Take a moment to press play and be ready for a mix that will truly be the highlight of your night as you Get Ready With Butter:

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Butter – The Mix

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Butter – The Mix by Butter


01 / Get That Bdb / Awanto 3

02 / Music Sounds Better With You (Chateau Flight remix) / Stardust

03 / A Disorderly Fashion / Erdbeerschnitzel

04 / Antares / Recloose

05 / Forever And A Dub / Franc Spangler

06 / Free Disco / CDR

07 / The Warm Up / Trickski

08 / I Speak Jive (John Tejada remix) / Joe Babylon

09 / Sacred Ground / TB Knudsen & D Savi

10 / Mr Swishy (Linkwood’s Codeine Remix) / Al Tourettes & Appleblim

11 / Mystery Babylon / Ibex

12 / Revolution / Lukatron

13 / The Tracks Are Alive / Pezzner

14 / Pineapple Crush / Lone

15 / Get Around To It / Pocketknife ft. Joe Worricker

16 / Lovedazin / Morning Factory

17 / Quilombo / San Soda


to get more Butter, check him out at notmargarine.com or on themixtapeclub.org


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