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Funk On A Friday: Daví

29 Jul


It’s been a while since this single has been sitting on my “desk,” which is unfortunate because it’s actually a really fun track. But with life happening and all the other things going on, as I prevously explained, Retail DJ was put on the backburner. Well, these recent days have been about playing catchup and I owe a little shoutout to Daví DeShaun Davis, who goes simply by “Daví” for his many artistic projects (which beyond singing, also include choreography and DJing).

I first met Daví at a Retail DJ showcase in 2010 and after subsequent run-ins, can say he’s funny, interesting, and genuine, so it’s no surprise that his music reflects the many facets of his personality. His first single “That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)” in reminiscent of electro-soul duo J*Davey, but with even more funk. 🙂

You can check out Daví live on August 24th at R Bar. For more information on the event visit the facebook invite here. For more on Daví, including his choreography work, check out his website http://www.bydavi.com.

– Retail DJ


Funk On A Friday: SebastiAn – Embody [video]

25 Mar

SebastiAn, making out with . . . himself

Everyone knows I love SebastiAn. I had the pleasure of seeing him live back in 2006 or 2007 at Studio B, and before then, I had been visiting his myspace page on the daily just to hear his many dark, aggressive original tracks and remixes. He was my segue to other great groups like Revl9n and Teenage Bad Girl. Long story short, the man makes great music, but considering the previous direction his music has gone, his newest single “Embody,” which has possibly the cutest video on the planet, was a shock. It’s light and fun and full of soul. I’m hoping the rest of his album will be just as good.


Funk On A Friday: Ben Men

25 Feb

Ben Men (photo courtesy of deepbeep)

Anyone who reads this blog knows I have a profound respect and love for the Brazilian music site deepbeep. The diversity of their music selection and the commitment to providing their readers with quality interviews and content never cease to impress me. In a world where people don’t even have time to read more than a tweet, the fact that their site posts actual articles says a lot.

Another thing I love about deepbeep, though I risk sounding sycophantic at this point, is their diligence in musical filtering. There’s never a bad mix on their site and every bit of music posted has been clearly made with a lot of appreciation for the art of DJing and production. One of their recently featured artists, France’s Ben Men:

[translated from Portuguese] “If there are things that Brazil and France have in common, without a doubt one of them is Ben Men. Engaged in his country’s [music] scene, his efforts do not lie only in playing and producing music; he also organizes parties, such as a regular party at Rex Club in Paris, heads the label BTRAX, shares his know-how with Brazilians, and since 2010 has been the resident DJ of the party “Paradise.” He is the creator of “Electro Brazil”, a French radio station program, for which he frequently invites Brazilian DJs to play. In the spirit of sharing experiences, Ben Men recorded a live set that you can listen to here! Check out what he has to say in our exclusive interview (continue to interview (in Portuguese)).”

His set is full of classic, Detroit/Chicago-style, funky house tracks, many of which you may recognize from previously featured mixes and podcasts. Hopefully it will help you get a little motivated for a night out on this rainy NY Friday. Enjoy:

Ben Men – Electro Brazil, Sensations FM Show (Live, recorded for deepbeep)

(click to play; right click + save as to download)

– Retail DJ

Funk on a Friday: It’s All About Love

4 Feb

There is one song that, as the lyrics say, I just can’t get off my mind. It’s Eli Escobar’s “Love Thing Part 2” as remixed by DJ Mehdi. I hear it almost every time I go out, and EZRAKH even played it at WERK! (Retail DJ 1-Year Anniversary Party), but it never gets old. Check out the original:


and also check this re-edit/mashup WooHoo did with Soul Clap and Gadi Mizrahi’s remix of Bad Rabbits “Bad Love”

– Retail DJ

Funk on a Friday: The Pop of the Underground

8 Oct

Death on the Balcony

I watch top 40 music videos online every now and then to have some connection with what’s going on above ground. What are the kids listening to at sea level these days, and why? What motivates their tastes, in both fashion and music, and what holds their attention for longer than 30 seconds? My connection to the world of pop is limited considering I don’t have a television, nor a radio, but my exposure to it is constant thanks to the internet. After listening or viewing, however, I am not all too convinced that I should stay connected beyond my small brush with it for the sake of avoiding becoming some sort of musical hermit.

What DOES interest me, however, is the pop of the underground. After months, even years, sometimes, a few songs continue to stick around and are frequently played by DJs in their mixes or live sets in order to reach the crowd that still needs to hear something a tiny bit familiar in order to go in deep. What is it about these songs that keep them around for so long? It’s clearly not laziness on the part of the DJ as he or she will add in songs that are less well-known in addition to the “pop of the underground” stuff. It could be simply to keep us on our toes, following the line of thinking that maybe one familiar song (at least to people who actively listen to the music of the underground) will pull us deeper into this woven web of tracks we’ve never heard.

That’s exactly what the guys from Death on the Balcony from Leeds did for the latest Adventures with Soul Clap podcast. While released on 9/22, I just got around to listening to it (oddly, it’s impossible to listen to over 24 hours of music in one day…odd, right?) and fell in love right away. It’s just the right amount of soul, disco, house, new wave, and funk to soothe the ears and get you ready for a night out or help you get through your day in (work, of course). For those of you who follow this blog (or others where this type of music is a regular feature), some of the tracks may be familiar, and others may be brand new. Enjoy them all, and Happy Friday!

A little from Soul Clap on DOTB:

 In many ways D.O.T.B. are also our brothers from other mothers as they hold down pop nights in Leeds and basically play as wide range of music as they need to survive as DJs in a small town (just like we did for so long). Now, it seems like they’re making like The Clap and outgrowing their small town roots by making some serious waves with their original productions for their Magicbag label, some awesome remixes and even a forthcoming release on Airdrop.

Death on the Balcony – Adventures with Soul Clap Episode no. 77

(click to play; right click + save target as to download)

– Retail DJ

Funk on a Friday: Extra Credit

24 Sep

I often find myself thinking that music is coming to a standstill. After listening to hundreds of tracks and mixes on a weekly basis, things begin to sound the same, creating a sonic plateau of bleeps, buzzes, and bass-heavy repetition. It seems like electronic music hits a wall here and there, each DJ or producer simply parroting one another, either due to lack of originality or an inaccurate interpretation of mimicry as inspiration. But from the depths monotony, a few DJs truly provide a beacon of hope.

One such example is DJ duo Homework, whose work I’ve lauded here on the site before, but whose consistently excellent mixes will continue to earn them continued praise. In their latest mix for the Made to Play Podcast, there is not a single dull moment. This time around, the boys of Homework devote their energy to old school soul, funk, house, and an overall slick set of beats that work for just about any act taking place on a weekend night, particularly Friday.

In some ways, Friday has become a bit like a Monday for me in terms of energy levels with all the week-day dancing. This mix is certainly a pick-me-up, providing the perfect amount of motivation to push me through all the steps needed to make Friday night solid. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do (I use present tense as I am literally enjoying it for the 6th time today, if that’s any testament to its excellence). Cheers for an A+ well earned.

Homework – Made to Play Podcast No. 011

(click to play; right click + save target as to download)


– Retail DJ

Funk on a Friday: Push My Bottin

11 Jun


seriously, this is someone's Halloween costume . . .

I don’t die for disco, but I do like the more updated versions I’ve heard for late, and every now and then, I have a craving for the older-sounding funky stuff. For this Friday’s disco-infused set, I present a new mix from Italian DJ Bottin (that I caught wind of c/o the folks over at Discobelle). It’s a solid Euro-disco mix and a nice way to slide right into your weekend. Put on your platforms, feather your hair, and try to find your inner dancing queen or king tonight!

Bottin – Mix for Pig Radio
Bottin –  ‘The Right Knobs’ mixtape for PIG Radio by eskimorecordings

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

– Retail DJ

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