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Retail DJ April (2013) Podcast

8 May

a-trak – quitte la piste (feat. ttc)
schenk – feel something (original mix)
round table knights – whoo (original mix)
the bird and the bee – f-cking boyfriend
rishi k. – another profound moment (original mix)
tiger & woods – love in cambodgia (original)
round table knights – i just want (original mix)
franc spangler – forever and a day
riton – frambuesa

photo via mariemadame.deviantart.com/art/Black-a…te-57547870


Get Ready With Butter – The Mix

7 Nov

Along with the photoshoot and interview, the Get Ready With Butter Mix capture the character and style of Butter perfectly. After much careful deliberation and made with a set of records from around the world, the mix came together beautifully. Before releasing the mix, Brian added:

Since you first heard me play at Ludo (Vegas) in Sao Paulo, the mix began with about 100 tracks I’d take to Vegas if I were playing tonight. The mix was done quite impromptu; other than the broad initial selection there was no specific order or rehearsal. I began with tracks that would get me in the mood and continued organically. Some tracks inspired the track that follows, while others were played solely because I wanted to hear it at that moment. All very representational of a music session while getting ready for a gig. It was fun.
And indeed, it was fun for us as well and hopefully all the readers who have a listen to this incredible mix will share our sentiments. As per usual, Butter put together a set of many tracks that have yet to see their day in the sun. In some ways, it’s as if pressing play on this mix means opening your mind to a set of musical treasures. But don’t just take my word for it. Take a moment to press play and be ready for a mix that will truly be the highlight of your night as you Get Ready With Butter:

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Butter – The Mix

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Butter – The Mix by Butter


01 / Get That Bdb / Awanto 3

02 / Music Sounds Better With You (Chateau Flight remix) / Stardust

03 / A Disorderly Fashion / Erdbeerschnitzel

04 / Antares / Recloose

05 / Forever And A Dub / Franc Spangler

06 / Free Disco / CDR

07 / The Warm Up / Trickski

08 / I Speak Jive (John Tejada remix) / Joe Babylon

09 / Sacred Ground / TB Knudsen & D Savi

10 / Mr Swishy (Linkwood’s Codeine Remix) / Al Tourettes & Appleblim

11 / Mystery Babylon / Ibex

12 / Revolution / Lukatron

13 / The Tracks Are Alive / Pezzner

14 / Pineapple Crush / Lone

15 / Get Around To It / Pocketknife ft. Joe Worricker

16 / Lovedazin / Morning Factory

17 / Quilombo / San Soda


to get more Butter, check him out at notmargarine.com or on themixtapeclub.org


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