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Friday Fashion Fail: WTForever21?

26 Nov

Just in time for Black Friday, the Superbowl of shopping days, I came across this site via Jezebel. It’s a lovely visual amalgamation of all the things I love to hate about Forever 21 (though, admittedly, they sometimes have really cute items, many of which I profile on this very site) called WTForever21?. On the site, they round up the fugliest finds from Forever 21 along with a litle commentary that’s worthy of a lot of laughs. Imagine Friday Fashion Fail, but focused on one store. Good luck staying away from the worst items profiled as you shop today.

Here’s a preview:

Crushed poop

I love rock of the 90′s.

But I hate the fashion.


ESPECIALLY the horrific crushed velvet blouse trend.

This monstrosity turns an otherwise very pretty girl into someone you’d be disappointed to sit next to on a plane because you know all they would want to do was talk about their coven and “The Goddess.”

Price: $19.80

Forever 21, WTF?


– Retail DJ


Get Dressed to This: Kitsch Lite

17 Jul

Every now and then, a little tacky goes a long way, and this touch of low-class chic is something that Americans seem to have down pat. After having a discussion this Friday with a French friend in fashion (how’s that for alliteration?) about the lack of style in American fashion, I got to thinking about the things we’re good at. We’re the ones who gave the world hip hop (and the “street” style therein), we do ghetto chic like no other, and we have a pretty good handle on casual. Luckily, all of the aforementioned looks are perfect for summer.

For this week’s Get Dressed to This, I’ve decided to put together a look that’s a tiny bit kitsh, but a lot of fun. With high-waisted shorts, a bright necklace, and platforms, anyone would be a traffic stopper in this trailer park meets SoHo getup. Along for the ride is the music of DJ Arq(uimedes) aka Marlon Oliva, a talented DJ whom I had the opportunity to hear spin at Santos on Thursday night. Though the mix is labeled for spring, it has a ton of jams that will surely help motivate us as we put ourselves together in our cutest summer styles. Get Dressed to This:

The Music

DJ Arq – Slow Your Roll (Spring 2010 Promo Mix)

(click to play ; right click + save target as to download)

tracklist (below) after the jump

The Outfit

1. Ruched Banded Cami, Forever 21, $4 USD (worn tucked-in)


2. Lucca Couture Sailor Short, Urban Outfitters, $48 USD

3. Chica Platforms, Irregular Choice, $150 USD

4. Flower Statement Necklace, MyFaunaFlora Store on Etsy, $96 USD

5. 14k Yellow Gold Studs, DreamsandJewelry Store on Etsy, $90 USD

6. Hello “Quilty” Carry-All, Modcloth, $60 USD

For Your Reference:

DJ Arq’s Myspace Page

To Attempt and Not Succeed

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Get Dressed to This: Back In One Piece

25 Jun

It’s officially summer, and the thermostat agrees. Fortunately, there’s always the prospect of hanging at the pool to prevent complete and utter overheating and subsequent evaportation in the sun. The funny part about the turn in swimwear fashion as of late is that even though the temperature calls for showing more skin, there are some sexy suits out there that cover us up. Thanks to the re-launching and complete overhaul of the one-piece, underwater fashion has taken on quite the twist.

To get ready for a pool party or a beach outing, you definitely will need some music to get your energized and excited about taking a deep dive or even a shallow dip. This mix will surely help you get your groove on before having a great day under the sun. Get dressed to this . . .

The Music

Fare Soldi – Capri Sonne Mix 2010

Fare Soldi – Capri Sonne 2010 by Mr. TMS

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist (all the way at the bottom) after the jump


The Suits:

1. Shiny Suspender Maillot, American Apparel, $36 USD



2. Firm Control Plunge Front Halter One Piece, Victoria’s Secret, $103 USD


3. Multi-Color Monokini (in Splash Print), Forever 21, $20 USD


4. Retro One-Piece, Victoria’s Secret, $125 USD


5. Beach Blanket Bingo One-Piece in Red, ModCloth, $90 USD



6. Halter One-Piece Monokini, Victoria’s Secret, $108 USD



7. Striped One-Piece in Red and Blue, DSquared, $365 USD


8. Strappy One-Piece, Mara Hoffman, $168 USD


9. Neoprene Zig-Zag Swimsuit, Emilio Pucci, $500 USD


10. Zebra Print Maillot V-Swimsuit, American Apparel, $54 USD


11. Slashed One-Piece, Victoria’s Secret, $105 USD


12. Gleaming Pewter Maillot, Anthropologie, $168 USD


13. Bathing Beauty One-Piece in Black, ModCloth, $90 USD


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Saturday Site Love: Dulce Candy

6 Feb

It’s freeeeezing cold outside right now in NYC, so much that even I, someone who is almost always hot, felt the need to get under the down comforter and turn the heat on high in order to cope. I thought it might be time to bring in a little warmth from an outside source. This time, that source is Los Angeles, California, home of the 22 year old fashion student and site owner of Dulce Candy, a great fashion blog (particularly if you are into keeping up with fashion trends and not hyper indie).

Here on RetailDJ, it’s hard to classify the style we cover. I try to profile a variety of styles, straying a bit from trends and focusing more on things that make people look their best and feel confident. The cool thing about Dulce Candy is that its focus is on what’s hot and what’s presently flying off the shelves of more mainstream shops like Forever 21. Urban Outfitters, and Wetseal. Makeup and jewelry trends are also convered on the site, and the author photographs herself in each outfit she features. She also includes video clips of herself dissplaying and trying on her new finds. Though I am not crazy about all the outfits (hey, taste differs), I admire her energy and dedication in profiling fashion in such a fun, interactive, and entertaining way. With that said, check out Dulce Candy to see what’s sweet on the West Coast.


 Dulce Candy

– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Ghetto Princess

6 Feb

Snooki: Certified Princess

When I announced a few days ago that I’d be featuring a mix by The Twelves for this week’s “Get Dressed to This” post, I found myself thinking in reverse. Typically, I plan the outfit, then pick the music that goes with it. This time, I knew what music I wanted to use, but needed a theme and an outfit to match.

But first, I should share my own story. I have a weird body, at least when it comes to clothing fitting me the right way. I often have to get things altered because I am short, belt/suspender/safety pin/constantly pull up pants because I have no hips, and do a lot of praying (and squats whenever I have the time) because I have no butt. One of things that I really advocate is finding clothes that fit your body well, but already understanding your body enough to know which clothes don’t. It’s one of the reasons why I try to offer a variety of clothing styles and cuts to address the physical assets and shortcomings of my readers who may be inspired by the wares I feature here. Not everyone is a tall, hyperthin model, and I acknowledge that.

In terms of clothing fitting your body type, I always thought this way about skinny jeans. If you weren’t skinny (or at least hyper proportionate), they were not meant for you, I’d say, chastising myself for even finding them on cute, and recognizing that I should leave them to the folks they were slated to look best on, at least if we are going by name alone: skinny people. Yet in a strange turn of events, at the end of a set of errands, a stop at Old Navy ended with my going home with 2 pairs of skinny jeans, one of which was a pair of denim stretch jeans – a trend I had vowed never to touch – teaching me to never say never.

And in all this, I found my theme for the night. Much like my fairytale counterpart Cinderella, I had found a fairy godmother at the most unlikely of places, and at the strangest of times. As Old Navy closed their store for the night, I left with my first pair of properly fitting skinny jeans, my fashion fate spinning its magic before the clock struck twelve and everything went from sheer luck to pumpkins.

In recognizing the hour 12 and my jean Cinderella story, I thought I’d revive a princess we haven’t seen in fashion for a little bit. Yes, the ghetto princess. The nameplate necklaces and gelled curls framing the face of  2003’s magazine layouts aside, the fashion industry has always worked to bring popularity and heart-stopping pricetags to the styles that already exist. Much like the companies that re-sell us natural water for an inflated price or add $2 to everything organic, in a frighteningly ironic twist, fashion too likes to remind us of the arbitrary nature of value, even if it’s put on something we already have.

With that said, I’m adding my take on the (faux) Ghetto Princess look (lite), with a mix from The Twelves to help you turn your pumpkin into a carriage as you head out this weekend. Have fun as you get dressed to this and don’t forget to rock with your favorite short, fur-lined hood, puffer coat:

The Twelves – The Twelfth Hour (dl)

tracklist can be found below (and in the music archive)

1. Myra Multi-Color Cutout Wedge, $159 USD, Bebe

2. Women’s Perfect Khaki Shorts in Ink Blue, $20 USD, Old Navy

3. Lee Angel Multi Bangle Set in Gold, $23 USD, theOutnet

4, Solid Scoop Top, $6 USD, Forever 21

5. New York Hoops, $3 USD, Forever 21

6. Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging in Raspberry, $26 USD, American Apparel

The Twelves – Twelfth Hour


Methusalem – Robotism. Groove Armada – Drop The Tough (The Twelves Remix). Glass Candy – Miss Broadway. Daft Punk – Da Funk. DJ Agent 86 – Wavestate. Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control. Gaz Nevada – I-C Love Affair. Phoenix – Lisztomania. Arpadys – Mystery Rock (Vlad Maywad edit). The Do – On My Shoulders. Zoot Woman – Information First. The Jacksons – Shake your Body. Mr Oizo – Two Takes It. Bushy – Sqezy Soul. Zeigeist – Humanitarianism (The Twelves Remix). Snoop Doggy Dogg – Sensual Seduction. Juan Maclean – No Time. DJ Agent 86 – Magic. K.I.D. – Hupendi Musiki. Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses. Siriusmo – Discoding. Dan Hartman – Vertigo / Relight my Fire. Air – Sexy Boy. Fever Ray – Seven (The Twelves Remix). Pacific – Hot Lips (The Twelves Remix). Patrick Alavi – Power. Dynasty – I Dont Wanna be a Freak. Metronomy – Radio Ladio. Siriusmo – Last Dear. Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream. Elitechnique – Spectral Escape. The Virgins – Rich Girls. Black Kids – …Dance With You (The Twelves Remake). The Juan Maclean – Happy House. M.I.A. – Boyz. Cut Copy – So Haunted. Space – Magic Fly. PNAU – With You Forever. Eddie Tour – Up The Glitter. Mr. Oizo – Hun. Cerrone – Give Me Love. Mr. Oizo – Steroids (ft. Uffie). Tiga – Shoes. Kano – It’s a War. Daft Punk – Revolution 909. Radiohead – Scatterbrain (The Twelves Remix). Terry Poison – Comme Ci Comme «a (The Twelves Remix). Sebastien Tellier – Sexual Sportswear. Chemical Brothers – It Doesn’t Matter. Database vs. French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends (The Twelves Remix)

– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Sometimes, You’ve Got to Be a Little Badd

28 Jan

Inspired by old biker pics of James Dean, I thought I’d make today’s Get Dressed to This post all about looking tough and dancing tougher. But when I say tough, I don’t mean knock ’em down, drag ’em out, fighting-style tough, I mean the tough that makes people stop in their tracks and go “Dayyyyumn, you’s a sexy b*tch!” or something along those lines 🙂

Going out and looking good doesn’t always mean wearing little. This lesson rings particularly true in the winter, when wearing little just makes people shake their heads and think you’re stupid. You can cover yourself up entirely and still make traffic stop. With that said, I give you Retail DJ’s take on rebellion with legendary DJ, promoter, and all-around awesome person Larry’s Tee’s Club Badd Mix from 2008 as the soundtrack.

Larry TeeClub Badd Mix (DL)

From tracks like “My P*ssy” “Let’s Make Nasty,” and “Licky,” this mix is sure to put you in a naughty mood, or at the very least make you dance like you’re in one. As per usual, the tracklist is available in the Music Archive.

1. Silence & Noise Satellite Moto Jacket, $100 USD, Urban Outfitters

2. Maisy Denim Skinny Jeans in Black, $45 USD, French Connection

3. Sexy Basic V-Neck Tee – Striped, $27 USD, Express

4. Vera Wang Lavender Label ‘Falicita’ Platform Pump in Black & Gold Brushed Leather, $295 USD, Nordstrom


5. Pleather Rose Earrings, $5, Forever 21

6. Angular Ring, $20, Urban Outfitters


– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Dark Days

21 Jan

Call me crazy, but I love the cold and I like the dark. I’m a night owl with a penchant for snow and ice. Let’s just say I am enamored with the season in which I was born.

Winter, while the most brutal of seasons, can be one of the best. It allows for well-made attire  (most of which is dark), intricate layered outfits, hot drinks, and sweating by choice. The sun goes down a little sooner, getting us ready for extended nights out. It also calls for creative ways to keep warm–dancing being one of them. With that said, I give you the Retail DJ homage to l’hiver: Dark Days.

Music by Lazaro Casanova . . .

The Perfect 10 Back to Basics by lazarocasanova

(see Music Archive for full tracklist)

1. Street Art Skirt, Mod Cloth, $83 USD

Street Art Skirt, Mod Cloth, $83

2. Grey Belle Shoes, Beacon’s Closet, $66 USD

Grey Belle Shoes, Beacon's Closet, $66

3. Lux Tape Earrings, Junkprints (via Etsy), $30 USD

Lux Tape Earrings, Junkprints, $30

4. Fab LS Heathered Top, Forever 21, $6 USD

Fab LS Heathered Top, Forever 21, $6

5. Bianca Coat, Mackage, $297

Bianca Coat, Mackage, $297

6. Knit Leggings, Banana Republic, $34 USD (seriously, some of the most durable and warm leggings out there)

Knit Leggings, Banana Republic, $34

– Retail DJ

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