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Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999 – The Mix

19 May

It’s odd that we feature pop music and hip hop, at least in explicit, raw, un-remixed forms, here on Retail DJ. Yet when we do, we do it for very good reason. This time around, we were given a more than legitimate reason to post a lil pop thanks to this week’s featured artist Haruka Salt 999. Staying true to our commitment to provide the best music for dancing, getting ready, and general revelry at home or on the street, this mix provides the framework for all the above.

In keeping with her mission to provide a mixtape-like feel to all of her live and recorded sets,
Haruka takes us through a trip of hip hop, breaks, dance rock, funk carioca, and electronic dance music without a blink. When I got the mix in my soundcloud inbox, it’s initial title was “Get It Poppin.” I immediately knew I was in for a treat – one that I now share with you all without the slightest hesitation. This versatile mix is perfect for any mood, so I encourage you to play, download, and share it stat! Don’t waste any time. Come with us to Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999!

Retail DJ Presents . . .

Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

(or download here: Get Ready With Haruka Salt 999 for Retail DJ (right click + save target as)

tracklist (song – artist)


Pennies-Lady Sovereign

Dangerous (The Big Beat’s Next Level Mix)-Busta Rhymes

Well Oso-Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Miltinho

Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix)-The Go! Team

Que Que-Dillon Francis & Diplo (feat. Maluca)

Jumpin N Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix Feat. Mars e Pan)2009-Edu K

Bass Down Low (Explicit ver.)-Dev


Open (Plastic Little Remix)-Dub Pistols Feat Tk And Jms

I Am Somebody (paris version)-Dj Mehdi feat. Chromeo

Cooler Couleur (Voyou Remix)-Crookers Feat. Yelle

Creature-Kim Ann Foxman & Andy Butler

Might Like You Better-Amanda Blank


Guns-3 Is A Crowd

‘Ta Com Medo De Mim?-Oliver$ & Deize Tigrona

Why Don’t You-Gramophonedzie


Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast

17 Mar

For the first time in, well, ever (?), I am putting up the monthly podcast weeks before the last day. That’s cause for celebration. Another aspect of this podcast worthy of a hoorah is the fact that I recorded it all on my new mixer! You see, I previously had the difficult task of manually placing each song next to another, manually attempting to beatmatch when possible, crossfading almost all of the time, from one song to the next. But now, with the help of modern technology, this podcast is going to get increasingly better over time. Note that this recording was made after only one week of playing with the mixer (a Vestax vci-300 mk II + Serato/Itch), so there are a few mistakes. However, I am really proud of this and know that they will only get better with time and additional practice.

This mix includes new (and old) tracks by several of my favorite artists. I wanted to make something relaxing and danceable all at once, so I consulted some of the best, including: Joyce Muniz, Homework, Jesse Rose, and others who bring a guaranteed dance beat with every track they make. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did putting it together!

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast (right click + save as)

nicolas jaar – keep me there (atreides’ ‘swag numero deux’ edit)
homework – hold me tight (original mix)
jesse rose – non-stop
hercules & love affair – my house (original mix)
crookers (ft. roisin murphy) – royal t (house of house remix)
prince club – i know (2011 re-issue mix edit)
pteradactil disco – big ass biscuit (original mix)
round table knights – endless (original mix)
lcmdf – future me (mr. a’s repeat the repeat the repeat mix)
azari & iii – into the night (renaissance man extended mix)
joyce muniz – party over here, party over there
risk sound system – the sound is yours (kerri chandler remix)
round table knights – cat power (extended mix)
idiotproof, renaissance man, payme – moonlighting (original mix)
green velvet – flash (jamie jones remix)
la fleur – racine (original mix)
crookers, kardinal offishall, carla-marie – put your hands on me (jesse rose play prime remix)
detroit grand pubahs – sandwiches (idiotproof mix)
sapabonde – vai nao se esconde (guto de almeida remix)
chaz jankel – get myself together (original mix)

– Retail DJ

Special Event: Nacotheque! Tonight! (and you can still win tickets!)

30 Jul

Nacotheque, the infamous Latin alternative music party, is happening tonight! Check out the flyer below and be sure to stop by. With a ticket price so low, it makes me think of that song in which the calls out “If you’ve got $5 in your pocket, lemme hear you say, ‘hell yeah!'” But hey, if you don’t, but you still want to go, see below for how you can win tickets for you and a friend to tonight’s show! Email me with the answer by 7 pm and they’re yours!!!

Listen to Amylulita’s Exclusive Retail DJ “What’s Good” Interview and answer this question: What is the name of the international music party Amylulita threw BEFORE Nacotheque? If you find the answer, email me: retaildj@gmail.com and the tickets are all yours 🙂

By the way, check out this sick promo mix Amylulita put together for the show! I found myself singing along and dancing the whole way through. The tracklist on its own is enough to make you scream with glee, so press play or download the thing so you can do it in the comfort of your own home as you get ready for Nacotheque tonight as opposed to at your desk:

Amylulita – Nacotheque Summer Mix

Nacotheque Summer Mix by Amylulita by Amylulita

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


1. Fuego – Bomba Estereo
2. Chupala – Dogma Crew con Kase
3. Prefiero el Asfalto – Nina Dioz
4. No Mas Hip Hop – Los Mono
5. Nanai – La Mala Rodriguez
6. PopozudaRocknRoll – EDU K
7. Bikini a Lunares Amarillos – The Sacados
8. La Vecina – Los Amigos Invisibles
9. Ejercicio #16 – Kinky
10. Nalguita – Plastina Mosh
11. Nossa White Gosta (“Ai Voce Gosta”) Ft Zuzuka – Azu
12. Salta 2000 – King Africa
13. Yo Digo Baila – Mexican Institute of Sound
14. Okupa Final – Meneo
15. E Butanero – Leopardo No Viaja
16. Shake – Ying Yang Twins ft. Pitbull
17. Abrazame (Uproot Andy Mix) – Los Rakas
18. Paper Planes (M.I.A. cover) – Nina Dioz
19. Pela’o (Crookers remix) – Isa GT
20. ??? – Pit Pull
21. Te Ves Bien Buena – El General
22. Dile – ???
23. The Ramonaz Fashion – Ramoneo
24. El Tigeraso – Maluca
25. La hora de volve – Rita Indiana y Los Misterios
26. OMG We Got IT (Fiesta Remix) – Todosantos
27. Cuca Cola – Plastic Caramelo
28. Fiera de Vinil (Bonde Do Terror RMX) Sunsplash ft. Rio Neurotic Bass
29. Mi Delirio (Master Lujan Remix) – Anahi
30. Vama a la playa – Quiero Star
31. Uh Ah – Atomic Brain

– Retail DJ

What’s Good? Shomi Noise (Part Three)

19 Jun

 . . . continued from What’s Good? Shomi Noise (Part Two)

How did it go?

I  did it! I just started playing music. I had learned to crossfade properly. I took a crash course on DJing. I did not know as much. I don’t know how I pulled it off! Everybody was dancing. People were really into it. My friends were coming to the DJ booth and jumping up and down! [laughs] That’s when I realized, “Oh, I can do this!” I just knew that I had to keep working and researching technique. After that, people started to ask me to DJ more, so that was good too.

When was the first That’s My Jam party that you played?

I think it was October or November of 2008.

What kind of music did you play when you first started out? You mentioned that at Anonymous, you were playing more Riot Grrrl and punk, so when did you switch to more electronica and hip hop?

It happened progressively. When I first started, I did have some electro stuff thrown in. I would play the Count and Sinden and some remixes, for example. I was also playing a lot of mainstream stuff because I know that’s what a lot of people like to listen to sometimes. At that time, I still wasn’t quite sure what my style was, but then later I got into a wider variety of stuff, and I got really into crunk.

When you think “crunk,” who are some of the artists that come to mind?

Yo Gotti, the G Spot Boys (who did “Stanky Leg”) . . .

Lots of Southern stuff!

Yeah! That’s where it all originated. I also love Rashida, Crime Mob, Lil’ Jon . . .

What’s the general crowd response when you throw in that type of music?

People love it! I DJed for a beauty salon’s holiday party in the Lower East Side to a mainly straight crowd. I thought I’d just play it safe and play lots of pop-y stuff, but then someone came up to me and asked, “Do you have any crunk?” [laughs] I said, “Yeah! As a matter of fact, I love crunk!” So I started playing crunk, and everybody loved it! Sometimes, I even drop crunk tracks at the museum. I get . . . mixed responses, but mainly positive!

Everybody loves pop, so it’s good to throw it in there, but now that I am into more electro stuff, I’m trying to explore that more. It’s easier to beatmatch and mix with electronic music. Also, another thing I do now with pop music, particularly if it’s a track that’s overplayed, is find a really good remix. Eventually, I want to do my own remixes.

So what’s a remix that’s out now that you’ve been using quite a bit?

Crookers did a really good remix of Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone.” There’s a part that’s too long that just drags on, but I edited that on Ableton. I know I can just drop this track and people will go crazy because it’s Lady Gaga, but with a twist! It has a harder beat.

I just love finding really good remixes of predictable pop songs. I think that’s what DJing is all about—putting a new spin on music and making it your own . . .

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Get Ready With Dash Speaks – The Mix

25 Mar

Dash Speaks, rapper, producer, and DJ extraordinaire recently made this exclusive mix for us to get ready to. In the spirit of Retail DJ, the mix carries the proper mix of upbeat and party with mellow and pensive. It features tracks from a variety of artists and genres, and even includes a piping hot new track by Das Racist.

A note from Dash Speaks on the mix:

There’s a lot of music that I listen to that you can’t play in a club. Sometimes, before I go out or after I’m done, I listen to things that just have nothing to do with the club. You’ll hear that in my mix. It’s stuff that I get ready to. It’s not “normal” club stuff.

Don’t hesitate. Play it nowwwwwwww:
Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Dash Speaks – The Mix by Dash Speaks

click to play / click the small arrow on the right to download


1) Matt and Kim – Daylight (Troublemaker Remix featuring De la Soul)
2) Souls of Mischief – 93 Till (Infinity)
3) Lykke Li- Let it Fall
4) Nass Marrakech- Zid el Maal
5) Uproot Andy- Brooklyn Cumbia
6) NSR- Better With You
7) RCMP- Moustache Love (Pumpkin Patch Remix)
8) The Beach Boys- God Only Knows
9) Crookers featuring Miike Snow- Remedy
10) Telephoned- Break Up
11) Cut Copy- Lights and Music (Moulinex Remix)
12) Calvin Harris- I’m not Alone (Herve Remix)
13) Fool’s Gold- Nadine (Memory Tapes Remix)
14) PRGz featuring Jackie Chain- Rollin’ (DJ Ayres Remix)
15) Red- I SHould Tell Ya Momma on You (Aems and Ben Dubstep Remix)
16) Mike Posner featuring Big Sean and Freddie Gibbs- Bring Me Down
17) Das Racist- Who’s That (Brown)
18) Lil’ Wayne- Let the Beat Build

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Disco Nuevo

12 Jan

In case you haven’t heard, there has been a resurgence of two types of music as of late in the electronica/club scene, and no, i am not talking about dubstep. Both house and disco have risen from the speaker death they experienced when trance, techno, electro, and UK garage/grime/dubstep/niche took over. There have been several incarnations of house in recent years, including “fidget house,” which Crookers and Congorock made famous, in addition to the equally party-friendly tech-house, made popular by folks like Jesse Rose and Riva Starr. Yet another sound that pre-dates the electronica scene is disco, and it’s been given an entirely new face for the contemporary clubgoer/music listener.

What I like to call “Disco Nuevo” has been floating around the music scene in creamy mixes from the likes of several Canadian DJs including Matty C and DJ Neoteric, and Belgium’s Aeroplane, all of whom have taken the 70’s favorite genre and turned into something more fitting for the present. While some of the old disco elements are still there,  like the heavy bass, tinges of gospel, and sassy vocals, the general sound is smoother, more finessed and has light infusions of house and soft rock that provide music that’s good for lounging or dancing, if one sees fit.

Bearing in mind that it’s only Tuesday, I felt like these mixes would be more appropriate for easing you into the week, without overwhelming the senses. These mixes are from the White Light Mix Series, which is a compilation of disco nuevo mixes by a set of talented DJs you may already  know and love. Hopefully you all will appreciate these as much as I do. I have chosen some of the standouts of the bunch, but they are all honestly worth a listen, and a dance or two. Enjoy (to download, right click the link and  “save target as”):

White Light Mix Vol. 1 – Matty C (DL)


The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke rmx)
Architecture in Helsinki – Debbie (U-Tern rmx edit)
Cazals – Somebody Somewhere (Lifelike rmx)
Holy Ghost! – Hold On
WSGM – You Should Be Someone Else (Moulinex rmx)
PNAU – With You Forever
Shapeshifters – Pusher (Lifelike rmx)
Lifelike + Kris Menace – Discopolis (A Hundred Birds rmx edit)
Fiasco – Happy Hour (The Scar rmx)
DJ T + Booka Shade – Queen Lucid
Fred Falke – Love Theme
Daft Punk – Voyager
Alan Braxe + Fred Falke – Intro/Running
DJ T – Funk On U
Leroy Hanghofer – Pin
Juan Maclean – Happy House
Global Communication – The Way (Secret Ingredients rmx)

White Light Mix Vol. 3 – DJ Neoteric (DL)


01 – B.e.l.l X.1 – Flame (Chicken Lips Mix)
02 – F.r.i.e.n.d.l.y F.i.r.e.s – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
03 – A.l.a.n P.a.r.s.o.n.s P.r.o.j.e.c.t – Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You (Twelves Rmx)
04 – T.h.e P.l.u.g.s – Imaginary Friend
05 – B.e.n.i – My Love Sees You
06 – H.o.t C.h.i.p – Like We Breakdown (DFA Remix)
07 – J.a.p.e – Floating (D.I.M Remix)
08 – P.r.y.d.a – Rakfunk
09 – D.V.A.S – Society
10 – M.i.a.m..i H.o.r.r.o.r – Make You Mine
11 – L.e.s R.h.y.t.h.m.s D.i.g.i.t.a.l.e.s – Dreamin’
12 – L.a.d.y.h.a.w.k.e – My Delerium (JBag Hot Pop Remix)
13 – M.e.t.r.o.n.o.m.y – Heartbreaker (Kris Menace Remix)
14 – L.y.k.k.e L.i – Lit Bit (Autoerotique Bootleg Remix)
15 – M.i.d.n.i.g.h.t J.u.g.g.e.r.n.a.u.t.s – 45 and Rising
16 – R.o.l.a.n.d C.l.a.r.k – Music Talking (Fred Falke Remix)
17 – T.h.e H.o.u.r.s – See the Light (C.a.l.v.i.n H.a.r.r.i.s Remix)
18 – The A.s.t.o.n S.h.u.f.f.l.e ft Tommie Sunshine – Stomp Yo Shoes
19 – C.a.s.s.i.u.s – Feelings For You (Les Rhythms Digitales Dreamix)
20 – O.c.e.l.o.t – Our Time (Treasure Fingers Remix)
21 – E.m.p.i.r.e of the S.u.n – Walking on a Dream
22 – L.a.d.y.h.a.w.k.e – Back of the Van
23 – F.e.l.i.x D.a H.o.u.s.e.c.a.t – Ready 2 Wear

White Light Mix Vol. 6 – Curtis Vodka (DL)


1. Julianna Barwick – Cloudbank
2. Walter Jones – I’ll Keep On Loving You
3. Low Motion Disco – Love Love Love (LSB Remix)
4. Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixx Remix)
5. Full Moon Fashions – Happy Shades
6. LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 part 1 (Apt One Edit)
7. Stevie Nicks – Stand Back (Eli Escobar Disco Mix)
8. DJ Kaos – Love The Night Away (Tiedye Mix)
9. Downtown Party Network – Days Like These
10. Federico Conti – Suono Piano
11. Jitterbug – Speakers Corner
12. Burial & Four Tet – Wolf Club
13. The Juan MacLean – One Day (Lazaro Casanova Dub)
14. Kid Sister – Get Fresh (Alex Gopher Dub)

– Retail DJ

Throwback Post: Flying Down to Rio

30 Dec

While I was living in Sao Paulo, Brazil recently, I created a temporary blog about music and fashion (which ended up being the baby for Retail DJ). Here’s a post that I thought was appropriate to include about an awesome little boutique in Rio and a few throwback tracks worth giving a listen as you check out their wares.

– Retail DJ


 i recently bought a gigantic purse from the galeria melissa (huge melissa shoe store in sao paulo) that, while out of my usual price range for purposes, is amazing. it’s big enough for me to sit in, meaning it’s perfect for me, the average new yorker who carries around half of her fridge, closet, and desk drawer in her purse. it’s much cuter in person, but here’s a pic for the hell of it:


the bag “goes both ways,” meaning it has straps on both sides. via the shorter leather straps, it’s more of a bucket shape. via the side clothes draped straps, it’s more of a teardrop shape. the fabric: canvas. the print: handpainted images of people working along with random splotches of color, trees,and other miscellaneous items. the designer: muggia

muggia is a rio-based boutique located in one of rio’s most upscale neighborhoods, botafogo. the store, whose owners twin sisters Ana Beatriz e Juliana Suassuna have always had a pension for design, opened in 2005 to a brazil hungry for original wares. they make clothes, jewelry, and other accessories, but are best known for their jewelry and bags, which they distribute throughout brazil.

here’s an inside look at the atelier:



one of the owners:


here’s a look at the bags (swoon):










rua real grandeza, 182, casa 8, botafogo, rio de janeiro (21) 3511-5470

and just an added extra…

RIO, by the bumblebeez (amazing australian band):

re-worked by Herve (amazing british dj):

and as re-worked by crookers, amazing italian dj duo (whom i had the pleasure of seeing perform live while on vacation in portugal at Lux, a club owned by john malkovich in lisbon (Random!!!)):

ahhh globalization…

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