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Retail DJ February 2012 Podcast

5 Mar

By the way, I released this a few days ago, before it was March. You’d know that if you were a fan on facebook…just sayin’ 😉 I have no comments, really. It’s just a collage of the music I’m into right now. It’s got some new, it’s got some old. It’s good for a variety of moods. I hope you enjoy!

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)


Waifs and Strays – Yeah Yeah (Original Mix)

Joyce Muniz – Back Down

Status IV – You Ain’t Really Down (Jazzanova’s Hey Baby Remix)

La Fleur – Ten Fingers

Joyce Muniz – Erykah

Inxec & Matt Tolfrey – Bring It

Claptone – Cream

Hot Natured – Nino Brown

Tiger & Woods – Dr. Burner (Original)

Michael Jackson – Off the Wall (Only Children Club Edit)

Soundstream – Live Goes On

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Justin Martin Edit)

Cassius – Hey Babe

– Retail DJ


Get Ready With WooHoo – The Mix

19 Nov

This exclusive Retail DJ Get Ready With WooHoo mix could not have fallen on a better day. It’s a Friday, the final day in what for many may have been a looong work week and the beginning of what will hopefully be an amazing weekend. Let this mix be the soundtrack to yours.

But before you press play, I offer some background . . .

This mix accurately reflects WooHoo’s style which, as I mentioned before, is a mix of old and new, pop and underground, fast and slow. Much like the first mixes of WooHoo’s I heard, this one is constantly moving, taking the listener on a journey through a variety of genres and tempos, the common thread of course being quality, each of his tracks well-chosen and deliberate. But unlike his previous mixes, this one has your wardrobe in mind. As he stated, rock is sometimes the soundtrack to his getting ready process, so he included a bit here to get you warmed up. As you go along, the pop and electronica come in at the perfect time, getting you in the mood to dance if you haven’t already started 10 minutes after pressing play!

But enough from me–I’ll let the music do the talking. Have a lovely Friday and don’t forget: if you’re going out, be sure to Get Ready With WooHoo:

Get Ready With WooHoo – The Mix

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With WooHoo by WooHoo

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


TV On The Radio – Hours
Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds (Michna Remix)
Holy F#@k- Latin America
The Talking Heads – Slippery People (12″ version)
LCD Soundsystem – 45:33
The Stone Roses – Fool’s Gold
Jody Watley – Looking for a New Love
Debarge – Stop! Don’t Tease Me
Holy Ghost – I Know I Hear
Adonis – Reck the Joint
Lee Foss – Run Around
Roach Motel – Transatlantic
Bodyrox – Yeah Yeah (Ramirez Instrumental)
Flavio Diaz – Alysa
Laurent Wolf – The Crow
Sebastien Leger – The People (Eric Prydz Remix)
Karizma – Groove A “K” Ordingly
Grand High Priest – Mix Down
Robbie Rivera – Feel This (Robbie Rivera’s Original Mix)
Riva Starr – Organ D’Amour
George Morel – Everybody Sing Along (Morel Sing Along Mix)
Todd Terry – Daft Groove
Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch
Cassius – 1999 (Remix) (radio edit)
WOOHOO – Runnin’

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Back by Popular Demand: Cassius WMC Mix

23 Jul

So I have gotten a lot of emails as of late requesting that I re-post the Cassius mix from a Winter Music Conference set to promote the then-new album 1999. Thanks to the power of Soundcloud and cds (I downloaded it from the Astralwerks site ages ago, burned onto a disk, then refound the mix during a massive CD-burning session to transfer all that plastic to my iPod), it’s back for good this time.

It will be up indefinitely on the Retail DJ Soundcloud page for your listening (and free downloading) pleasure! Boo on Astralwerks for ever having taken it down (it’s a full on masterpiece) but yay to the modern technology that allowed me to bring it back 🙂

Enjoy, and Happpy Friday!

Cassius – WMC Set (1999)

Cassius – 1999 WMC Set by RetailDJ


– Retail DJ

Retail DJ June Podcast

30 Jun

For the Retail DJ June Podcast, I wanted to include tracks that would make you dance, but also music that was mellow enough to listen to as you attempt to cool down despite the ridiculous summer heat. It’s without a doubt a serious mix, with very little room for lighter tracks, but I included a few playful moments just to keep you all entertained. Play it loud, play it proud, and enjoy!

Retail DJ June Podcast

Retail DJ June Podcast by RetailDJ

click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download


Cassius – Hey Babe
Hercules & Love Affair (feat. Nomi Ruiz) – You Belong
Erik Hassle – Alors on Danse
Toro Y Moi – Left Alone at Night (Pink Skull Remix)
Monarchy – Love Get Out of My Way (Holy Ghost remix feat. Dixon)
Mix Chopin – Ecliptic
Femme En Fourrure – Dirty Blonde (Drop the Lime Remix)
Chernobyl – Empina a Pipa (feat. MC Gi & Cabal)
Moodymann – Freaky Mother Fucker (Chaos In the CBD & Tom Lawson Bootleg)
Cloud – Turning
Thieves Like Us – Shyness
Isa GT – Pa’las Mamasitas (Daniel Haaksman Remix)
Matt Van Schie – Be My Lady (Hemingway’s Beach Bossa Mix)
Holiday for Strings -Two of You (Dance Mix)
Louis La Roche – Missing You (feat. Ad-Apt)
Näääk, Nimo, Rusiak & Adiam – Hur Hogt
Amanda Blank – DJ
Das Glow – Vulcanice
Robyn – Dancing On My Own (J-Wow (of Buraka Som Sistema) Remix)

For Your Reference:

Retail DJ Soundcloud Page

Retail DJ Podcast Page

– Retail DJ

Oldies But Goodies: French Revolution

4 May

War Zone or Rave Space?

I can’t quite say who started it, but somehow over time, French DJs came to dominate the house scene. Once controlled by the warehouse bumping DJs in Chicago, Detroit, and later New York, house music has seen many a transformation. But one of its longest lasting incarnations is the one brought to us from France.

Revived by artists like Daft Punk and its two members, Guy  Manuel de Homem-Christo (who went on to found Crydamoure with Éric Chedeville) and Thomas Bangalter, in addition to Cassius (formerly known as La Funk Mob), Motorbass (a collaborative project between Philippe Zdar and Etienne de Crecy), DJ Falcon, Modjo, and Bob Sinclair. The infinite collaborations, projects, labels, and groups that came from just this set of performers is pretty amazing, but if we look at the other groups that emerged at the same time, we’ll notice even more musical crossbreeding to create what we now know as French House. What’s so funny about this set of artists is that initially, they were not even considered house, but a new form of disco, which makes me wonder what the artists we now label as “New Disco” will be called in a few years.

Most of the aforementioned artists now create music that is a far cry from their musical origins, having delved into rock, techno, hip hop, and straight up pop, but they will always hold a special place in my heart for being some of the earliest electronic artists I cut my teeth to.

Here’s one of my favorites: a remix of Daft Punk’s “Around the World” by Motorbass that takes this song to a whole new level [rare]:

and another favorite by Motorbass, “Flying Fingers”

– Retail DJ

Last Call!

28 Feb

Today is the LAST DAY to listen/download the Retail DJ February Tracklist (free music, people, free music!) AND the Cassius live DJ set from the 1999 Winter Music Conference(that is nowhere else on the web, seriously).

Click before time runs out!

1. Retail DJ February Tracklist: a Tale of Two Hearts

2. Cassius Live DJ Set from the 1999 Winter Music Conference

And while you listen, get pumped for all the musical goodies for March!

Retail DJ

Reminder: Only 10 More Days Left to Download

18 Feb

This is just a reminder that you only have 10 more days left to listen/download the Retail DJ February Tracklist (free music, people, free music!) AND the Cassius live DJ set from the 1999 Winter Music Conference (that is nowhere else on the web, seriously).

Get thee to clicking before time runs out!

1. Retail DJ February Tracklist: a Tale of Two Hearts

2. Cassius Live DJ Set from the 1999 Winter Music Conference

Retail DJ

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