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Azari & III – Manic [video]

5 Aug

The video for Azari & III’s newest single “Manic” is out, and I couldn’t think of a better place for posting it than here of course. Enjoy!


Get Ready With saint. – The Mix

27 May


With an explosive start thanks to an amazing remix of Adele, the exclusive mix saint. put together for us only gets better from there. As per usual, saint. allows the tracks to play almost in their entirety, giving her listeners a rich musical experience while still appeasing those with audio A.D.D. as a result of the astonishing genre diversity. This mix combines tracks by many of my favorite artists, including Neoteric, Hercules and Love Affair, and Azari and III, just to mention a few.

As with all the mixes that find themselves here on Retail DJ (and even moreso, those of the featured artists), it’s been put through what I like to call “the test,” meaning that I have listened to it on repeat while I do basically everything, particularly getting ready. Needless to say, saint.’s sonic joyride definitely passed with flying colors. The mix is uplifting, fun, and incredible danceable – so much so that getting ready might be  little hard with all the moving you’ll be doing.

Anyway, enough talking. Let’s get to werk and Get Ready With saint. :

Retail DJ Presents . . .

Get Ready With saint. 

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

(or download here: Get Ready With saint.  (right click + save target as))


Honey Dijon – Happy Adele

Hercules And Love Affair – My House (Stopmakingme Remix)

Hercules & Love Affair – Step Up

Mobroder – Rush (In Flagranti Remix)

Mobroder – Rush (ORIGINAL)

Jessica 6 – Freak the Night

Azari & III – Into The Night (Original)

Tiger & Woods – Dr. Burner

Neoteric & Wax Motif – Go Deep (Original Mix)

Deekline & Ed Solo – Shake That Money & Go

Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove (Classixx Remix)

Senor Stereo – Unintentional feat. Danny Daze (Craze’s Quiet Storm Remix)

Kry Wolf – Everybody Original

Anna Lunoe & Wax Motif – Love Ting (Them Jeans Remix)

Avicii & Sebastien Drums – My Feelings For You (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Fries & Bridges feat. Cee-Lo Green – Forever This

Arveene & Misk feat. Aaron Smyth – Love Money Music Body (Evil Nine Vocal Mix)

Beyonce – Crazy in love (Fare Soldi Chiapponzilla rmx)

Duck Sauce – Good 2 Me (Louis La Roche Edit)

Broke One – Shine On (Original Mix)

Autoerotique – Freak (Poupon Remix)

Senor Stereo – I Am The Beat feat. Louisahhh!!! (Salva Remix)

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast

17 Mar

For the first time in, well, ever (?), I am putting up the monthly podcast weeks before the last day. That’s cause for celebration. Another aspect of this podcast worthy of a hoorah is the fact that I recorded it all on my new mixer! You see, I previously had the difficult task of manually placing each song next to another, manually attempting to beatmatch when possible, crossfading almost all of the time, from one song to the next. But now, with the help of modern technology, this podcast is going to get increasingly better over time. Note that this recording was made after only one week of playing with the mixer (a Vestax vci-300 mk II + Serato/Itch), so there are a few mistakes. However, I am really proud of this and know that they will only get better with time and additional practice.

This mix includes new (and old) tracks by several of my favorite artists. I wanted to make something relaxing and danceable all at once, so I consulted some of the best, including: Joyce Muniz, Homework, Jesse Rose, and others who bring a guaranteed dance beat with every track they make. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did putting it together!

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

Retail DJ March 2011 Podcast (right click + save as)

nicolas jaar – keep me there (atreides’ ‘swag numero deux’ edit)
homework – hold me tight (original mix)
jesse rose – non-stop
hercules & love affair – my house (original mix)
crookers (ft. roisin murphy) – royal t (house of house remix)
prince club – i know (2011 re-issue mix edit)
pteradactil disco – big ass biscuit (original mix)
round table knights – endless (original mix)
lcmdf – future me (mr. a’s repeat the repeat the repeat mix)
azari & iii – into the night (renaissance man extended mix)
joyce muniz – party over here, party over there
risk sound system – the sound is yours (kerri chandler remix)
round table knights – cat power (extended mix)
idiotproof, renaissance man, payme – moonlighting (original mix)
green velvet – flash (jamie jones remix)
la fleur – racine (original mix)
crookers, kardinal offishall, carla-marie – put your hands on me (jesse rose play prime remix)
detroit grand pubahs – sandwiches (idiotproof mix)
sapabonde – vai nao se esconde (guto de almeida remix)
chaz jankel – get myself together (original mix)

– Retail DJ

Special Event + Upcoming Shows

9 Feb

I only support the artists, performances, DJs, and designers I believe in and trust to deliver the goods. This endorsement then, is like any other.

This Friday, February 11th, my friends and colleagues Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene and DJ Shomi Noise are teaming up for an amazing show in Harlem. Fly will be presenting photography, video art, and a live performance with Shomi on board to DJ! They are both super talented, so I know it’s going to be hot. Check the information below and the facebook invite for more info:

TRINITY Art Exhibition

Friday, 2.11 @ 7 pm

Azucarera Gallery
414 W. 145th St. (lower level)
between Convent Ave. and St. Nicholas Ave., Harlem

Also this week:




– Retail DJ

Kim Ann Foxman – Creature (+ Live Set from Sao Paulo!)

4 Nov

Kim Ann Foxman (photo credit: deepbeep

I just got home from seeing Leo Justi, EZRAKH, Krunk Pony, and Cool Hand Luke DJ at Zamaan Bar in Brooklyn thinking that my night could not get any better (seriously, they tore it up), when I saw this on Facebook (via Alexander Technique):

so . . .

a) I love most videos in b&w

b) I love any showcasing of vogue and derivative forms of dance

and c) beyond being really interesting visually, this track is hot. I can already imagine Azari & III making a sick remix of it (if you’re reading this, remix noooow).

But being totally serious, Kim Ann Foxman has been DJing for some time (and is really good live, I should add) but may be most well-known from her work with Hercules and Love Affair (you can catch her here playing the glasses in the video, though she technically did some vocal work on the track as well (along with track lead Nomi Ruiz, who went on to form Jessica 6)).

For Kim Ann Foxman’s DJing, check out this set she did in 2009 at Vegas Club in Sao Paulo for the Ludo party:

Kim Ann Foxman – Ludo @ Vegas Club, SP (5.10.09)

(click to play; right click + save as to download)

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ August Podcast

31 Aug

While I was flying from NYC to Sao Paulo, I had 9 hours to kill. Though I had chosen the tracks I wanted to feature in the August podcast earlier in the month, I had yet to work on the full assembly because I had been swamped trying to work ahead at job number 1, teaching and preparing to go to Brazil for job number 2, and updating things here at Retail DJ for job number 3. After putting together the song components, I was pleased with the smooth, lounge-y feel of the set, and all that was left to work on was the voiceover. Yet thanks to the magic of a cold I couldn’t get rid of and congestion that just would not let up (though, given, the surprise 40 degree nights in Sao Paulo I braved with just a grandpa cardigan didn’t exactly help), my voice was a wreck. I sounded a bit like a man and, on top of that, a man who had plugged up his nose and ears with clay. Not sexy.

So I waited it out, hoping my voice would improve, as August steamed along, each day meaning the podcast was going to be coming later and later. After finally regaining a few more octaves of my voice and the ability to breathe through one of my nostrils, I tried my hand at the voiceover. Then, while in Rio, I had to deal with the s l o w e s t wireless internet ever. I could hardly check my email, God forbid upload a podcast. Sigh.

Finally, I was able to release the mix a few days ago once I returned to Sao Paulo, but didn’t have the time to type up a post. Nevertheless, today, on the last day of August, I come bearing gifts.

The Retail DJ August Podcast is a true reflection of where I am right now in my life. It’s the mellowest of sets yet, and even slightly melancholic, yet perfect for relaxing, save a few of the songs I added to keep your ears open. I have to say that despite its mood, it’s one of my most favorite podcasts to date, and one that was completed over one of the best experiences this year – returning to Brazil.

I hope that this mix means as much to you as it does to me, and if not that, that it at least gives you some much needed aural pleasure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Retail DJ August Podcast

Retail DJ August Podcast by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


Pnau – Hard Biscuit
Sneaker Pimps – Post-Modern Sleaze (The Salt City Orchestra Nightclub Mix)
The Aikiu – Just Can’t Sleep (Azari & III Remix)
Ka§par – In the Club (Gerd Remix)
La Fleur – Veris
Juliana e As Fogosas – Arrasta No Chao
Azari & III – She’s an Illusion
Norma Jean Bell – I’m the Baddest Bitch (in the room) (Moodymann Mix)
Felix Da Housecat (ft. Princess Superstar) – Coochie Coo
Mobb Deep – The Learning (Burn)
Moodymann – Tribute

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ July Podcast

31 Jul

Woohoo! On the last day of July, I finally put out the July podcast. As I explain in the introduction of the podcast, putting together this set was super difficult, mainly because a lot of the electronic music blogs have been putting up total crap. I mean that in the nicest way. It’s not so much that the individual tracks themselves are bad, it’s just that they all sound the same. I have noticed that the mixes I’ve come across as of late, while some suffer from the same problem, are fairly good because they include several other genres and mix up the sound. I think that’s really the key to good music – not being so stagnant and understanding that it’s in the mixing, the hybridity, that real music is born.

For this podcast, I really integrated a lot of the songs I have been getting ready to before I go out that amp me up and make me feel in a dance-y mood before I leave my apartment. I mixed in some music I’ve been introduced to by way of other mixes (such as the FCL tracks, which I first heard via mixes from La Fleur and Mowgli), some 80s music I heard and got all nostalgic about while watching Nip/Tuck, and some other items that are just generally personal favorites. The new tracks, such as Ali Love’s “Smoke and Mirrors” and Brodinski + Radioclit with “Plz Let Mi Fuk Ya (a weird, but fun track) are good stand-alones and were chosen because they have a unique sound that targets common bits of one’s musical palette without boring the person to tears.

While it was a trying task this time around, the podcast is solid, and I hope you all can enjoy the music as much as I do! (By the way, apologies for my voice – I’m a little sick!)

Retail DJ July Podcast

Retail DJ July Podcast by RetailDJ

click to play ; click the small arrow on the right to download


1. Wendi Muse – Retail DJ Intro
2. ABC – Poison Arrow
3. FCL – More Than Seven
4. Zuzuka Poderosa – Chama O Bombeiro
5. Ninjasonik – Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant
6. FCL – Let’s Go (Retail DJ Edit)
7. Luomo – Present Lover
8. Kanye West – Power (Van Scott Crowns You Remix)
9. Buscemi – Gadget Girl
10. Thomspon Twins – Lies
11. Metronomy – Trick of Treatz
12. Brodinski ft. Radioclit – Plz Let Mi Fuk Ya
13. PosR – Cocaine Nose Job (Alexander Technique & Larry Tee Remix)
14. Blondes – Spanish Fly (Brenmar Remix) *includes Ciara sample!
15. Andy Bell – Call On Me (Hey Champ Remix)
16. Ali Love – Smoke and Mirrors (Radio Edit)
17. Diamond Lights & Amy B – Move On (Azari & III Remix)

– Retail DJ

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