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Get Dressed to This: Calm After the Storm

3 Nov

For anyone with CNN, access to the internet, or a friend of a friend of a friend, news of Super Storm Sandy that wrecked most of the northeast won’t come as a surprise. What might, however, is the fact that this force of nature was able to make New Yorkers stay still, quite literally, for several days. We all got to know our neighborhoods very well, as we were restricted to them for several days before we could get around in cars or even consider mass transit. I was one of the lucky ones, as I had power, cable, internet, water, and phone service the entire time, but many folks in the region were not. Now that the storm has passed, it’s left lots of damage, but also lots of hope. Most importantly, it has reminded us all that we need to slow down, appreciate what is around us, and take a moment to remember what is most important in our lives. The daily hustle and bustle to and from work or some social function or this and that event doesn’t have to be at the top of our priorities list.

In putting together this week’s Get Dressed to This (after quite the hiatus!), I wanted to use a mix that starts off slow and warms up as it goes along, expanding- spiraling, in fact – into a serious display of house perfection. Though minimal throughout, this mix by Dee Bufato for the great music series Without A Name shows us that build-ups need not be drastic nor predictable. Considering most of the going out this weekend will be on the mellow side, Bufato’s mix is perfect for having a little drink and getting pumped to brave the newly arrived chill outside in style.

1. Peplum Dress by A Wear, available at ASOS for $61.57 USD (view/buy)


2. Lydia platform pump  by Matiko, available at Solestruck for $284.95 USD (view/buy)



3. Vintage Royal Purple Earrings available on Copious for $3 USD (view/buy)



4. Asymmetrical wool-blend melange coat by Rick Owens, available at The Outnet for $957.25 USD (view/buy)


– Retail DJ


Get Dressed To This: Who Wears the Pants?

10 Jul


Most of the fashion features I have here just-so-happen to included dresses. Maybe it’s because I’m a dress girl? Or maybe it’s simply because on the female form, dresses remain the go-to item for most dance outings. In recognition of my bias, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit this week.

1. I normally post Get Dressed To This pieces as the weekend nears, but considering I am in Rio (where the “weekend” can start as early as Tuesday, much like in NYC these days too), I am going to post accordingly.

2. I’m going to do a feature with pants!

Ok, beyond that, this week’s GDTT remains the same. outfit + mix = happy times

I decided to explore Desigual’s site for some inspiration. The Spanish brand is famous for making paint-splashed, psychedelic-printed pieces, something I’ve seen throughout the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal, I’m looking at you!) all the way to Brazil. Street vendors here sell a ton of dresses with similar prints. Many ateliers are purveyors of patchworked skirts. And the “Calca Saruel” (drop-crotch pants) remains a popular piece here. So I thought in today’s edition of GDTT, I’ve pay an homage to the multinational magic of Iberian mix-match style with a splash of Desigual.

As far as the music goes, I’ve got a live set from Mercury, one of the best house DJs in the game, during a gig at one of my favorite clubs in Lisbon, Lux. It’s all come full circle, folks. House music from Switzerland taking place in a club in Portugal which is home to the language of Brazil where a style is circulating quite similar to Desigual, a clothing store from Spain. The world is a very small place. I hope you have a chance to skip (or dance!) around it now as you Get Dressed To This:

Mercury – Mix for Lux (Lisboa)

click to stream / download (right click + save as)

Sament Dress, Desigual, £79.00 GBP

back / front


Riplay Women’s Mica-05 Wedge Sandal (in hot pink, listed as “red”), Endless.com, $67.99 USD


Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s 625140/12 Flat (in green), Endless, $140 USD


vintage white leather clutch, Etsy, $16 USD


Polished Planes Earrings (in blue), Anthropologie, $32


Empire Top, Desigual, £53.10


black woven tulip faux leather waistband detail pants, Mark & James by Badgley Mischka, Bluefly, $79.99 USD


A Wear Skinny Jean (in cobalt blue), ASOS, $58 USD



Melissa Platform Sandal, YOOX, $69 USD


 Day and Nightlife Flat (in yellow), ModCloth, $29.99 USD

– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Got My Groove Back

11 Jun


Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a funk – albeit, not an emotional one. Every party I’ve received an invite for or every mix I’ve come across on soundcloud and other sites/blogs just hasn’t done anything for me. I’ve felt a lack of excitement for almost any and all nightlife-related activities. Some call it boredom, but I call it burnout.

Nevertheless, there is always a mix that comes along that stands out. One that makes me to dance. One that stands up to my 10-play test. One that never gets old. This time around, it’s the house-heavy mix for Exploited Records by Cocolores.

It’s the 13th podcast for Exploited, and while some say that might be the sign of a curse, I see it as nothing but luck. This mix is incredible, right from the beginning to the very last second, and with its upbeat tone, perfect for summer. The Coco boys entitled the mix “Turn Off the Dark,” and for good reason, as it just exudes light.

But off course, I couldn’t let you just listen to it. I wanted you to have some bright visuals too! It’s rainy here in NYC today, and for those of you going out tonight, I had a feeling you’d need a little extra motivation. So there you have it, folks. Take a moment to press play and get dressed to this!

The Music:

Cocolores – Exploited Records Podcast No. 13

(click to play; visit the Exploited Records podbean page to download)

tracklist (below) after the jump


The Outfit: 

1. Dress: TFNC One Shoulder Dress With Waist Embellishment (in “tomato”), ASOS, $78 USD


close-up shot of embellishment:

2. Shoes: Diane Von Furstenburg Kourion Sandals, Zappos, $270 USD


3. Earrings: Mirador Earrings, Anthropologie, $38 USD


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Get Dressed To This: Neon Queen

12 Mar

Bright colors are in for spring 2011 and thankfully, flower-covered, calico-style frumpfests are not in high abundance. Music is following suit, with many dance music mixes taking a turn for the bold and daring. The fact that these two are having their moment simultaneously is fitting for Get Dressed To This, of course, as I encourage everyone to make their look match their favorite sounds. For this week’s installment, I’ve got a FIERCE mix by Qween Beat Productions CEO and ballroom (vogue style) DJ/producer Mike Q and lots of bold clothing that makes neon new again without veering into 80s cheese. Enjoy:

The Music:

DJ Mike Q  – XLR8R Podcast (2.22.11)

(click to play; right click + save as to download)

tracklist (below) after the jump

The Outfit:

1. Whistles Animal Chevron Dress, ASOS, $268.95 USD

2. Brian Atwood Maniac Pumps, My Theresa, $649 USD

3. Boxy Flat Lock Clutch, ASOS, $35.86 USD

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Trendspotting: Slick

5 Nov

For winter 2010/2011, leather dresses in a variety of cuts (that work for many body types) are in style. There are the conventional short-sleeve shifts that can even work for day, and more unusual cuts that are strictly for nights out. For those of you who wear animal-friendly items, never fret! There are plenty of faux-leather looks as well. Take a minute to check out what’s available in-stores now!

ASOS BLACK Dress With Leather Insert Peplum, $164 USD

Gestuz Mesh Yoke Leather Shift Dress, ASOS, $276 USD

Python Leather Mini Dress, Camila and Marc, $1000 USD

Strapless Panel Dress, Halston Heritage, $368 USD

Faux Leather & Jersey Tunic Dress, Aqua, $147 USD

– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Taking a Beating

6 Oct

Getting Punished . . . by my workload

Ahhh time, the inevitable aspect of my life that continues to follow me like a shadow and chase me like a hunter into my days and dreams, haunting me as I work and even moreso when I sleep. In moments when I feel overwhelmed with all that must be done – an article here, a podcast there, an interview here, a photoshoot there – my subconscious takes over and does strange things. Case: I stayed up until 6 am the other day listening to over 400 songs and mixes to piece together the tracklist for the September/October Retail DJ podcast. Point: I had a dream in which I had to strangle rats the size of bears, but then my feelings got the best of me when one began to lick my hand like a puppy and I couldn’t kill it.

Sounds like fun, right?

Welcome to just one night in the life of my stressed-out, over-worked brain. Luckily, music is always here to come to the rescue. This time around, the mix that’ motivated me as I got ready to go out is the latest Resident Advisor Podcast: Detroit Beatdown. Though only released on Monday, I go out on Tuesdays, so last night it really put me in the mood to dance and to continue doing so inside and outside of my house. For the outfit this week, I’ve chosen a dark number to fall right in line with this cold weather, with a little bit of color for contrast. The inspiration piece for this outfit were the boots from AllSaints, which look like they have taken a little beating of their own, though in a neat, aesthetically pleasing way, of course.

So take a moment to play and prepare to destroy the dancefloor after you Get Dressed to This:

The Music

Resident Advisor Podcast no. 227: Detroit Beatdown

(by DJs Norm Talley Delano Smith, and Mike Clark)

(click here to get this podcast)

The Outfit

1. Savitr Boot, AllSaints Spitalfields, $450 USD

2. V-Neck Pleat Waist Knitted Dress, ASOS, $54 USD

3. Blazer, Ohne Titel (for purchase @ YOOX), $480 USD

4. Falling Star Earrings, Anthropologie, $148 USD

5. Deerskin Leather Purse at Mano Bello,cync00’s Esty page, $215 USD

 6. Dara Ettinger Chelsea Ring, Urban Outfitters, $80 USD

 – Retail DJ

Dressed to Win

17 Jun

It’s pretty obvious which team I hope wins this year’s World Cup, but just in case you’re not a big follower of the blog, I’ll give you a hint: their flag’s colors are yellow, blue, and green and they just want a little “order and progress.”

Unfortunately, I find team jerseys to be a bit cheesy and not very flattering (at least, on women) and wanted to provide an alternative way to cheer on your team with meaning you have to wear numbered mesh. Here are some dresses that allow you to jump up and down sans flash and dance to your heart’s content:

Aerial View Dress, Modcloth, %57 USD


Sci-Fi Heroine Dress, Modcloth, $48 USD


Exaggerated One Shoulder Pencil Dress, Asos, $82 USD


Kimono Sleeve Dress in Yellow, SteveJ & YoniP, $288 USD

Stretch Jersey Dress, Rugby by Ralph Lauren, $108

and let’s not forget these adorable shoes by Melissa, aptly named “Cute”

Cute by Melissa, $60 reais

– Retail DJ

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