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Find Me On Facebook

8 Jul

Just in case you’re not already connected, check out Retail DJ on facebook for post updates, parties, new music, random musings, and more (click the pic to go directly to the FB page):

– Retail DJ



7 Jul

Hey everyone. The site is undergoing a slight renovation (not aesthetically, just content-wise), so note that there may be some moments of wonkiness here and there. Also, please note that the Soundcloud account (www.soundcloud.com/retaildj) has also undergone some renovations – namely in terms of mixes. The Soundcloud account (of 36 hours) expires on July 9th, hence my clearing most of the files and leaving only the most recent mixes/podcasts, HOWEVER, never fret. Everything will be available here at Retail DJ for download as long as the site shall live 🙂

Also note that any newly released mixes, podcasts, and interviews will also be on Soundcloud for streaming/downloading/sharing, though for a limited time (until the newer pieces come out and thus replace them), but then will be archived here.

– Retail DJa


6 May


The sound I made when I saw the date of my last Retail DJ post. I am totally ashamed that it’s been more than a week since I’ve “set foot” here, so my sincerest apologies. It’s been a bit of a busy week, one in which, among many many other things, Osama had a meeting with Death and my puppy Brodinski had a meeting with the vet. Though the circumstances were certainly different, with one man being punished for being a terrorist leader and another a puppy being neutered, the end result was my being utterly preoccupied.

Nevertheless, don’t fret. There will be full posts later tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, along with a new artist profile next week AND the May podcast! So sit tight – there’s a lot more coming soon! 🙂


11 Apr

So there are going to be a few format changes on the site. Never fear – it’s all going to be for the good. In the meantime, keep enjoying the posts. I’ll include updates as they are available!


– Retail DJ

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Realities

18 Feb

Dear Readers,

Though I rarely go into depth about my personal life on Retail DJ, this time, I am breaking the fourth wall. I come bearing news: both the good, and the bad. I’ll start with the good because that always helps soften rough news.

The Good:

All that stress during my small hiatus paid off: I did well on the GREs, submitted all my applications on time, and I have already received news regarding one of my grad school applications! I have been accepted into one of the schools to which I applied, and am now awaiting word from the others. It’s a huge relief, and I am thrilled to have at least part of this process over and done with!

The Bad:

One of my dear cousins died on Monday, Valentine’s Day, so I will be traveling out of town this weekend for his funeral. He worked in production (film and music), so of course we had plenty of shared interests. He was an inspirational figure to many and loved among all of his friends. It’s a really tragic, untimely loss, but I am sure he is still doing amazing things wherever he may be. That said, there will be a “moment of silence,” if you will, on the site this weekend, with posts resuming on Tuesday. Though I normally would post something for the long weekend, it’s more appropriate that I not.

In the meantime, enjoy the previous posts and mixes, and be sure to check back on Tuesday for lots of new updates (including an old school French rap throwback)!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and a safe and enjoyable holiday.

– Retail DJ

What IS Retail DJ?

30 Jan

Though the one-year anniversary for this site passed in January, there are still some readers, friends, colleagues, and facebook followers trying to wrap their heads around what the heck Retail DJ actually IS. So I decided that for those who weren’t *quite* following along on a regular basis or simply too busy with life to pay attention, I would give you the ins and outs of this here site 🙂

Here’s our mission, followed by a 10 point list to further explain:


Retail DJ is a site about incorporating you into the infinite pairing of music and fashion. A love story for the ears and eyes, Retail DJ profiles mixes that can serve as the soundtrack to your life, introduces you to DJs and designers you should know, and lets you peek into the closets of the unique and talented.

10 Points:

1. profiling independent designers from around the world with an exclusive interview and photoshoot

2. profiling DJs and/or producers from around the world via an exclusive interview, photoshoot, and mix (provided by the interviewee)

3. posting original site content about trends in fashion and music with a particular focus on underground or media underrepresented

4. re-posting music (singles and/or full mixes) from other sites, blogs, podcasts, etc that match this site’s musical aesthetic (for play and often free download)

5. creating a monthly podcast for play and free download

6. posting videos of music and fashion related items

7. providing promotional support to featured musical artists and designers in addition to promoting events that align with the site’s mission/content

8. organizing and hosting occasional parties/events to promote the site and simultaneously showcase the talent of our featured artists

9. fostering a community for music and fashion lovers

10. serving as a conduit/network for independent DJs, producers, and designers to support and learn from one another


I hope that helps clear things up!

– Retail DJ



WERK! The Retail DJ 1-Year Anniversary Party

9 Jan

Yes, indeed, Retail DJ has turned 1-year old. But after all this hard work, I certainly will not be celebrating alone. . .

I’ll be partying with the help of 8 friends, and you and yours are invited to come!


Join me on Thursday, 1/27/11 for a party you won’t forget:


The Retail DJ 1-Year Anniversary Party

w/ DJS:

EZRAKH / brick bandits

Lil Ray / trophy bar, beauty bar

Butter / submercer, vegas club sao paulo

Shomi Noise / sugarland, rebel cupcake

WooHoo / warmth records, turntable lab

Mark LaRush / flute gramercy, china one


Celebrity DJs (NSR + Dash Speaks) / ella, gallery bar


10 pm – 4 am

Gallery Bar @ 120 Orchard Street, NYC

arrive early for give aways, drink specials, and more!

RSVP via facebook

*flyer credit: Nina Yang

– Retail DJ

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