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Retail DJ April (2013) Podcast

8 May

a-trak – quitte la piste (feat. ttc)
schenk – feel something (original mix)
round table knights – whoo (original mix)
the bird and the bee – f-cking boyfriend
rishi k. – another profound moment (original mix)
tiger & woods – love in cambodgia (original)
round table knights – i just want (original mix)
franc spangler – forever and a day
riton – frambuesa

photo via mariemadame.deviantart.com/art/Black-a…te-57547870


Upcoming Shows: Green Velvet, Shomi Noise, & More!

28 Apr

Soo many great events this weekend! In a trend I have noticed in recent months, all the really good shows are happening at the end of the month. Luckily, I saved up my energy and will be partying down. Here’s a mini-guide:


Classixx + Nancy Whang @ Webster Hall

Lil Ray @ Crave Wine Bar (check out DJ KrunkPony there on Saturday too!)

Green Velvet & Jamie Jones @ Good Units


A-Trak & Kid Sister @ Terminal 5

Shomi Noise (The Wretched Party! launch!) @ East River Bar, Brooklyn

and if you’re in. . .


or Rio

or Ontario

or Amsterdam

What’s Good? Dash Speaks (Part One)

23 Mar

Dash Speaks

Likeable and mellow, two adjectives rarely used to describe entertainers and, even less so, rappers. Yet somehow in a climate heavily-laden with bravado, Dash Speaks stays true to form, minding his Ps and Qs the whole way. With a penchant for boat shoes and politics, Dash makes quite the lyricist, but despite his poet background, his biggest love is music. Having worked with producers from here to Germany, Dash brings quite a bit to the table in terms of both experience and exposure. He recently wrote, produced, and performed on his new album Geography, and was nice enough to sit down with us to share some of what makes up the map in his mind and the source of his talent. So get comfortable and take a moment to find out What’s Good? with Dash Speaks:

So I see you are not wearing your Boat Shoes/Topsiders today! The song in their honor, however, was the first of yours that I heard. Can you discuss that track a bit and how it came about?

Sure. Noah (NSR) has been wearing Topsiders for something like 2 years. I bought my first pair last year. We just both think they’re the essential summer shoe. We were at Ella together once, and I walked downstairs and saw Noah was wearing Topsiders and I was wearing Topsiders. It was the summer and that’s, more or less, all we wear then.

I was like, “Yo! I couldn’t be flyer in my Topsiders” and at that moment, we realized we should make a song about this. I had just been producing for a couple months at that point, and I decided I would try to make a beat. I did, and it was pretty cool. I was planning on doing a 12-bar verse, and Noah did a 24-bar verse, so I ended up writing a 24-bar verse as well. We wrote the chorus together. We had a lot of fun making it! We took a lot of time and performed it a couple of times –sometimes really sloppily. By the time we released it, we had practiced and actually had some choreography.

We both like the song a lot. “Topsiderz” and “Bachelours at Disco Beach” were the two songs I released this past summer. Neither of them was the normal type of song I do. Usually, my music’s a little more serious than that. But they were both really fun songs, and I felt that I executed them well. I have to be honest that I was a little surprised that they didn’t catch on more than they did; BUT “Topsiderz 2.0” is coming out soon. It’s right around the corner!

Is it a remix?
I think I am going to make a new beat for it. That’s what I am thinking. I have a producer in Germany that I have worked with in the past. He said he was interested in doing a remix, so I might ask him to work with me again. His name is Jan Wilms. At the time I worked with him, he was working with Punx Records, which is a dance music record label out of Dortmund, Germany. He’s a great producer. So I might ask him to do it, I might do it, or I might even ask another producer to work on it. But I think at this point, I’ve gotten a lot better in terms of production, so I’d like to take another stab at it.

Cool. I think one of the reasons it caught my attention is because here we have a hip hop, rap, sometimes dancehall influenced artist talking about these shoes that I associate with really preppy Southern boys. So in your making a track about them, is that sort of a “wink,” if you will, to the hip hop industry?
Sort of. The shoe is cool because it symbolizes a perfection union of form and content. You can wear them anywhere. I wore them at Bonnaroo last year. It was really muddy, then at times really dry and hot. They were just perfect for all types of weather. Sperry and Sebago, which is the company that makes Docksides (which I like as well), both have the intention of creating a waterproof shoe that you can wear with a blazer or you can just wear with shorts. So we (NSR and I) both liked that.

The other thing about it is that it’s just a classic look. I think that in the last couple of years, I’ve gradually become less loud of a dresser and more subtle. The thing about Topsiders is that they’re timeless. It’s always been a really good shoe. It’s never tried to be anything more than it is. I should really work for Sperry! [laughs]

Hopefully they’ll give you a little kickback from this, you know, send you a new pair of shoes!
Maybe! [laughs] But going back to what you asked about the song being a “wink” to hip hop, there are certainly parts of the song like, “Let’s take ‘em to the country club” that obviously do not embody the quintessential style of hip hop.

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