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I <3 Mondays: Laboring

4 Sep

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to go back to sleep!

It’s the day after Labor Day, which usually means at least one of three things: 1) you will believe it’s Monday and your brain will betray you by convincing of this fact and allowing you to write “September 3rd” on all dated documents when it is in fact September 4th, 2) you will not want to be at work, 3) you will want to jump in a time machine and go back to Sunday night, right before Labor Day, because you know it means you’ll have the day off tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the latter of the three is not possible and the former two are incredibly likely. The good thing is that music can always help ease you back into a “Monday” after a 3-day weekend. Welcome to Tuesday. Try to enjoy it by adding this house mix by Belo Horizonte-based DJ Gustavo Peluzo. His mixes always help me when I need them to, hopefully it will do the same for you and your post-holiday (lack of) spirit:

Gustavo Peluzo – This Is a Track Vol. 08

(click to stream/ download)

– Retail DJ


Takin’ It Back

22 Jul

As you all may have noticed, I have a thing for 90s house. It takes me back to my early introductions to electronic music, reminds of the “old” New York (a la Party Girl and Deee-lite) I always wanted to live in, but never had a chance to see, and marks a historical moment in American fashion that is hard to rival. It was the golden era of electronic music (of many genres) and has been shown continuous praise all the way into the present – a good choice, in my opinion, on the part of contemporary DJs who dabble in it. There are some artists who reproduce the sound with new effects, modern mastering, and crisper beats, making the experience all the more sensational. There are others still who keep their sound raw, sampling the old gospel-y cries of your and muted basslines. No matter the option, the results are always flawless, nostalgic little pieces of a past I never saw, but live every day in my soul.

Thus, for this week’s “I Love Mondays” mix, I’ve include two recently released mixes that give the 90s the credit they’re due. While Kim Ann Foxman’s mix relies on the original tracks of yore, the Exploited compilation-style mix (from many of the label’s artists, serving as a promo for an upcoming party at Social Club in Paris) pays homage with new pieces that take us back via style and samples.

Kim Ann Foxman – DJ Mix for East & West 7.13.12

click to stream/ download

Shir Khan’s Exploited Mix For Brain Magazine (France)

follow the link to stream

– Retail DJ

I Love Mondays: Mute

9 Jul

Lazaro Casanova

I am on my way to Rio’s Biblioteca Nacional soon for a long day of conducting thesis research, stuff you all don’t care about šŸ™‚ While I am true nerd and love history and the like, the fact that I have to work there sans music is truly torturous. Music helps me concentrate. Music helps my brain stay awake. Music inspires me. Without music, I am metaphorically braindead. The elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, if you get me.

So what I’ve been doing lately is listening to a great mix before I go to bed and as I walk to the library in hopes of getting it stuck in my head for the duration of the day. Luckily, it usually works. At the end of last week, I had chosen some old mixes by Miami-based DJ Lazaro Casanova, and today he’s up to bat again. Though this mix isn’t exactly “new,” at least not in terms of the electronic music world, it is definitely worth a listen. It opens with a sick remix of Azari & III’s “Reckless With You Love,” a song I never tire of. It continues with a mix of classic hard house tracks remixed to a disco-infused smoothness. It’s a mix that’s perfect for a Monday because it gives you just a touch of energy, but not too much. It’s Monday, afterall. And sometimes, you’ve gotta take the mellow route.

Lazaro Casanova – Live @ 20 Years of Murk – Electric Pickle – 2.19.2012

– Retail DJ

I Love Mondays: Para One . . . Para Todos

10 Jun

Para One

It’s officially been a week (+ a few days) here in Rio, and so many adventures have already occurred that I hardly have room here to account for them all. They’ve involved the usual run of typical Brazilian hyper-bureaucracy mixed with a bit of dancing, funk carioca, and long waits in grocery store lines…but all together, positive! No matter how busy I am or how frustrated I get dealing with certain things, Brazil always reminds me to be a human being first . . . to take time for myself . . . to use the silent moments to listen to what’s happening inside.

Interestingly enough, one of my favorite music artists has a similar effect on me. Para One, the magnificent French producer/genius behind countless tracks that took me to places I never knew existed, has done a mix for UK outfit Data Transmission! This mix unites many a vintage track with newer pieces that remind its listeners that not all has been lost in the world of the electronic music. Para One reminds us of his raw electronic origins all the while incorporating smooth old school house bits that make it quite an enjoyable hour and seven minutes.

It’s also worth adding that this mix satiated my craving for deeper electronica (which is a bit hard to find here in Rio…especially now that Dama de Ferro has closed up shop after a 10-year run…RIP). My only hope is that it feeds a hunger for all of you as well…be it to chill or simply to make Monday more tolerable.

Para One – Data Transmission Mix 229

(follow the link to stream/download)

tracklist after the jump

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I Love Mondays: Shir Fun

19 Mar

Shir Khan

In my neck of the woods, spring break is over and it’s time to go back to the grind, meaning that this Monday is going to call for some serious sounds to get me going and to keep me alert throughout the day. I’ve been trying to cut back on coffee and replace my caffeine intake with fruit, so you can imagine I am going to need quite the boost. Luckily, music has yet to fail me, and Berlin’s Shir Khan, the mastermind behind one of my favorite labelsĀ Exploited,Ā is this Monday’s hero.

His newest mix comes in at a whopping 3 hours and 22 minutes, and opens solidly with Joyce Muniz’s brand new track “Messin’ With My Mind” (available exclusively at Beatport). It keeps going down the right track with music from all over the globe and an amazing array of samples. This mix is a ready-made dance fest and will be sure to get your blood pumping, turning your least favorite day of the week into your most loved.

Play it at work if you dare… just watch out for side-eye from your boss if you get caught dancing at your desk šŸ™‚

Shir Khan – March 12 Mix

(click to stream)

– Retail DJ

I Love Mondays: OMG

27 Feb


Tonight, as per usual, I am up burning away brain cells by rummaging through music collections on facebook, soundcloud, and the like. I made the mistake of taking a nap earlier and now all I can do to appease my exhausted self is be an audio nerd for a bit. That said, tomorrow is going to suck. I am going to be half dead when I wake up in the morning and in desperate need of something to motivate me to leave the confines of my cozy down comforter and my memory foam mattress-ed bed. I will need the aural version of crack, only without the scary side effects and years of rehab (disclaimer: Don’t do drugs, kids! I don’t, nor should you!)

On Monday mornings, my usual house-y fare doesn’t always do it to give me that necessary kick start. Luckily, jumpy pop electronica usually does the trick. For this week’s Monday morning wake up call, I’ve lined up a mix by DJ ANNALOG and her collaborative partner in crime Mark OMG (don’t you love how even their DJ names are super pop-friendly?).This mix is actually a bit dated – at least in the 200000 mixes a second pace of the music world (it’s from November – 2 months! ::gasp:: horror!) – Ā but it’s fabulous for Mondays. It’s chock full of loud, aggressive, pop and rock-laden electronic music that will make you want to dance, then jump up and down, then fall down and do it all over again (or at least give you the energy to brush your teeth; your pick).

The mix comes with tracks by Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Acid Girls, Bag Raiders, and many more, so it’s guaranteed fun.Ā All you need to do it press play. For those of you who need a second or third dose of this goodness on the train, be sure to download!

Happy Monday!

DJ ANNALOG + Mark OMG – 11.1.11

– Retail DJ

I <3 Mondays: Escape from New York

20 Feb

my brazilian alter-ego has way more fun...

Things in New York right now are…odd, to say the least. The weather is a bit bonkers, fluctuating from 20 to 50 degrees in a matter of days. My school work has buried under paperwork so much that I’m starting to get lightheated from inhaling so many layers of printer ink fumes. Fashion is just a hot mess, despite our hosting Fashion Week in the past days. All in all, things seem a bit off, and included in this prognosis are my feelings about the bar/club scene s of late. Something seems missing.

Part of it’s the music. Part of it’s the crowd. The venues are getting smaller and smaller. People text more than they dance.

Something’s a bit wrong. In these moments, I wish I could just escape from New York and go back to Brazil. I might have had a chance had I booked a quick flight for this President’s Day long weekend, but with Carnaval raging down in the B, flights prices are atrocious and I am not teleporting Carmen San Diego.

That said, what better way to escape than through music? Considering my pals on the other side of the equator are getting their serious freak on at loads of parties from the street to the club, I figured I’d live vicariously through their musical trips.

These old and new mixes come to us by way of the fabulous Brazilian music site deepbeep, which recognizes truly gifted DJs and producers from around the world, with a focus on the home grown of course!

The first mix, which takes us from funk carioca to soul to blues to house to samba and back again is by Lucas Santtana. For those of you who read Portuguese (or know how to use google translate), check out his bio here.

Follow the link to stream:Lucas Santtana

The second is by NYC favorite Kassiano, purveyor of all things (Brazilian) funk. For those of you want to grind and shake out your Monday, this is a winner. It’s a medley of a lot of the funk hits that came out in 2011, so it’s great for those of you with short attention spans:

Follow the link to stream: MDWWR Podcast #72: Kassiano

Right Click + Save Target As to download: MP3

Last but not least is a man who managed to actually escape NYC, Brian Thomas, aka Butter. He’s been based out of the B since January, and has laid down some serious sonic reflections since he landed. His latest mix displays the musical dynamism we love him for:

Follow the link to stream: Butter

– Retail DJ

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