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Please Update Your Favorites/Links

8 May


hi everyone,

due to a technical error and a lot of busy months as a grad student wherein i neglected Retail DJ for a bit, I ended up losing my URL (booooo)

HOWEVER, Retail DJ is not dead. hence my asking you to update your links. you can check out the site note via

Same Content. Same Podcasts. Same Downloads. Same Editor.

the facebook, twitter, and soundcloud also remain the same

AGAIN, is not longer mine, but IS

don’t be fooled by the impostors

– the REAL Retail DJ 🙂


Find Me On Facebook

8 Jul

Just in case you’re not already connected, check out Retail DJ on facebook for post updates, parties, new music, random musings, and more (click the pic to go directly to the FB page):

– Retail DJ

The Shop Is Open!

2 Jun

I like to think of Retail DJ a bit like one of those ateliers that only opens during certain seasons or when displaying new lines. You may have to wait for weeks or months to get access to the goods, but once inside, you’re overwhelmed, surprised, relieved even to have such great things at your disposal. Now that school is out for a few months, I’m ready to “re-open the shop,” as they say. And not only will I be back to writing, but I’ll be posting from a brand new place: Rio de Janeiro.

That’s right, folks. I am in the “Cidade Maravilhosa” (“Marvelous City”) for the next two months. Though I am being a total nerd and conducting research while I am here, I’ll be sure to add regular posts here at Retail DJ, including a few with info on the local music scene and, if I’m lucky, funk carioca parties (“bailes”). I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

In the meantime, get ready for new interviews as well, including one with a very very special guest artist many of you love.

But it’s “tchau” for now. The sun has burnt a few of my brain cells, and this little blogger needs to take a rest.


Retail DJ

Rising From The Dead

22 Oct

Lately, this is what I look like on my GOOD days...

Alas, I am alive. For those of you who don’t follow me on facebook (which you should!), I am in grad school right now (for something completely unrelated to music that involves lots and lots of reading), so my site management has been subpar at best. As most of you who have ever pursued advanced academic endeavors and attempted to have a social life may well know, the toll it can take on your free time, thus rendering any semblance of “social” purely catatonic. Nevertheless, I’m back momentarily from the dead to add a bit here and there. I dusted off my controller the other night – after hours and hours of reading left me in a state of insomnia – and finally put together the October 2011 Podcast (though I technically still owe you for September…let’s let that one slide 😉

I’ll be back here seasonally in the meantime, posting interviews, mixes, and new music and fashion I love every month of so (in more of a magazine-like fashion), so stay tuned. Also, be sure to come back in a few hours to get the October Podcast. You won’t be sorry you did!

– Retail DJ


7 Jul

Hey everyone. The site is undergoing a slight renovation (not aesthetically, just content-wise), so note that there may be some moments of wonkiness here and there. Also, please note that the Soundcloud account ( has also undergone some renovations – namely in terms of mixes. The Soundcloud account (of 36 hours) expires on July 9th, hence my clearing most of the files and leaving only the most recent mixes/podcasts, HOWEVER, never fret. Everything will be available here at Retail DJ for download as long as the site shall live 🙂

Also note that any newly released mixes, podcasts, and interviews will also be on Soundcloud for streaming/downloading/sharing, though for a limited time (until the newer pieces come out and thus replace them), but then will be archived here.

– Retail DJa


6 May


The sound I made when I saw the date of my last Retail DJ post. I am totally ashamed that it’s been more than a week since I’ve “set foot” here, so my sincerest apologies. It’s been a bit of a busy week, one in which, among many many other things, Osama had a meeting with Death and my puppy Brodinski had a meeting with the vet. Though the circumstances were certainly different, with one man being punished for being a terrorist leader and another a puppy being neutered, the end result was my being utterly preoccupied.

Nevertheless, don’t fret. There will be full posts later tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, along with a new artist profile next week AND the May podcast! So sit tight – there’s a lot more coming soon! 🙂


11 Apr

So there are going to be a few format changes on the site. Never fear – it’s all going to be for the good. In the meantime, keep enjoying the posts. I’ll include updates as they are available!


– Retail DJ

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