Retail DJ is a site about incorporating you into the infinite pairing of music and fashion. A love story for the ears and eyes, Retail DJ profiles mixes that can serve as the soundtrack to your life, introduces you to DJs and designers you should know, and lets you peek into the closets of the unique and talented.

Who is behind Retail DJ?

My name is Wendi Muse. I am a writer, music afficionado, and everyman sartorial critic living in NYC. Exclusive site photography is done by Kristal Muñoz.

How did Retail DJ start?

After a lifetime of loving music and unique wares, I wanted to make my passion more tangible. Following a few trial months of writing exclusively about music and fashion in my free time while living out of the country, the feedback of close friends, and a lot of brainstorming, Retail DJ was born.

I don’t really listen to electronic music or care about fashion. Is this site for me?

The purpose of this blog is to help you start your weeks and weekENDs off right: with amazing music. Posts focus on fashion and music, particularly music that is meant to be the soundtrack of your daily activities. Even if you aren’t into electronic music, don’t worry! Alternative rock. hip hop, funk, disco, tons of international music, and much much more are covered on this site. There’s something for everyone.

Is the music free?

YES! All the music on Retail DJ is free. You read that right: F-R-E-E, free! I occasionally add links to sites where you can purchase the music, but I often still will include a virtual player so you can listen to the track at any time!

Will the downloads give me a virus?

NO! I only use safe, verified sites.

If you have any other questions about the site and its features, please do not hesitate contact me.

– Retail DJ


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