I <3 Mondays: Back Home

27 Aug


Aaaaand I’m back! I arrived a week ago and have spent the past few days getting good spicy food into my system (gotta say, the Southeastern part of Brazil is lacking a little bit in the spice department), cleaning, and attempting to reorganize my life. Some moments of this process have been awkward, like when I attempted to order ice cream in Portuguese while on 6th avenue and 14th street. I suppose the heat had fried a few of my brain cells. Luckily the strange stares from my anglophone fellow customers whacked everything back into order. 

But of all the things I missed about NYC or craved in the middle of the night or dreamed about, music was on the top of my list. Music in Sao Paulo clubs is fantastic, so it wasn’t for a lack of live options. But with my computers failing me at every turn, slow internet connection, and limited time to download as I pleased, my music got cut short. I was separated from my greatest love, sometimes even by day (as some libraries where I was conducting research didn’t allow mp3 players or headphones). Now that I’m back, I’ve been reunited. 

So with this grand rekindling of the musical fires that launch every moment of inspiration in my life, I’ve decided to share the love that emerges from the embers. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Shir Khan’s latest mix to make your Monday a little more pleasant. 

click to stream

This three-hour August mix comes courtesy of one of my favorite DJs/producers and surely will not disappoint. It’s a mix of tens of genres and a whole lot of style. So stream away, and may you have a very happy Monday.


– Retail DJ


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