Takin’ It Back

22 Jul

As you all may have noticed, I have a thing for 90s house. It takes me back to my early introductions to electronic music, reminds of the “old” New York (a la Party Girl and Deee-lite) I always wanted to live in, but never had a chance to see, and marks a historical moment in American fashion that is hard to rival. It was the golden era of electronic music (of many genres) and has been shown continuous praise all the way into the present – a good choice, in my opinion, on the part of contemporary DJs who dabble in it. There are some artists who reproduce the sound with new effects, modern mastering, and crisper beats, making the experience all the more sensational. There are others still who keep their sound raw, sampling the old gospel-y cries of your and muted basslines. No matter the option, the results are always flawless, nostalgic little pieces of a past I never saw, but live every day in my soul.

Thus, for this week’s “I Love Mondays” mix, I’ve include two recently released mixes that give the 90s the credit they’re due. While Kim Ann Foxman’s mix relies on the original tracks of yore, the Exploited compilation-style mix (from many of the label’s artists, serving as a promo for an upcoming party at Social Club in Paris) pays homage with new pieces that take us back via style and samples.

Kim Ann Foxman – DJ Mix for East & West 7.13.12

click to stream/ download

Shir Khan’s Exploited Mix For Brain Magazine (France)

follow the link to stream

– Retail DJ


One Response to “Takin’ It Back”

  1. LC July 30, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    Wow! That Shir Khan mix is amazing. It is really getting me moving for my dry Monday morning tasks at work. Nice find.

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