Rubber Rip-offs: Designer Labels Selling Melissa Knock-offs!

11 Jul

A few days ago, I was checking out several clothing sites when I took a double take on the shoe page. I saw soooo many shoes that looked awfully familiar, but with slight modifications. I realized quite quickly that these pieces were Melissa knock-offs, though ironically (in some cases) with higher price tags than those of the famous Brazilian brand. What’s more shocking is that I found some of these fakes on the sites of major labels. I’m accustomed to companies like Forever 21 copying brands for their lines, but high-end retail brands? Not so much. The question remains whether or not it’s flattery or the worst case of fakery. Only the courts will tell.

the real deal:

Melissa “Harmonic” Sandal ($25 – 50 USD)

Melissa “Bow” Sandal ($25-50 USD)

the fakes:

Valentino (yes, THAT Valentino), $295

Valentino, $102

the real deal:

Melissa Star Sandal (around $50-75)

the fake:

Marc by Marc Jacobs (I love this shoe, but it’s kind of a copycat), $140

the real deal:

Melissa x Alexandre Herchcovitch “Scarfun” Heels ($60-130 USD)

the fakes:

Gucci, $280


the real deal:

Melissa x Jason Wu ($50-100 USD)


Melissa x Vivienne Westwood “Lady Dragon + Bow” (price TBA)

the fakes:

Ted Baker, $69


– Retail DJ



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