8 Jul

Last Friday, I played old lady and stayed at home. I was still exhausted from my 7 am arrival that morning from the previous night’s festivities and needed a night off. But once Saturday came around, I had enough energy to pull another all-nighter. Like a good little baladeira, I chose D-Edge again, especially after seeing that the lineup for their weekly Mothership party included Amsterdam-based DJs Antal (known for Rush Hour Music) and Tom Trago. I arrived around 1245. After super suave disco-y house set by D-edge resident Ohnishi in the side room, the other DJs started filing in the main area.

After the first DJ (Max Underson, I believe?), Antal went on with lots of disco and soul-heavy music that transitioned into a percussion-laden Afro-Latin/samba/Afrobeat set that lit the dancefloor on fire (including yours truly). Following Antal, Tom Trago went in deep on the house front, throwing in a mix of nu disco and deep house that kept us all drenched in sweat. Beyond the music, a few funny moments happened. . . like when Tom tried to get the crowd hyped, but in English, and I was the only one following orders immediately (i.e. “everybody put your hands up!”). I’d go first just out of habit (as English is my first language), followed by the Brazilians who spoke English and, after a slight delay, those who caught on by observation.

All in all, the music was fabulous and I had an amazing time. Looking forward to many more nights at D-Edge. To give you a little taste of what I heard, here are some mixes for your streaming and downloading pleasure:

click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download

a mix by Mau Mau (whom I missed that night…even though I didn’t leave until 7 am!!!)

a house/electronic set by Ohnishi

a live set by Antal from a previous visit to D-Edge that’s full of soul

a great mix by Tom Trago…I can’t even describe it. The music speaks for itself.

– Retail DJ


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