The Music Inside

7 Jul

Andre Lodemann @ Moving. photo courtesy of D-Edge

Midnight. As I waited for the bus at Tiete that would be taking me back to Rio, I saw a young man sitting on the floor, lotus-style. His eyes were closed, hands at rest. His body was still. On his ears, giant headphones transmitting music that clearly transported him to a different place, some location far away from the scuffed floor of the busy bus station. He had found his center.

For many of us, music serves as a means of finding ourselves and reconnecting with our thoughts. We can be “inside our head,” though with a soundtrack. For me, Sao Paulo is my center when I am in Brazil and its amazing clubs provide the soundtrack.

Joao Lee

I’m not really a day person (my brain wakes up around 2 pm, at the earliest), and I feel more alive at night. When I do things during the day, I usually need to have music on (either via headphones or speakers) to stay awake (mentally and physically) and alert. At night, however, the music I hear feels more natural, much like the air we breathe or the blood that flows inside our bodies. It sounds clearer. It brings out emotions. When that music is live, the effect intensifies, often giving me chills or leaving me in tears if the DJ is really doing his/her job well. I say all this as someone who doesn’t do drugs and who only drinks lightly, by the way. Music has an incalculable effect on me.

D-Edge’s ever stylish door mistress

For my first night in Sao Paulo, the ambassadors of sound came by way of D-Edge, a great club located near the Barra Funda bus station/metro stop. I had been there the year before, but found the crowd deplorable. Luckily this time, I was accompanied by Dee Bufato (friend and man of music in his own right) and some of his friends who were great company! The DJs/producers playing that night for D-Edge’s Thursday night party Moving were China (who did a tag team set with Joao Lee, both from Brazil),  Jollan, Adnan Sharif (of Brazil/USA),  and the headliner André Lodemann (of Berlin). I did not get a chance to stay through most of Sharif’s set (even though I left around 6:30 am!…yes folks, the party keeps going), but I saw the rest.

China (Right)

China and Joao Lee’s set was hard and heavy on the tech house, a great energy warm-up for the crowd to get prepared for Lodemann’s set, which truly wove a story with its deeper house sound. Though I unfortunately do not have the actual sets, here is some of their respective work to give you an idea of their sound. Hopefully, it will transport you to my first night in Sao Paulo or to wherever you find your musical center (click to stream, click the small arrow on the right to download):

China – Live Set for Move Club (Dec 2011)

*This mix, while good, doesn’t fully convey China’s skill. While at D-Edge, I truly enjoyed his music.

Joao Lee (as half of Dubshape)

Andre  Lodemann

Adnan Sharif

– Retail DJ

*all photos courtesy of D-Edge


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