Music I Can Count On

21 Jun

I do a lot of walking here in Rio because a) I am trying to save money and b) because I’m within walking distance from most of the research institutions. In NYC, I am plugged into my ipod at all times, but here, it’s a bit trickier. First and foremost, it’s not safe to take out your ipod on the street, even if just to do a quick song change, and secondly, none of the research institutions I do work in allow mp3 players. So for a large portion of my day, I’m sans music, or if not completely without it, limited in my choices of what to listen to while in transit. Thus mixes have a special place in my daily travels. I have to pick one that works well for my day and that I know I love the whole way through and don’t tire of at the 15-minute mark.

These are not the newest mixes I’ve heard, nor are they the full of flashy tracks, but they are reliable, interesting, and amazing for walking. Every day, they provide a little hidden joy as I travel from one place to the next with my ipod stashed deeply in my pocket and my headphone cord tucked under my clothing. So tonight, I’m sharing these tracks with you! The first two are MIA, so if you want a direct download, shoot me an email. The last is available via the Data Transmission podcast (which is phenomenal; definitely subscribe).

Van Rivers – Mars Mixxx

Immuzikation – Strangers No More

Ante Perry – Data Transmission Mix no. 228


– Retail DJ


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