I <3 Mondays: Escape from New York

20 Feb

my brazilian alter-ego has way more fun...

Things in New York right now are…odd, to say the least. The weather is a bit bonkers, fluctuating from 20 to 50 degrees in a matter of days. My school work has buried under paperwork so much that I’m starting to get lightheated from inhaling so many layers of printer ink fumes. Fashion is just a hot mess, despite our hosting Fashion Week in the past days. All in all, things seem a bit off, and included in this prognosis are my feelings about the bar/club scene s of late. Something seems missing.

Part of it’s the music. Part of it’s the crowd. The venues are getting smaller and smaller. People text more than they dance.

Something’s a bit wrong. In these moments, I wish I could just escape from New York and go back to Brazil. I might have had a chance had I booked a quick flight for this President’s Day long weekend, but with Carnaval raging down in the B, flights prices are atrocious and I am not teleporting Carmen San Diego.

That said, what better way to escape than through music? Considering my pals on the other side of the equator are getting their serious freak on at loads of parties from the street to the club, I figured I’d live vicariously through their musical trips.

These old and new mixes come to us by way of the fabulous Brazilian music site deepbeep, which recognizes truly gifted DJs and producers from around the world, with a focus on the home grown of course!

The first mix, which takes us from funk carioca to soul to blues to house to samba and back again is by Lucas Santtana. For those of you who read Portuguese (or know how to use google translate), check out his bio here.

Follow the link to stream:Lucas Santtana

The second is by NYC favorite Kassiano, purveyor of all things (Brazilian) funk. For those of you want to grind and shake out your Monday, this is a winner. It’s a medley of a lot of the funk hits that came out in 2011, so it’s great for those of you with short attention spans:

Follow the link to stream: MDWWR Podcast #72: Kassiano

Right Click + Save Target As to download: MP3

Last but not least is a man who managed to actually escape NYC, Brian Thomas, aka Butter. He’s been based out of the B since January, and has laid down some serious sonic reflections since he landed. His latest mix displays the musical dynamism we love him for:

Follow the link to stream: Butter

– Retail DJ


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