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I Love Mondays: OMG

27 Feb


Tonight, as per usual, I am up burning away brain cells by rummaging through music collections on facebook, soundcloud, and the like. I made the mistake of taking a nap earlier and now all I can do to appease my exhausted self is be an audio nerd for a bit. That said, tomorrow is going to suck. I am going to be half dead when I wake up in the morning and in desperate need of something to motivate me to leave the confines of my cozy down comforter and my memory foam mattress-ed bed. I will need the aural version of crack, only without the scary side effects and years of rehab (disclaimer: Don’t do drugs, kids! I don’t, nor should you!)

On Monday mornings, my usual house-y fare doesn’t always do it to give me that necessary kick start. Luckily, jumpy pop electronica usually does the trick. For this week’s Monday morning wake up call, I’ve lined up a mix by DJ ANNALOG and her collaborative partner in crime Mark OMG (don’t you love how even their DJ names are super pop-friendly?).This mix is actually a bit dated – at least in the 200000 mixes a second pace of the music world (it’s from November – 2 months! ::gasp:: horror!) –  but it’s fabulous for Mondays. It’s chock full of loud, aggressive, pop and rock-laden electronic music that will make you want to dance, then jump up and down, then fall down and do it all over again (or at least give you the energy to brush your teeth; your pick).

The mix comes with tracks by Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Acid Girls, Bag Raiders, and many more, so it’s guaranteed fun. All you need to do it press play. For those of you who need a second or third dose of this goodness on the train, be sure to download!

Happy Monday!

DJ ANNALOG + Mark OMG – 11.1.11

– Retail DJ


F is for Frocks

26 Feb

Sheena Matheiken of the Uniform Project (

Let’s face it: the weather is cray cray. It’s been snowing, raining, and sunny all in one week, which means getting dressed in the morning can be a bit challenging. What works best is layering of course, but adding layers doesn’t mean dressing in a collage of dull sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, and hoodies. You can dress-up your layers by mixing and matching short dresses with fun legwear, tanks, cardigans, and accessories in a whole host of colors. And don’t forget, cotton is your best friend during these awkward temporal transitions. This way, when weather swings you a curveball, you can shed a layer or two but still look great while remaining seasonally appropriate!

Here are some of my cross-seasonal favorite frocks:

1. “Fine in Dots and Lines” from Modcloth, $55 USD

2. “Brush Strokes Skater Dress” from ASOS Curve, $57 USD

3. “W’s Ponte Sleeveless Dress” from Uniqlo, $50 USD

4. “Silence and Noise Striped Bustier Dress” from Urban Outfitters, $59 USD

5. “Otta Dress” from Anthropologie, $168 USD

6. “Mariposa Grove” from Shabby Apple, $86

and for an all-weather party look:

Victoria Peplum Dress from Nasty Gal, $58 USD



– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: WORK

25 Feb

For those of you in NYC who have had the pleasure of attending a WORK party, consider yourself blessed. For those of you who haven’t, I’ve got the next best thing.

Just as an FYI, WORK is a regular party put on by the musical geniuses Eli Escobar and Lloydksi at subMercer, the club below the Mercer Hotel in SoHo. It is, hands down, one of the best parties (especially musically) in NYC right now with its heavy house tracks and nostalgic 90s dance tracks. If you’re in NYC,  please be sure to check it out. In the meantime, here’s a mix from last month’s WORK party for you to groove to while you get ready to go wherever your Saturday night takes you:

– Retail DJ

Galeria Melissa Hits NYC!

23 Feb

Galeria Melissa SOHO ad campaign

Maybe I was sleeping under a rock, but I somehow missed the Melissa, the Brazilian plastic shoe line with which I can safely say I am fully obsessed, has opened an NYC store! I thought I was seeing things when I noticed the ads for a Galeria Melissa Soho store on the subway platform last night, but indeed, it’s true. The store opened February 8th!

While I’m an avid fan of its Sao Paulo store, I’m excited to see there is one just a stone’s throw away from Brooklyn in downtown Manhattan. Soho has always been the center for flagship stores for innovative clothing and accessory lines, but some of them haven’t fared well. Hopefully Melissa can “bring it,” and weather the storm with the brightness of its quirky rubber/plastic/pvc magic. My suggestion for its survival: frequent sales. As most of you may know, the US prices for Melissa shoes are a bit exorbitant, hence my hoarding pieces I buy at the Sao Paulo store (when I am in Brazil, of course) or via Brazilian friends. I pay up to 70% less when I buy them in the B, so it’s worth it. It’s also nice to get pieces “off-season” because they are usually heavily discounted. Doing that here might be a bit challenging, but I’ll see if I can work my magic.

As promised via the Retail DJ facebook page, here is my write-up on the newest collection: Plastic Paradise

This fall/winter collection (remember, southern hemisphere = opposite seasons) features a contrast of dark colors with lots of shimmer. Unlike previous collections, which relied primarily on texture differences to set itself apart from the summer lines, this fall/winter collection brings on the bling. Lots of pieces include a “basic” shoe and its naughty “glitter” doppelganger. This collection also features plenty of daytime pieces, included the adorable boat shoe “Moon” and the sleek cutout “Jean,” on which the company collaborated with designer Jason Wu to create. The line is fun, yet sophisticated, and overall left me with a ton of favorites. Here are my top picks:

01:45 "Star" (in pink)

I love the clean lines and soft colors this season for “Star,” a modified gladiator sandal perfect for spring and summer.

02:40 "Jean + Jason Wu" (in yellow)

I’m equally enamored with this cut-out skimmer by Jason Wu, which I could imagine contrasting very well on medium to dark skin or even with dark hosiery to help transition the shoe for a fall wardrobe.

03:16 "Mulher Maravilha" ("Wonderwoman") (in blue)

I always coveted the red, pointed-toe version of the Wonderwoman Melissa shoe released a few years back! Now they’ve create a version with a more subtle silhouette at the toe box, this time a slightly rounded point, and produced the piece in darker colors appropriate for fall/winter.

03:57 "Virtue" (in leopard)

A loafer in leopard print? LUV. It’s funky yet work-appropriate. It also comes in brightly colored leopard prints as well (i.e. this shimmery turquoise style). And let’s be honest, an eco-friendly style sure beats the traditional horsehair versions!

04:30 "Moon + Jason Wu" (in green)

Another loafer in bright colors, care of Jason Wu, whose collaborations with the line have breathed new life into more traditional pieces. These work for all ages and are super comfy!

06:20 "Virtue Special" (in gold)

When I saw these, I immediately thought, “If Elton John were a shoe designer…” This super star of a slip-on is truly fun and comes in gold, silver, and many other glitter-laden styles.

05:32 “Ultragirl Glitter” (in pink)

Another glitter fave, this version of Ultragirl pushes the limits and is eerily reminiscent of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. There’s no place like Galeria Melissa!

06:25 "Electric" (in gray)

This flocked heel reminds me of a shoe I wore to a high school dance, only now with a little more edge. This punky yet formal heel encourages even the more subdued of us to find our inner vixen. It’s sexy, no-nonsense.

07:15 :"Celestial" (in yellow)

At first glance, I thought of Rumplestiltskin, who would have rocked these bright mustard heeled oxfords without hesitation. They are quirky, but also work appropriate and come in a variety of colors and textures.

7:51 "Incense Glitter" (in gray)

And last, but not lease, the sweet “Incense” heel in glitter mode. This comfortable heel comes with a rounded toe in the front and a surprise in the back with its double bow accents at the heel. This line comes in plain colors as well, but I have to say the glitter version is my favorite.

If you’re in NYC, check out the Galeria Melissa SOHO: 102 Greene Street, NY, NY

– Retail DJ

Cajmere: Funky Fresh for 5 Mix

20 Feb

Curtis Jones aka Cajmere aka Green Velvet

What better a way to celebrate Presidents’ Day than by honoring one of the forefathers of house? Cajmere, the Chicago-based genius we also know and love as Green Velvet, has put out a new mix tape for 5 Magazine, a publication with the valiant purpose of championing one of the city’s contributions to the United States and the world. His new mix, the 4th volume in a series called “Funky Fresh for 5” covers typical sounds of the Cajmere/Green Velvet repertoire, ranging from gospel-house to outer space loops. He even delves into the progressive house realm towards the middle of the mix. This upbeat set is sure to keep you moving your feet on this beautiful day.

Be sure to stream/download this mix. If you’re hungry for more, check out Cajmere live in the mix for 5 Magazine on Wednesdays from 1-4 EST/12-3 CST here.

To stream Cajmere’s Funky Fresh for 5 Mix: Volume 4, click here.

To download, right click + save target as here.

P.S. My first introduction to Cajmere (I didn’t realize Green Velvet and Cajmere were the same guy at the time) came via this scene in Party Girl, one of my favorite movies to date):

playing: Cajmere – “You Got Me On”

I <3 Mondays: Escape from New York

20 Feb

my brazilian alter-ego has way more fun...

Things in New York right now are…odd, to say the least. The weather is a bit bonkers, fluctuating from 20 to 50 degrees in a matter of days. My school work has buried under paperwork so much that I’m starting to get lightheated from inhaling so many layers of printer ink fumes. Fashion is just a hot mess, despite our hosting Fashion Week in the past days. All in all, things seem a bit off, and included in this prognosis are my feelings about the bar/club scene s of late. Something seems missing.

Part of it’s the music. Part of it’s the crowd. The venues are getting smaller and smaller. People text more than they dance.

Something’s a bit wrong. In these moments, I wish I could just escape from New York and go back to Brazil. I might have had a chance had I booked a quick flight for this President’s Day long weekend, but with Carnaval raging down in the B, flights prices are atrocious and I am not teleporting Carmen San Diego.

That said, what better way to escape than through music? Considering my pals on the other side of the equator are getting their serious freak on at loads of parties from the street to the club, I figured I’d live vicariously through their musical trips.

These old and new mixes come to us by way of the fabulous Brazilian music site deepbeep, which recognizes truly gifted DJs and producers from around the world, with a focus on the home grown of course!

The first mix, which takes us from funk carioca to soul to blues to house to samba and back again is by Lucas Santtana. For those of you who read Portuguese (or know how to use google translate), check out his bio here.

Follow the link to stream:Lucas Santtana

The second is by NYC favorite Kassiano, purveyor of all things (Brazilian) funk. For those of you want to grind and shake out your Monday, this is a winner. It’s a medley of a lot of the funk hits that came out in 2011, so it’s great for those of you with short attention spans:

Follow the link to stream: MDWWR Podcast #72: Kassiano

Right Click + Save Target As to download: MP3

Last but not least is a man who managed to actually escape NYC, Brian Thomas, aka Butter. He’s been based out of the B since January, and has laid down some serious sonic reflections since he landed. His latest mix displays the musical dynamism we love him for:

Follow the link to stream: Butter

– Retail DJ

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