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Long Time, No See

31 Dec

nye (new year's eve): iyf (in your face)

Wow…it’s been a while, huh? Grad school has kept me firmly buried 6 feet under piles and piles of reading, papers, and whole host and other work, so Retail DJ got the shaft. Fortunately, Xmas break always works as a great catchup time, so I’ll be posting a little more regularly for the next few weeks. We’ll see what happens once school starts back hehe.

To celebrate my brief (though hopefully extended) return, I thought I’d share some fun music to pump you up tonight.

I recently made a mix to help my fellow classmates get through finals/papers week called “Energy Mix.” It’s a rough, unedited bit that I put together in less than an hour (all improv stuff), but it’s fuuuun!

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)

Also, the ever-magnificent Ohio-based DJ saint., whom some of you may remember from our exclusive interview with her back in May, has put out a new mix called “Midnight Mix,” a name that is undeniably fitting for tonight’s festivities.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(click to stream; no download)

Enjoy these mixes and be on the lookout for my December/January podcast, which will be coming your way very soon. Party safe tonight, everyone, and have a fun, happy, and healthy New Year!

– Retail DJ

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