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The October 2011 Podcast Is Here!

23 Oct

A few nights ago, I had been up reading for hours and once it was time to actually sleep, my body wouldn’t allow it. I knew I was “in the doghouse” for not having completed a September podcast and was afraid that I was suffering the same “DJ’s Block” for October’s. Luckily, my sleep deprivation comes to my aid at times. After playing around with some old and new music, I put together a podcast that I feel properly reflects the state I’m in right now.

It’s a busy podcast, jumping from genre to genre and growing more and more aggressive as it goes on. It has its dark moments that are evenly eclipsed by lighter ones. It can serve as a party-starter or a soundtrack to some serious lounging; it’s all up to you.

I’ll be back with a new podcast in November and a few updates here and there (including a renovated podcasts page), so don’t forget to come back for more!

Retail DJ October 2011 Podcast

(click to stream ; click the small arrow on the right to download)

or download here: Retail DJ October 2011 Podcast (right click + save target as)


Motorfunk – Motorfunk (from Groove Armada’s Doin’ It After Dark Compilation

Cocolores – Heart Quest

Photek – Mine to Give

SBTRKT – Pharaohs (ft. Roses Gabor)

Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Vox)

Homework – Fissa Turn (Homework After Hours Dub)

Distant People / Dee Major – Guidance (Lovebirds in 1998 Mix)

Urulu – Washing Up (Prince Club Remix)

Lazaro Casanova – The Healer (Oscar G Calle Ocho Mix)

Radiohead – Nude (Justin Martin Remix)

Brodinski – Gold Digger (Original Mix)

Chernobyl & Praga – Balança (Renaissance Man Remix)

Evil Nine – Ultimo

Femme en Fourrure – Plump Bisquit

– Retail DJ

p.s. The mix is more dynamic in headphones…


Rising From The Dead

22 Oct

Lately, this is what I look like on my GOOD days...

Alas, I am alive. For those of you who don’t follow me on facebook (which you should!), I am in grad school right now (for something completely unrelated to music that involves lots and lots of reading), so my site management has been subpar at best. As most of you who have ever pursued advanced academic endeavors and attempted to have a social life may well know, the toll it can take on your free time, thus rendering any semblance of “social” purely catatonic. Nevertheless, I’m back momentarily from the dead to add a bit here and there. I dusted off my controller the other night – after hours and hours of reading left me in a state of insomnia – and finally put together the October 2011 Podcast (though I technically still owe you for September…let’s let that one slide 😉

I’ll be back here seasonally in the meantime, posting interviews, mixes, and new music and fashion I love every month of so (in more of a magazine-like fashion), so stay tuned. Also, be sure to come back in a few hours to get the October Podcast. You won’t be sorry you did!

– Retail DJ

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