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29 Aug

Sometimes I go through these stages of being disgusted with the state of music. Everything sounds the same. Everything bores me. Everything wants me to hear good music so badly that I find the urge to pick up a guitar and take the time to teach myself how to play JUST to hear something different. Then something comes along that saves the day.

This time around, the honor goes to COCOLORES, music masters signed with Exploited (figures, right? this label can do no wrong) who just released their newest EP. Every track of the three is completely solid dance-inducing madness, so don’t miss it. Spend the $3 and gain a whole lot more (available on itunes):

– Retail DJ


The Remix That Blows My Mind: “Getting Me Down”

9 Aug

Brandy, meet Blawan.





– Retail DJ

Gratuitous Dance Mix: Gustavo Peluzo

9 Aug

Gustavo Peluzo

With just two days left between Brazil and me, the anticipation is killing me. Though not my city of birth, Sao Paulo has always felt like home to me. And as I listen to today’s gratuitous dance mix by Belo Horizonte (MG)-based Brazilian DJ Gustavo Peluzo, I get chills thinking of my return.

I first learned of Peluzo during a visit to Vegas Club in Sao Paulo of August 2010. He was the opener for a weekend dance rager that went well into the next morning and his style, which fused deep house, tech house, and minimal burned a hole in my memory. Though his style is normally super energetic, the mix I have chosen for today, while still very danceable, is of a much mellower, sexy sort. May it help your continued ease into the week, though this time maybe with a couple items of clothing removed…Enjoy!

Gustavo Peluzo @ Warmup

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)

no tracklist available

*note: Gustavo often takes down his mixes in a short time, so be sure to get this before it’s gone!


– Retail DJ


I Love Mondays: When Coffee Doesn’t Cut It

8 Aug

It’s 5:30 am and I am still awake. Though I am working on something about which I am quite passionate, I recognize, as I look outside my window and realize that the sun is up, that I will need to get at least 2 hours of sleep soon. But also, in fully understanding that giving myself only 2 hours of sleep considering the tasks that lie ahead is inhumane, I know that an incredibly high impact mix will be more valuable than a cup of coffee today.

While most of you are most likely still asleep, when you DO wake up, you too might be hit with a ton of the Monday morning bricks. Here’s hoping this mix by Buraka Som Sistema’s J-WOW helps you recover:

J-WOW – 2011 Hard Ass Mix

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist after the jump

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Azari & III – Manic [video]

5 Aug

The video for Azari & III’s newest single “Manic” is out, and I couldn’t think of a better place for posting it than here of course. Enjoy!

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