Funk On A Friday: Daví

29 Jul


It’s been a while since this single has been sitting on my “desk,” which is unfortunate because it’s actually a really fun track. But with life happening and all the other things going on, as I prevously explained, Retail DJ was put on the backburner. Well, these recent days have been about playing catchup and I owe a little shoutout to Daví DeShaun Davis, who goes simply by “Daví” for his many artistic projects (which beyond singing, also include choreography and DJing).

I first met Daví at a Retail DJ showcase in 2010 and after subsequent run-ins, can say he’s funny, interesting, and genuine, so it’s no surprise that his music reflects the many facets of his personality. His first single “That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)” in reminiscent of electro-soul duo J*Davey, but with even more funk. 🙂

You can check out Daví live on August 24th at R Bar. For more information on the event visit the facebook invite here. For more on Daví, including his choreography work, check out his website

– Retail DJ


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