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The Power of Love

31 Jul

Famed Brazilian jelly-shoe line Melissa has a new collection out for (Brazilian) spring/summer 2012! It’s a light, super-feminine line with lots of pastels, dainty details, and even Disney villainesses. It’s quite a contrast to the fall/winter 2011 collection Time Code, which showed its allegiance to the slick, structured stylings of 80s business attire. The Power of Love collection, much like many fashion items for the American fall/winter season, pays homage to the 60s and 70s with shoes fitting for anyone from flower children to disco divas.

Here’s the video “footbook,” along with a few personal favorites + clothes that fit the bill. For those of you in search of looks for next summer (when they will hit American shores) or vacationing in Brazil in the spring/summer, these looks will certainly offer a little inspiration:

Power of Love Footbook:

My favorites + matching looks: 

look #1


sparkle & fade micro mini skirt, urban outfitters, $34 USD


john & yoko graphic tee, forever 21, $16 USD

look #2


rock star jeggings, old navy, $35 USD


go sweet racer tunic, modcloth, $55 USD


year-round cardigan, eddie bauer, $30 USD

look #3


diane von furstenberg bellancia silk jumpsuit, sakf fifth avenue, $375 USD


cinberblock necklace in silver, kiel mead jewelry, $120 USD

more faves:

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Get Dressed To This: Art Department

29 Jul

Art Department

Fall is right around the corner, but you wouldn’t know it by this weather! It’s still hot hot hot, and many of us are trying to stay in season while simultaneously staying cool. The key? Thin knitwear/jersey items in warm tones that signal the approaching season. For today’s “Get Dressed To This,” I’ve chosen a piece that matches the name of the mix artist Art Department, the Toronto-based duo putting out truly innovative house music. The dress, which comes to us care of ModCloth, looks a bit like it’s made of the fabric usually used for those flowy, bohemian, draped dresses high school art teachers love. But unlike the art teacher get up, this piece is sexy and perfect for dancing on a warm August evening.

The mix by Art Department really needs no introduction. It’s a mellow house mix that works really well for getting ready to go out, and I’d rather let the music speak for itself!

That said, press play and gear up for some fun while you Get Dressed To This:

The Music:

Art Department – W Hotel Barcelona DJ Set (June 2011)

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

The Outfit:

Dress: Coconut Grove Dress (in “sand), ModCloth, $58 USD

Jewelry: Gold Ring, H&M, $10 USD


 Shoes: Sashay Heels, Anthropologie, $198 USD




Latico Ashley Cross-Body Convertible Clutch (in “gold”), Endless, $115 USD


– Retail DJ

Funk On A Friday: Daví

29 Jul


It’s been a while since this single has been sitting on my “desk,” which is unfortunate because it’s actually a really fun track. But with life happening and all the other things going on, as I prevously explained, Retail DJ was put on the backburner. Well, these recent days have been about playing catchup and I owe a little shoutout to Daví DeShaun Davis, who goes simply by “Daví” for his many artistic projects (which beyond singing, also include choreography and DJing).

I first met Daví at a Retail DJ showcase in 2010 and after subsequent run-ins, can say he’s funny, interesting, and genuine, so it’s no surprise that his music reflects the many facets of his personality. His first single “That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)” in reminiscent of electro-soul duo J*Davey, but with even more funk. 🙂

You can check out Daví live on August 24th at R Bar. For more information on the event visit the facebook invite here. For more on Daví, including his choreography work, check out his website

– Retail DJ

Trendspotting: Colorblock

28 Jul

Everyone loves a little Mondrian, and fashion is so certainly no exception. Decade after decade, the bold, colorblock design finds it way back into the mainstream with geometric patterns and accents jutting out like sartorial architecture at every turn. Though fall sometimes signals the beginning of the end for bright colors, this year, the dull, washed-out creams, tans, and grays took over for summer, meaning that colors would be a welcome alternative for fall fashion. And while big-label designers have always looked to Mondrian’s work for inspiration, there’s enough to go around for those whose money doesn’t grow on trees. Stores like ASOS, H&M, and Forever 21 are offering up solid fall options in an array of colorblocked styles.

I recall seeing the models of Fall 2011 week galloping down the runways on television and thinking to myself, “F*ck. The 60s are back.” I was a little less than excited to know that the era that put forth some of the most beautiful, but also the most garish pieces had found itself in fashion’s favor once again. Though the colors and styles are beautiful, the result once translated to and consumed by the masses can be contrived and costume-y, leading me to dread fall fashion (an honest first considering my love for fall and all its back-to-school madness). Luckily, my fear was proven a tad bit unreasonable, as the quick-consumer fashion response to the Mondrian/Colorblock/60s+70s trend is actually moden, refined, and beautiful. It has clean lines, simple silhouettes, and patterns that add a little life to a season known for . . . well, the death of most flora and vegetation.

One of the other benefits to the trend is that many designs from the 60s and 70s (maybe with the exception of disco bodysuits and tight bellbottoms) were flattering on many body types. With a-line cuts and sturdy fabrics, it’s all a win-win.







– Retail DJ

Retail DJ July 2011 Podcast

25 Jul

Hello, everyone. I have indeed returned to this thing we called blogging, after a brief hiatus. It was a pitiful bit of time off, at best, consisting of doing lots of boring things, though a few exciting things were scattered therein (like my DJ residency in Williamsburg). But all in all, it’s nice to be back!

I’ve returned bearing gifts in the form of music, my most valuable currency of exchange as a thank you for being readers. The gift to which I am referring is the July podcast, of course. It’s a little late in the month, but as I always say, “better late than never!”

This podcast contains music by Turkish “newcomer” (at least in terms of popularity) Deniz Kurtel, Ogris Debris, La Fleur, and a brand new track by Azari & III. All in all, it’s a danceable mix, but it leans on the mellow side with lots of deep house.

But enough talking. I’ll let you get to playing. Enjoy!

Retail DJ July 2011 Podcast

(click to stream; click the small arrow on the right to download)

permadownload: Retail DJ July 2011 Podcast (right click + save as)

*NOTE: this podcast will be available for a limited time only for stream, permanently for download)


deniz kurtel (feat. jada) – the l word (12″ version)
azari & III – manic
sis – nesrib
x-press 2 (feat. david byrne) – lazy (mowgli goes deep mix)
penner & muder – absence
jewel kid – spinola
plastik park meet alexander purkart – musics hypnotizin
la fleur – primula
kerri chandler – all i have is this feeling
round table knights feat. ogris debris – cat power (extended mix)
ogris debris – dark aery (original mix)

–  Retail DJ


7 Jul

Hey everyone. The site is undergoing a slight renovation (not aesthetically, just content-wise), so note that there may be some moments of wonkiness here and there. Also, please note that the Soundcloud account ( has also undergone some renovations – namely in terms of mixes. The Soundcloud account (of 36 hours) expires on July 9th, hence my clearing most of the files and leaving only the most recent mixes/podcasts, HOWEVER, never fret. Everything will be available here at Retail DJ for download as long as the site shall live 🙂

Also note that any newly released mixes, podcasts, and interviews will also be on Soundcloud for streaming/downloading/sharing, though for a limited time (until the newer pieces come out and thus replace them), but then will be archived here.

– Retail DJa

Summer Jams

7 Jul

It’s no secret that I hate summers in NYC. Though I feel it’s shoved down our throats that we’re supposed to love them – with the free concerts, food, and all – I can’t help but hate them. It’s oppressively hot. You can take a shower, walk half a block, and already need to change out of your sweat-soaked clothes. Don’t even get me started on the oven we call a subway and the putrid odor emanating from every trash-laden sidewalk. Yes indeed, it’s like one big, humid cesspool. On top of that – and we don’t like to admit this – it makes people plum crazy.

But if I were to find a silver lining in all this summer blues I happen to catch a case of every time the temp goes above 80 degrees, I’d have to say it was the music. DJs, producers, and the like tend to create more work in the winter, but actually get around to releasing it in the summer. Additionally, there are all those mixes that come out to encourage people to sweat off their makeup and mess up their hair by dancing (not that New Yorkers actually DO that, but dancing is the motivational concept, of course).

Here are some of my favorite mixes as the moment. Some are a few months old, but I’m not into music fads, so I ignore all that noise about dates. Enjoy these (follow the links for tracklists; click to play/click the small arrow on the right to download):

Mustang – June 11 Mixtape

Renaissance Man – 2011 Midsummer Mix

Joyce Muniz – Summer Mix 2011

Homework – Ain’t No New Thing (Data Transmission Podcast 166)

– Retail DJ

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