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I’m Still Alive

25 Jun

I promise I am still alive. I’ve just been super busy. Posts coming soon! Sorry for the holdup :-/


Retail DJ June 2011 Podcast Is Out!

18 Jun


The new Retail DJ podcast is out and ready for your listening pleasure! I don’t have much to say about this one, actually, except that it’s good ūüôā I added a lot of music that I don’t get to play that much at work (as I play more mellow music by day), so it starts a little hard. There are, of course, track of a light variety laced throughout the podcast, but this is just about dancing. I hope that it compels you to do a lot of it. Enjoy:

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

(or download here:  (right click + save target as))


one-half nelson – humachine (dj nita’s battle ready mix)
madredeus – o paraiso (buscemi remix)
roisin murphy – orally fixated
toni lionni – found a place (original mix)
classixx – into the valley (nycpartyinfo remix)
rimer london – squaring the triangle
kim ann foxman – what you need
shit robot – simple things (work it out) (todd terje remix)
hercules and love affair – classique #2 (edit)
broke one – go go go
rimer london – kunt*
* just a small sample from the intro included at the end

– Retail DJ






Happy Friday

17 Jun

This morning, my life resembled the opening scene of a romantic comedy set in NYC. I woke up, took my dog for a walk, then proceeded to leave the house to run a few errands. Humidity and clumsiness got the best of me, leaving me with spilt coffee on my dress, a sweaty face, and frizzy hair. On top of that, I missed the train because my metro card was out of money and I needed a refill at the last second. Oh, and my headphones broke.

All in all, it’s been one of those nutty days, which means that French pseudo punk is always the best fix (Right?)

Anyway, here’s a kinda old song but one that’s still fun. Enjoy, and have a Happy Friday:

Stuck in the Sound – It’s Friday


– Retail DJ

Get Dressed to This: Got My Groove Back

11 Jun


Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a funk – albeit, not an emotional one. Every party I’ve received an invite for or every mix I’ve come across on soundcloud and other sites/blogs just hasn’t done anything for me. I’ve felt a lack of excitement for almost any and all nightlife-related activities. Some call it boredom, but I call it burnout.

Nevertheless, there is always a mix that comes along that stands out. One that makes me to dance. One that stands up to my 10-play test. One that never gets old. This time around, it’s the house-heavy mix for Exploited Records by Cocolores.

It’s the 13th podcast for Exploited, and while some say that might be the sign of a curse, I see it as nothing but luck. This mix is incredible, right from the beginning to the very last second, and with its upbeat tone, perfect for summer. The Coco boys entitled the mix “Turn Off the Dark,” and for good reason, as it just exudes light.

But off course, I couldn’t let you just listen to it. I wanted you to have some bright visuals too! It’s rainy here in NYC today, and for those of you going out tonight, I had a feeling you’d need a little extra motivation. So there you have it, folks. Take a moment to press play and get dressed to this!

The Music:

Cocolores – Exploited Records Podcast No. 13

(click to play; visit the Exploited Records podbean page to download)

tracklist (below) after the jump


The Outfit: 

1. Dress:¬†TFNC One Shoulder Dress With Waist Embellishment (in “tomato”), ASOS, $78 USD


close-up shot of embellishment:

2. Shoes: Diane Von Furstenburg Kourion Sandals, Zappos, $270 USD


3. Earrings: Mirador Earrings, Anthropologie, $38 USD


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Bad Girl

7 Jun

The title accurately describes exactly what I have been as of late! Delinquent on posts, emails, follow-up calls, all of it – bad girl, indeed! I have good excuses, though – one of them being life – so I’m not *that* much of a bad girl. Nevertheless, to appease you all as a plea for forgiveness for my negligence, I bring you a sick live mix by way of French Fries. He played at the Boiling Room recently and the results made me wish I had a time machine and a ticket to the UK so I could have been there to get in on the action. With few parties here that are keeping me interested and engaged, I have a feeling that international exploits might be the next step, and living vicariously through the mixes might just be the next best thing for now.

This mix does something musically different, turning garage music into jazz and adding in house samples over dubstep-esque heaviness. Magically, it all works. Have a listen for yourself:

French Fries

(click to play / subscribe to the Boiler Room podcast to download)

*bonus: visit the Boiler Room to see the video of the full set!

tracklist after the jump

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