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I Love Mondays: Don’t Stay In

31 Jan

Kim Ann Foxman

I was reading Discobelle yesterday and came across a fabulous mix by Hercules & Love Affair’s Kim Ann Foxman. She has garnered lots of attention on her own as of late with her single “Creature,” which we covered here a while back and from her various DJ gigs across the globe. With H&LA having come out with a new album, she’s done a promotional mix for the great music blog Don’t Stay In that is perfect for today.

Yup, Monday already. The weekend’s come and gone and your first day of the week in the office might require a little pick me up. For those of who who go into work a little later, this is perfect for getting dressed to as well. Foxman’s mix is filled with house sounds Ā – even those of the new variety have a classic 90s vibe to match that of the new album Blue Songs (See link below to listen to ALL the tracks! My fave is “Can’t Wait.”). Enjoy, and Happy Monday!

Kim Ann Foxman – Don’t Stay In Mix (no. 070)

(click to play; right click + save as to download)

tracklist (track – artist)

My House – Hercules & Love Affair
Give It To Me – Andrew Butler, Jason Kendig /Mr.Intl records
Mock & Toof – Farewell To Wendel (Kink & Neville Watson remix)
Leeds Warehouse Mix – LFO
Good Split I Like It (original mix) – Marco Passarani
I Got A Big Dick (instrumental) – Maurice Joshua (with Hot Hula Hands)
Solely Supported (original mix) – Omar S
Somebody New (MI Mix) – MK
Sing (All I Wanna Do) digital bonus track – Aerea Negrot
Creature – Kim Ann Foxman, Andy Butler (Faze Action remix)/ Mr.Intl records
Tape Oxide – Rodion
It’s Alright- Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge

Preview Blue Songs!

(follow the link to play)


– Retail DJ

– Retail DJ


What IS Retail DJ?

30 Jan

Though the one-year anniversary for this site passed in January, there are still some readers, friends, colleagues, and facebook followers trying to wrap their heads around what the heck Retail DJ actually IS. So I decided that for those who weren’t *quite* following along on a regular basis or simply too busy with life to pay attention, I would give you the ins and outs of this here site šŸ™‚

Here’s our mission, followed by a 10 point list to further explain:


Retail DJ is a site about incorporating you into the infinite pairing of music and fashion. A love story for the ears and eyes, Retail DJ profiles mixes that can serve as the soundtrack to your life, introduces you to DJs and designers you should know, and lets you peek into the closets of the unique and talented.

10 Points:

1. profiling independent designers from around the world with an exclusive interview and photoshoot

2. profiling DJs and/or producers from around the world via an exclusive interview, photoshoot, and mix (provided by the interviewee)

3. posting original site content about trends in fashion and music with a particular focus on underground or media underrepresented

4. re-posting music (singles and/or full mixes) from other sites, blogs, podcasts, etc that match this site’s musical aesthetic (for play and often free download)

5. creating a monthly podcast for play and free download

6. posting videos of music and fashion related items

7. providing promotional support to featured musical artists and designers in addition to promoting events that align with the site’s mission/content

8. organizing and hosting occasional parties/events to promote the site and simultaneously showcase the talent of our featured artists

9. fostering a community for music and fashion lovers

10. serving as a conduit/network for independent DJs, producers, and designers to support and learn from one another


I hope that helps clear things up!

– Retail DJ



Saturday Site Love: K Is For Kani

29 Jan


A few weeks back, I came across a website run by a very well-dress 18 year-old Australian girl named Kani. Her blog is a bit like Le Blog de Betty, though imagine instead of modeling outfits accompanied by music clips, she shows outfits and baked goods (i.e. cupcakes, etc). Clothes, however, are her main focus, with each entry serving as a virtual invitation into her closet, with Kani citing the newest trends and wares (some of which she has made herself!). She is super creative, and beyond simply being talent, hyper-motivated. She’s may still be young, but she’s got big dreams.

I’m showing her site some love not only because it obviously falls well in-line with our mission here at Retail DJ, but also because her execution is fabulous. Another thing I really love about K Is For Kani is that she is big on vintage clothing and sustainability. She notes on her “about” page:

In a world where fast fashion is at it’s peak, and clothes are flooding landfills, thrifting clothes fills me with joy. It’s sort of like saving orphaned animals on the street, but saving clothes from going to the landfill when there is so much more potential in them left! For some reason, I really hate things going to waste so I suppose my love for vintage was also triggered by this.

So for today, I’m sending hugs and kisses to a blogger across the world who brings tons of fashionistas a little closer each day. Check out this sampling of K Is For Kani, and be sure to visit her site directly via


So i’ve pondered about this for a while now. Many bloggers have their own blog stores where they sell their clothing and other finds. I have even received emails before asking if i had a store selling my vintage finds or even encouraging me to set one up! The time has come and i have realised that i have just too many vintage clothes squeezed into my 3x4metre room. If i want to continue finding more precious little gems, i have to part with some first.
So welcome to ‘shop k is for kani’, @Ā This little website, open officially open in half an hour at 10AM EST, will be filled to the brim with nifty little items from both my closet and vintage collection. There is also a huge clearance on lots of cute (non-vintage) jewellery for cheap as chips prices (i don’t think there’s any jewellery over $5..).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Plus aside from that, i have tonnes of vintage clothing and bags (well i say tonnes for an eighteen year old) up for sale, all accumulated from a year of scouting/collecting. My sister helped me sort and photograph everything with me over the span of two days and it was much too hard to send my clothing to the ‘for sale’ pile. We even took a spontaneous trip to ikea in 34 degree heat to buy a clothing rack so we could physically separate ourselves from the items that will be going to new homes!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Vintage with Kani will bring you many vintage blouses, cardigans, etc which will all be very reasonably priced compared to other online vintage stores :). There currently aren’t any dresses in store at the moment since i just haven’t had time to alter anything, but maybe in the future! if i can ever make myself part from them haha.

Now Playing: Sapabonde

29 Jan


I heard about Sapabonde, the lesbian baile funk group from Brasilia, a few months ago by way of the Brazilian blog Funk Na Caixa, but just wrote them off as some hipster trend that would fall off the charts after their 15 minutes of fame. But this 8-girl group (yes, EIGHT! – they’re like the Wu Tang clan of baile funk) stuck around and has had several of their playful tracks remixed.

While most of their lyrics are about sexual conquests and the joys of girl-on-girl gettin’ it on, they admit that it’s all an act. While they are lesbians in real life, “pimps” they are not, they mention in their interview on Cultura Visual Queer, a Brazilian blog about queer culture. With government officials and religious groups trying to clean up funk’s image, Sapabonde’s act rebels against it, even down to their name, which is a combination of “Sapatao” (meaning “big shoe” in Portuguese, but connotatively refering to butch lesbians, and sometimes lesbians as a whole) and “Bonde” (which means “tram car” literally, but in slang means group of funkeiros (funk performers) and sometimes a crew of drug traffickers).

Anyway, enough of that blah blah blah. Get to the music, right?

Here’s my favorite rework of their track Vai, Nao Se Esconde(Vem Pro Sapabonde) (“come on, don’t hide…come with Sapabonde”), which is all about seduction. The lyrics include questions like “how many fingers do you want?” and multiple descriptions of oral sex, but again, they encourage their listeners to take their bravado as a tongue-in-cheek display of stereotypes within the lesbian community and Brazilian society as a whole. I just take it as a really fun dance track. Enjoy:

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


– Retail DJ



28 Jan

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to WERK! The Retail DJ 1-Year Anniversary Party. You all lit up both floors of Ella Lounge with your dancing and positive energy. I appreciate the support and hope that all of you will stay along for the ride as Retail DJ continues to grow.

Also, special thanks to all the DJs, Darren and Jordan of Ella Lounge, Kristal Munoz, Shilpa Patel and Nina Yang for all of your contributions to last night’s party!

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ January Podcast + WERK!

27 Jan

Here’s the January 2011 Podcast. I’ll put up a real description later, but for now, just know it’s good!

By the way, I hope if you are reading this, you are also in the process of getting ready to the come to WERK! the Retail DJ Anniversary Party. Click here for more details. See you soon!

Retail DJ January 2011 Podcast

click to play!


– Retail DJ

WERK: Venue Change

25 Jan

WERK! The Retail DJ 1-Year Anniversary Party, originally slated to take place at Gallery Bar, will be happening @ Ella Lounge (9 Avenue A @ 1st street, take the F train to 2nd Ave). RSVP on facebook to get dibs on the drink specials!

WERK! The Retail DJ 1-Year Anniversary Party

Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 pm – 4 am

Ella Lounge

9 Avenue A @ 1st Street (F train to 2nd Ave)



Lil Ray

Celebrity DJs (Dash Speaks + NSR)

Shomi Noise


Mark Larush

+ a ghost set by Butter

drink specials (if you RSVP) + dancing + great music = 1.27.11

RSVP via facebook (or if you don’t have facebook, email me:


– Retail DJ


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