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Now Playing: Music for Your NYE

31 Dec

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Eve, but as a big music lover, I can’t help but contribute to the night’s festivities with a gift from me to you. For those of you who are staying home instead of joining the throngs of revelers out in the streets, or throwing smaller parties instead of going to blowout bashes, here are two mixes that may set the mood for you and your guests. One is a bit more on the house-y side, while the other is more of a booty dancing delight. Enjoy (click to play):

NYE HOUSE STYLE c/o Djuma Soundsystem:


tracklist for Djuma Soundsystem’s mix after the jump

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Video: Round Table Knights feat. Ogris Debris – Say What?!

30 Dec

The Round Table Knights have a new track out and a video to match. I’ve heard it in a few mixes, but it’s nice to see/hear it on its own. It stands alone quite well, though considering it’s on Made to Play, that’s no surprise. Enjoy:

get the track on Beatport:

via Homework, facebook page

I Love Mondays: Snowed In

28 Dec

For those of you who live in the Northeast, everything has been a bit downhill since Christmas. The “snowpocalypse,” as journalists have dubbed one the biggest and most debilitating blizzards in the past few years, has left many of you in the cold – both literally and figuratively. Considering that yesterday didn’t even count as an actual day, as many of you were stuck indoors or even underground, today is an honorary Monday.

Personally speaking, I fortunately went grocery shopping in the early afternoon on the 26th, surprisingly encountering few fellow store patrons the day after Christmas. My guess is that they wanted to avoid the potential post-holiday crowds (sale mongers, gift returners). Beyond this slight shock, I was far more flabbergasted by the simple fact that the meteorologists finally got it right: they said it would snow, and snow it did. With a fun case of food poisoning and no heat or hot water, my 26th and 27th were an adventure to say the least. But if I am thankful for anything, it’s that I didn’t have to wake up early this morning and attempt to ride any of the subways (which were initially suspended and then, once running, plagued by major delays) or the buses (one of which I witnessed get stuck in a snow embankment for so long that the passengers just got out and walked) in order to get to work.

For those of you who did, however, or even those of you who just need something to keep your hearts warm or your soul entertained as you shovel away blankets of snow, I give you the latest mix by Neoteric.

He put together 2 sets, one “Deep,” one “Club,” both excellent, for Mowgli’s Deadfish podcast that I listened to for hours on repeat immediately after the download. Considering that many of you will be out working hard, be it at work in the office or in the front yard, I knew you needed something strong. Neoteric’s 2-part mix will surely do the trick.

Here are his thoughts on the matter:

“There’s just too much good music out there! I had to make two mixes. The first is a bit deeper, some grown up house, but it’ll still make your feet move. The 2nd is some hype ass club shit! But all of these are amazing tracks, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Listen for some big demos and exclusives scattered throughout!

Neoteric – Deadfish Podcast Part 1 “DEEP”

Neoteric – Deadfish Podcast Part 2 “CLUB”

(click to play; right click to download)

tracklists after the jump

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Aaaaand . . . We’re Back!

28 Dec


After a month-long hiatus, it’s time to blow off the dust here at Retail DJ. I’m back from the grad school application process, and I’ve made it out alive. Though I will be spending the next few weeks getting caught up on all the music I missed, the new artists I don’t recognize, and all the goodies some of you have left me in my Soundcloud dropbox, I’m excited to get plugged in to give you some great pieces to bring in the new year. In the meantime, stay posted for new and exciting features, music, fashion, and more . . . only at Retail DJ.


– Retail DJ

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