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I Love Mondays: Mau Mau

18 Oct

When I lived in Brazil, I’d often find myself spending weekends in Sao Paulo, where Vegas Club became my second home. Considering the incredibly talented artists that come through that place on a regular basis, I consider myself fortunate to have been able to experience it first-hand on such a regular basis.

This morning, thanks to the folks over at deep beep, a Brazilian electronic music site, I was able to open my first day working on Retail DJ on a full-time basis with an amazing mix from Sao Paulo legend and one of Vegas Club’s resident DJs: Mau Mau.

In collaboration with deep beep and several Brazilian DJs, Nike Airmax has introduced a solid mix and interview series that covers several genres and profiles some of Brazil’s most influential producers and DJs. For Mau Mau’s feature and mix, he has chosen to go his usual route: house, breaks, and percussion-fueled progressive. A former b-boy, Sao Paulo-based Mau Mau includes a little bit of the street in his sound and just enough variety to make your speakers (and your body) shake and bounce.

I feel that it’s going to be a great week, and for the first time in a long time, I can say that the title “I love Mondays” is not uttered with tongue in cheek. I mean it this time. I love Mondays, and I hope this mix helps you love yours a little too:

Mau Mau – Nike Airmax Tapes Vol. 5

(follow the link; click “ouca” to listen / “arquivo” to download)

– Retail DJ


Get Ready With Lil Ray – The Mix

14 Oct

“Tiny Mixmaster,” one of the options on the table for Rachael Spiewak’s DJ name before “Lil Ray” came along, while a bit dorky and verbally cumbersome, is accurate, the mix she created for all of you to use as you get ready for a night out being a perfect example of just why. With a combination of fun party music (including, but, not limited to, dubstep, house, sissy bounce, and hip hop), Get Ready With Lil Ray – The Mix is sure to get the party started anywhere from your iPod to your living room in a matter of seconds. Just be warned before you press play: This WILL make you dance ūüėČ

Lil Ray put together this mix during the midst of crisis, using Ableton in the middle of the night to make the magic happen. It opens with a Chris Rock meets Lil Jon banger and closes with Dirty South favorite Big Freedia and even a funky remix of Destiny’s Child. This mix, beyond making me wax nostalgic in parts on Southern radio stations, is fun, energetic, and overall a real Party to Go, as MTV once would say. Play and download widely, just watch you feet – they might get away from you before you know it. . .

Retail DJ Presents . . . Get Ready With Lil Ray – The Mix

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


KW Griff – Chris Rock Joint
Get Em Mamis – Shake It All Night
Kilo Ali – Baby, Baby
Tim Green – Old Sunshine
NSW – Hornz 611 Joint
Zinc – Blunt Edge
Shystie – Pull It (Ill Blu Remix)
Zomby – Float
Rusko – Raver’s Special
Guido – Mad Sax
Big Freedia – Get Back
Adulture & OCD Automatic – Paper Cat (Bit Funk Remix) (Free Magic Bug-A-Funk Bootleg)
Lil’ Chris – Uhh Uhh Uhh

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Retail DJ Septober Podcast, Part 1: The Model

13 Oct

2 parts, 1 podcast

This podcast has a special place in my heart, particularly because it took me so damn long to make! The process was complicated by the sheer volume of the tracks I had to listen to (I filtered through over 500 tracks I had downloaded), then by my being overwhelmed with a variety of other life distractions. It wasn’t actually procrastination, believe it or not, that delayed this mix. Unlike the process to make some of the other podcasts, this time around I was not fraught with the burden of having to literally dig music up from the grave due to a creativity shortage on the blogs. No. For once, I had an abundance of music to play with and most of it was really good, almost too good in fact, meaning I had to leave out a lot of great tracks to put up only my very favorites.

Because of the delay and the amount of music I had, I decided to combine the two months of September and October to create a two-part¬†“Septober” podcast, the theme being “The Model and the Mellow.”¬†Today I present part 1¬†of the two-part podcast: The Model, a podcast that is meant to inspire you to get your catwalk on, be it during the subway transfer or the walk from the front door to the mailbox. This set is motivational, and pushes you to pick yourself up if you’re having a blah day and remember that you too can “werk it.” It’s perfectly-timed considering all the great fall fashion out there as well. You can look and feel good as you commute, buy groceries, or get ready for a night out. It’s all around fun, and filled with house tracks, many of them extended mixes so your walk won’t be cut musically short. I hope you enjoy this podcast as I much as I did putting it together. Enjoy:

Retail DJ Septober Podcast, Part 1 : The Model

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)


:Kinema: – Circles (Secondo Vocal Remix)
Interlude – Retail DJ (Music: Yolanda Be Cool + DCUP – We No Speak Americano (Lil Silva Remix))
Voltage – All Night (Radio Edit)
Brenmar – Back Beating
Meroz – Summertime Shandy
Kamei – Planetary (Moonchild’s “4 Months Late” Remix)
Filippo Vicario – Aroma (Original Mix)
Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar (Oliver $ Edit)
Yelle – La Musique (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
Leopold – Miami Disco On (Hana Yori Kichou Na “Nuit Blanche a Miami” Remix)
Sia – Stop Trying (The Hair Kid Live PA Remix)


– Retail DJ

Oldies But Goodies: Roots Manuva

13 Oct

Roots Manuva

I love Roots Manuva. I’ve been listening to him since I was a teenager, and have always appreciated his enlightened, alternative, and unique take on music, particularly that which weaves his Jamaican heritage through his South London upbringing in a smooth mix of dancehall and electronica.

Lately, I’ve been craving some Roots Manuva, having recently misplaced one of his CDs (2005’s Awfully Deep, which in my opinion is some of his most solid work to date), and it came to me by surprise in Poirier’s recent mix for the XLR8R podcast (listen here) in a sample from his famous 2001 track “Witness (1 Hope),” which was a pivotal track for putting Rodney Smith on the map. It also helps the video is truly one of the feel-good types ūüôā Enjoy:

– Retail DJ

Get Ready With Lil Ray – The Photoshoot

12 Oct

Casual and fun are the best words to describe both Lil Ray’s music AND her style. With whimsical accessories and playful accent colors despite basics in black, Lil Ray’s wardrobe, be it for playing out or acting out, is one that falls in line with the beats she uses to move a crowd. In some ways, in a world where there is slightly more pressure on female DJs to conform to a certain look and style, Lil Ray is answering back, presenting “cute” and “cool” on her own terms, with cuffed jeans, bright sneakers, and comfy, printed tees.

A few weeks ago, Rachael was kind enough to let us into her Brooklyn home to get an inside look into her closet, her home studio, and her step-by-step process of getting ready for a night out. Now it’s your turn. Take a moment and come with us as we Get Ready With Lil Ray:




How would you characterize your clothing style?

Ready for the dancefloor.  I like sneakers and t-shirts, and I like glitter make up and shiny things.

How have your clothing choices changed over time?

I’ve been classing it up lately.¬† Living in NYC makes that a little easier to do…

What are some of the differences in how you dress in Atlanta vs. NYC?

It’s hot out for most of the year in ATL, and I was a bike commuter (no car for me), so I was kinda sweaty all the time (gross, I know).¬† And on top of that, I worked at a bicycle repair shop and everything I owned had bike grease stains.¬† My uniform was old jeans, a black shirt, and slip on Vans.¬† I’d say I still dress kinda ruff n tumble, but I put more effort into looking put together now that I live in a different climate and I take trains everywhere.¬† I’m kind of excited about my new sneaker collection now that I don’t have to get shoes that fit in bicycle toe clips.¬† I live a few blocks away from Rime, which is kind of amazing if you have a sneaker fetish.

What are your outfits like when you DJ? Do they differ greatly from what you wear when you go out?

I used to rock party dresses, usually pulled of of the Urban Outfitters clearance rack. That was fun. Lately, though, for both DJing and going out, I like a shirt, dark jeans, and fresh kicks. I wish I could get away with wearing big earrings more, but they trip up my headphones.

Are there any specific items you always wear or never wear when you DJ?

I have to talk myself out of falling back on what’s the most comfortable thing to wear because it’s never the cutest. On the other hand, I’m not into dress codes, and I have a hip injury that keeps me from wearing heels.¬† I rarely get fancy.

What are you “go to” stores for clothes to wear out?

I’m still looking for the right store(s) for me.¬† I generally hit up Urban Outfitters and H & M for the basics, but I could use some advice.

Considering your height, is it difficult for you to find clothes? Do you find yourself altering clothing a lot or do you prefer to go to specific stores that sell petite clothing?

Jeans are almost always too long for me, but I recently discovered some ankle grazers at Urban Outfitters that are kind of perfect.¬† They’re longer on me than they’re meant to be, but all of the dimensions are right.

What is your process of getting ready? Do you listen to music as you get ready for a gig and/or to go out?

I like uptempo dance music when I’m getting ready to leave.¬† I try to listen to new stuff, which is always changing depending upon what my friends have sent my way or what I’ve stumbled into either on the internet or while out hearing another DJ.¬† I guess my process is: shower, hair, make up, clothes, pack DJ bag, lint roller (I have a white cat and I wear a lot of black), bounce.




Any favorite brands and/or designers?

I do some bookkeeping and social media work for Fallen Arrows, my friend Tito’s print shop, so I like to wear shirts he’s printed.¬† It’s fun to support independent artists and designers that way.

– Retail DJ

Nacho Lovers for Pangea

12 Oct

One of my favorite DJ duos Nacho Lovers just put up their newest mix. Right on the heels of their stop in NYC, they have put together this fantastic set as a soundtrack for a clothing line (right up our ally here at Retail DJ). Check out their description:

Handsome Clothing is a Toronto based clothing company who has just released their new Pangea line.

This is a conceptual mix we put together to soundtrack the story of the new line (you can read it looking through the new line’s lookbook or in their online shop).

The mix will also accompany any piece bought from the new collection (both in physical stores and online) on a CD.

It differs greatly from their previous work in that it incorporates far more than their usual disco and house¬† fare. This is a truly unique set that folds in rock, experimental, house, disco, funk, and afrobeat. It’s good to give a listen to as you’re getting ready, but also if you just want some fun background music as you do, well, anything!


Nacho Lovers – The Pangea Mix

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

tracklist (and more on Handsome Clothing) after the jump

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What’s Good? Lil Ray

11 Oct

DJ Lil Ray

When you first look at Rachael Spiewak, better known on the music scene as DJ Lil Ray, you’d first be likely to see her social work roots. But after catching a mischievous side-glance, you’d know that her mind was somewhere else. Though she started out in fundraising for non-profits and community organizing, Southern born and bred Lil Ray ended up venturing down another path. Armed with music as her weapon of choice, Lil Ray battles the tough and sometimes unwelcoming NYC club and bar scene with an energy and devotion to her craft that is unrivaled. Lil Ray hustles like no other, DJing bars, clubs, and shows on a nightly basis for weeks on end. For Lil Ray, DJing is her art, but also her full-time profession.

In full American Dream style, Lil Ray moved from NYC to Atlanta with her turntables in tow, an Amtrak ticket in her pocket, and a whole lot of hope, and her still being here is a testament to not only her work ethnic, but also her talent. Combining a variety of genres from hip hop (her true love) to house, a set by Lil Ray never fails for disappoint and lights the fire under the feet of even the most immobile New York club crowds. So don’t hesitate. Come with me to discover more about the DJ whose name may be li’l, but whose sound is very big. ¬†Click play to find out What’s Good? with DJ Lil Ray:

What’s Good? Lil Ray (Exclusive Interview) by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

– Retail DJ

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